Perisher Snow Report

12:18pm - 19 Jul 2019       
Lifts Open 0 of 47
Snowfall (Last 24hrs) 0 cm
Snow Depth
(Spencer's Creek 1830m)
122.3 cm
Weather: Possible morning snow shower. Forecast Max 4°c


Happy Friday.

Here is the forecast. . It's going to be a mostly cloudy morning with cloud cover expected to clear as the day progresses. Winds will be strong and we have an expected top temperature of 4 degrees with the wind chill making it feel much colder. The snowmaking team blasted 189 snow guns throughout the night to top up the snow cover while the grooming team has prepared 85 groomed runs for you to enjoy.

With these strong winds some lifts may be placed on standby, conditions are regularly assessed as to which lifts can open. The Lift Report is where you will find the most up-to-date information.Have you seen the Events Calendar? It's going to be a huge weekend here in Perisher with Night Skiing and Boarding, Fireworks, SIA Demo Days, Live Music, Epic Apres and much more.

Perisher Road

Kosciuszko Road: Road open to Perisher. Guthega Road: Snow and ice from Kosciuszko road to the Power Station,chains are required from the Power Station to the resort. Alpine Way: Road open to Skitube, Bullocks Flat.

Snowfall History

18 Jul 201910cm
17 Jul 20192cm
15 Jul 201920cm

Mt Perisher

Eyre T-Bar (T-bar)
Happy Valley T-Bar (T-bar)
International T-Bar (T-bar)
Mt Perisher Double Chair (Double)
Mt Perisher Triple Chair (Triple)
Olympic T-Bar (T-bar)
Sun Valley T-Bar (T-bar)

Centre Valley

Blaxland T-Bar (T-bar)
Home Rope Tow (Rope)
Lawson T-Bar (T-bar)
Leichhardt T-Bar (T-bar)
Pretty Valley Double Chair (Double)
Quad Express (Quad)
Wentworth T-Bar (T-bar)

North Perisher

Interceptor Quad Chair (Quad)
North Perisher T-Bar (T-bar)
Telemark T-Bar (T-bar)

Front Valley

Mitchell T-Bar (T-bar)
Sturt T-Bar (T-bar)
Tom Thumb (J-bar)
Village 8 Express Chair (8 Seat)
Ski Carpet No. 1 (Carpet)
Ski Carpet No. 2 (Carpet)
Ski Carpet No. 3 (Carpet)
Ski Carpet No. 4 (Carpet)

Smiggin Holes

Burke T-Bar (T-bar)
Captain Cook J-Bar (J-bar)
Harry's & Herman's Ski Carpet (Carpet)
Hume T-Bar (T-bar)
Kaaten Triple Chair (Triple)
Link T-Bar (T-bar)
Piper T-Bar (T-bar)
Scott J-Bar (J-bar)
Wills T-Bar (T-bar)
Zoe's Ski Carpet (Carpet)

Tube Town

Tube Town (Rope)

Blue Cow

Blue Cow Ski School Rope Tow (Rope)
Brumby T-Bar (T-bar)
Early Starter Double Chair (Double)
Pleasant Valley Quad Chair (Quad)
Pony Ride Carpet (Carpet)
Ridge Quad Chair (Quad)
Summit Quad Chair (Quad)
Terminal Quad Chair (Quad)


Blue Calf T-Bar (T-bar)
Blue Cow T-Bar (T-bar)
Carpark Double Chair (Double)
Freedom Quad Chair (Quad)
Run Status Grooming Snowmaking

3. Perisher Valley

Dog Leg
Fall Line
Inter Bumps
GS Bowl
Side Winder
Burnum Burnum
Sun Valley
Happy Valley
New Territories
Snowy Trails
Vista Run
Wine Glass
Powder Ridge
Goats Gully
Yabby Flats
Quad Face
Pretty Valley
Leichhardt Loop
Snake Trails
CV Duplex Slope
Lower Goats
The Cleft
Front Valley
Nth Perisher
Bullwheel Run
The Chute
Never Never Land
Pretty Valley Home Trail
Copperhead Road
Perisher Home trail
Pretty Valley to Telemark
Discovery Trails
Valley Run
Winter Way
Tom Thumb

4. Blue Cow

Blue Cow Expressway
Interceptor Access Trail
Link 3
Norwegian Road
Half Time
Devil''s Playground
Guthega Way
Side Hill
Lower Road Run
Rock Garden
Early Starter
Boot Hill
Racecourse 1
Racecourse 2
Side Saddle
Show Boat
Outer Limits
Blue Cow Way
Easy Rider
Cold Shoulder
Link 1
Rope Tow World
Roller Coaster Upper
Roller Coaster Lower
Double Trouble Access
Pleasant View

5. Smiggin Holes

Bear Flat
Drop Off
J Bar Land
Back Wood Run
Wood Run
Chair Run
Piper to Interceptor
Smiggins Home Run
Smiggins Escape
Harry's & Herman's Carpet
Zoe's Carpet

6. Guthega

Double Trouble
Kurt's Weg
The Screw
Mother in Law
Milk Run
Bloody Mary
Parachute Upper
Parachute Lower
Hanky Panky
Guthega Home Trail
See Forever

7. Parks and Pipes

Yabby Flat Mini Park
Slope Style
Jump City
Piper Park
Half Pipe
Leichhardt Terrain Park
Yabby Flat Mini Pipe
Sun Valley Rider x
Centre Valley Rider X
BC Terrain Park

8. Snow Play

Tube Town
Mt Piper Toboggan Slope

Snow Cams

Weather Forecast   Weather Forum

Fri Jul 19
Max 4°c
Possible morning snow shower.
Sat Jul 20
-6°c | 5°c
Mostly sunny.
Sun Jul 21
-3°c | 5°c
Showers or snow.
Mon Jul 22
-3°c | 5°c
Mostly sunny.
Tue Jul 23
-2°c | 4°c
Snow showers. Windy.
Wed Jul 24
-4°c | 2°c
Snow shower or two.
Thu Jul 25
-4°c | 5°c
Partly cloudy.


