Charlotte Pass Snow Report

Sat, 23 Sep 2017       
Lifts Open 2/5
Snow Depth (Spencer's Creek 1830m) 240.9 cm
Snowfall (Last 24hrs) cm
Weather: Shower or two. Very windy. Forecast Max 17°c


At Charlotte Pass Snow Resort we're kicking off the weekend with a partly cloudy day on the hill with tops of 17 degrees, but with moderate to strong north westerly winds that wind chill is set to sit at a top of 4 degrees. Cover is set to stay soft and forgiving all day, perfect for learning your turns or learning new tricks for next season, and there's some awesome terrain to explore. We've got the Basin Poma and the Kosi Triple Chair spinning to the top, with pick for the Beginners Waterfall, Little Josh for the Intermediates and our Advanced riders should head over to the Equaliser for some more challenging turns down that terrain.


Tops of 17 degrees, partly cloudy skies and a moderate to strong north westerly wind. Visbility, Excellent. Wind 11km/h - W

Groomers Pick

Beginners - Waterfall. Intermediates - Little Josh. Advanced - Equaliser.



Last Snow

19 September

Snowy Mountains Forecast

A high pressure system over the northern Tasman Sea, in combination with a complex low pressure system south of the Bight, is drawing hot air into New South Wales from central Australia. Later today a cold front will move into... Read more | NSW Alpine Forecast

Snow Depth

Snowy Hydro Snowdepth
Thu, 7 Sep 2017 (updates each Fri)
233.0 cm
Spencer's Creek 1830m
127.3 cm
Deep Creek 1620m
25.0 cm
Three Mile Dam 1430m
Note: Snowy Hydro readings are measured every Thursday and are indicative snow depth only that are not influenced by snowmaking or grooming
OPEN Basin Poma (Poma)
N/A Charlotte's Carousel (Carousel)
CLOSED Guthries Poma (Poma)
OPEN Kosciuszko Triple (Triple)
CLOSED Kosi Carpet (Carpet)
CLOSED Pulpit (T-bar)

Snow Cams

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Sat Sep 23
Max 17°c
Shower or two. Very windy.
Sun Sep 24
3°c | 7°c
Snow shower or two. Windy.
Mon Sep 25
0°c | 4°c
Snow shower or two.
Tue Sep 26
-3°c | 7°c
Partly cloudy.
Wed Sep 27
-2°c | 12°c
Late shower or two.
Thu Sep 28
3°c | 6°c
Fri Sep 29
0°c | 5°c
Showers or snow at times.


9/9/17 - 8:38am
I wish, my son is down at Thredbo this weekend, looks good, hey, maybe Our lodge is always full the last few weeks of the season because of the cross country contingent and then it shuts for the next week for cleaning so would require our lodge directors to authorise to take advantage of CPV staying open an extra week this year (facebook page) Most years there is more snow on the hill when CPV closes for the season than during the season but this year the snow quality has stayed good due to the low temps and good falls Bob
8/9/17 - 11:50pm
hi Bob, Any more trips planned? S
3/9/17 - 5:15pm
just spent a week at Charlotte's. Beautiful weather, little wind ,10/10 visibility, the snow that fell a week ago was funky so only north facing slopes were really good unless you found a magic powder patch. Skied Northcote ,lake Albina and Clarke north side, down to Trapyard was good also. The piste was like concrete until Saturday due to unseasonably low temps night and day. A brave and talented woman was filmed dropping the Amphitheatre at Blue lake and using an axe and kicking steps to climb up twice more!!
21/8/17 - 8:51am
I feel a bit silly, I took the video googles up the rocks above Guthries Sat and forgot I had them on Even at the top Brian said wish I had bought my camera, my reply "yeah I didn't bring mine either" still didn't click Wasn't till I got back in the lodge and taking them off I realised The joys of getting older Bob
21/8/17 - 7:05am
Glad I made it Bob, Was great to catch up. The snow quality yesterday as good as any in the world!! I leave it to you to post the photos!! S
18/8/17 - 6:12pm
Sorry mate out on the 21st I'll leave some snow for you Bob
18/8/17 - 11:56am
Bob I wont be there until after the 26th at Pygmy Possum. Will you still be there then ? Great snowfall hope you get some good tracks.
18/8/17 - 8:04am
Looks good today Sago just learnt the snowline cup is on today and the boys have just gone out to set up, bu**er means first tracks are gone but should full fill back in pretty quick Only the T bar ran yesterday so the bowls etc will probably be untouched Bob
17/8/17 - 11:05pm
Hope to be on hill just after lunch Sat. Blue jacket, black helmet. Save the bowls for me. S
17/8/17 - 11:03pm
Hi Bob, There Sat. Some people still have to work. S
17/8/17 - 10:03am
Great Morning had already Sago, Sago where are you Haven't meet Rowdy either but I have seen Richard Wouldn't be dead for quids Bob
16/8/17 - 5:54pm
A good afternoon was had by all with 10 cm falling after a loss of 20 cm in places after CPV got some lifts running, well done Chris and team Bob
15/8/17 - 11:47am
Raining up here but not as heavy as predicted so cover is holding up well, occasionally the rain is stopping for a while Waiting patiently for Wed - Fri coming snowfalls A couple of the boys went to Stillwell Trig station yesterday (Monday) morning to watch the sun rise, they picked it well as the day including the morning was basically sunny Snowline cup has been rescheduled Bob
8/8/17 - 11:37am
Tree Breaker Bob: ... This Head Lease should have settled Years ago Bob
You're not the only one. I'm prepared to concede CP was caught up in a larger state-wide crown lease governance review due to the previous administration's mining lease scandal. But we need to be careful what we wish for, the state government also wants to put the resort leases on a 'long term sustainable' funding model. Does that mean CP lodges pay higher bed taxes to cover the full cost of running the poo farm? Or is it related to NPWS deriving >80% of total state-wide funding from the southern snowfields. It would be nice to see the transparent figures but I guess that is commercial in confidence. This really should go to the lease thread. And on top of all that is the increased cost of electricity.
8/8/17 - 11:06am
rowdyflat: Hey Bob which lodge are you referring to ?Can PM if need . I stay at pygmy Possum =15 th year but always looking for a new adventure.
You would be staying with Richard then, I am staying next door but that is not the lodge being referred to Bob
8/8/17 - 11:03am
RegGrundys: Or maybe there hasn't been the snow depth needed.
When I posted that it was the 1st Aug and there had been good falls, I would have said the owner is saving money due to the fiasco of the head lease. It seems pretty obvious that NP&WS are stacking the odds against Kevin keeping the lease as they keep extending the temporary lease arrangements and calling for EOI again and again after the closing dates they set, again an announcement was supposed to made early in this season as to the future but again nothing except take a waiting list of customers and we will let you know later if you can operate next season (2018), how poor is that Write to your local state member and express your dissatisfaction about the continual waste of money and of creating a situation where no infrastructure money is being spent (I believe Kevin is willing to spend $20 million in upgrades) because of this lack of direction. I feel personally that the closing of CP is very much on some peoples mindset that are high enough in the system to be able to pull it off. So much for an open and transparent process. This Head Lease should have settled Years ago Bob
8/8/17 - 10:46am
Ian, it was some years ago now that I skied with you just before the boys weekend and I was there Mon, Tues and Wed this year again just before boy's weekend again, there was very little snow when we arrived but did snow the three days I was there so you guys did well considering, but I am hoping to do better next week but wishing I had picked this week for freshies Bob
7/8/17 - 2:06pm
Tree Breaker Bob: Although I like the non groomed areas there seems to be very little slope grooming going on for the not so adventurous... Bob
Picking the optimum amount of grooming would be diabolical, I personally prefer the minimum for beginner safety. Last year we got a foot of fresh across the mountain and they didn't touch it for 4 days, ideal for me. This year it was a bit thin before we arrived for the Christmas in July week, Top of the World was like a relief map of the Himalayas until they got a good dump and smoothed it out. I remember some years ago they got a new bloke from Thredbo who groomed everything in sight, including a run all the way down from the rocks around the Stillwell trig station. I don't consider children learning to ski in boot deep snow to be a problem, bit of a learning curve when they go to Perisher to ski 2" boilerplate, but set them up early for Nozawa.
3/8/17 - 5:15pm
Tree Breaker Bob: Although I like the non groomed areas there seems to be very little slope grooming going on for the not so adventurous, it's as if as little money as possible is being spent because of the ongoing head lease debacle or maybe they don't have the staff numbers this year Bob
Or maybe there hasn't been the snow depth needed.
3/8/17 - 10:17am
Hey Bob which lodge are you referring to ?Can PM if need . I stay at pygmy Possum =15 th year but always looking for a new adventure.

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