19/7/19 - 8:25pm
Fast Eddie: Such a great week for the final week of the school holidays. 2 powder days and 4 blue bird days in an amazing 5 day stay.
Couldn’t ask for more. There’s been so many great photos posted in this thread so thought I’d share a couple from Tuesday night that show the valley in a slightly different light.
Eddie, that is an absolutely awesome pic from the top of V8
19/7/19 - 7:52pm
Arriving Sunday midday - super keen - first time staying at Guthega - will post photos :)
19/7/19 - 7:21pm
After a year off the slopes, got back on to FV and Happy Valley this afternoon on arrival. Found I still can't ski, even after all the dreaming of hitting the powder and carving turns in my sleep. Had to call it an early afternoon as my daughter is suffering with a flu and was just getting breathless and exhausted, she is a trooper though for getting out there.
Fast Eddie
19/7/19 - 6:54pm
Such a great week for the final week of the school holidays. 2 powder days and 4 blue bird days in an amazing 5 day stay.
Couldn’t ask for more. There’s been so many great photos posted in this thread so thought I’d share a couple from Tuesday night that show the valley in a slightly different light.
Mitchell Pearce
19/7/19 - 6:41pm
Watching the sun go down on an Awesome day. It was my ski last day of the week (heading back to SYD tomorrow). I didn't buy an epic pass this year before D1 is doing the HSC. My week pass ran out yesterday so I wasn't going to ski today. I was just going to put on some x country skis. But the conditions were too good. Forked out for a $160 day ticket at 10am. It was worth it. However next year I'll get epic pass no matter if we are only planning a week. Because now there is talk for a long weekend after her trials. The last black pic looks like groomers on Mt P.
Billy Jack
19/7/19 - 6:15pm
Billy Jack:
First time I have seen this inbounds at Perisher. Ski patrol digging a snowpit normally done to as part of a process to assess avalanche danger. This was on Back Perisher (eastern aspect) down slope from the Olympic T bar. Given the amount of snow, the wind loading, appearance of trigger points, steepness and humans jumping on the snowpack it was probably well worth checking. I fully expected to see a closed sign on the traverse on my next circuit (from top of quad to bullwheel) but no sign so all must have been OK which is great as the skiing on that slope was sensational.
Spoke to patrol today about this. Apparently it is not uncommon. Patroller said they keep a close eye on the snowpack and frequently dig pits but normally before we punters turn up and the mountain is opened. He spoke about a recent inbounds slab avalanche about 40 metres wide with a 30 cm crown in an area called "the gulch". Sorry, don't know where that is. He mentioned Shifty's, Rock Garden and Kamikaze as areas they watch closely.
19/7/19 - 6:01pm
Cool photo sequence of teenager son dropping into large bowl this morning and carving it up. There was still lots of wind blown powder around today, great conditions in the sun.
19/7/19 - 5:45pm
Family is new to skiing. Been to blue cow and Perisher last 4 times before we had smiggins today. Was the best day we had. My 5 yr old daughter was using j bars by end of day and very easy runs to learn on. Was much better than the white out we had at blue cow on Wednesday. I think we will use smiggin holes for the rest of the season.
Jasper Schwarz
19/7/19 - 5:10pm
Photos from around the resort today. Amazing day. First tracks down a freshly groomed Eyre then headed straight to international where stayed there before heading over to Guthega. Awesome day and an amazing last few days with the family before they head home Photos of course.
19/7/19 - 4:24pm
Had a great 4 days skiing. Thanks to the crew and Noel for allowing me to tag along. See you all for coffee and some more fun next Friday.:thumbs:
19/7/19 - 3:00pm
A few pics from today.....didn’t go far. Saw a few others. Nice morning.
19/7/19 - 2:14pm
or tiple
19/7/19 - 2:11pm
Donzah: So my daughters now a snowboarder... On the triple. I'm
You're on the ?
Snow Blowey
19/7/19 - 1:40pm
No wonder you are drinking.
19/7/19 - 1:28pm
Donzah: So my daughters now a snowboarder... On the triple. I'm
Welcome to the “parent of bislidable kid” club :cheers:
19/7/19 - 1:17pm
So my daughters now a snowboarder... On the triple. I'm
19/7/19 - 1:00pm
Awesome weather today
19/7/19 - 10:51am
Lady Penelope: I might try for a day trip on Sunday if anyone is around ... Otherwise I’m actually happy cruising around by myself (I think the boys will want to sleep in and take it easy!).
Will be at the usual place 8.00am. Plan to take advantage of the demo day and take out a couple of skisfor a run. Happy to come for a cruise with you
19/7/19 - 10:00am
19/7/19 - 9:00am
Wind blown Olympic.

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