Thredbo Snow Report Open

1:43pm - 22 Sep 2017       
Lifts Open 12 of 14
Snowfall (Last 24hrs) 0 cm
Weather: Very windy. Partly cloudy. Forecast Max 10°c

There is a whole mountain of snow out there to enjoy under beautiful sunny spring skies. Conditions have softened up in the sun making it super fun to engage a rail and get some solid turns in. It’s pretty gusty about the peaks, so a wind proof jacket is a good idea. Otherwise, don’t forget your sunnies and sunscreen.

Skiing & Boarding

The Supertrail and Cruiser are looking fun for a few turns, with soft conditions under sunny skies. It’s the perfect day to hit the park with these soft conditions making it nice and forgiving if you’re trying new tricks. Elsewhere, Friday Flat is looking great for beginners who are getting used to the slopes.

Weather Top

7C. A mostly sunny day here at Thredbo with only a thin layer of high cloud. Gusty winds about the peaks. Maximum temperature: 7C

Terrain Parks

Antons Park has 5 jumps (20ft, 30ft, 40ft, 45ft and a hip) plus 14 jibs for advanced riders. The Cruiser Park has 11 jibs to choose from and 4 jumps including a hip to session.

Road Condition (NPWS)

The Alpine Way from Jindabyne to Thredbo is open.Check theRMS live traffic sitefor updated conditions.
NSW Alpine Road Report

Snowfall History

19 Sep 20172cm
17 Sep 20177cm
16 Sep 20175cm

Snow Depth

Snowy Hydro Snowdepth
Thu, 7 Sep 2017 (updates each Fri)
233.0 cm
Spencer's Creek 1830m
127.3 cm
Deep Creek 1620m
25.0 cm
Three Mile Dam 1430m
Note: Snowy Hydro readings are measured every Thursday and are indicative snow depth only that are not influenced by snowmaking or grooming


Antons T-Bar (T-bar)
Basin T-Bar (T-bar)
Cruiser Express Quad Chair (Quad)
Easy Does It Quad Chair (Quad)
Easy Rider T-Bar (T-bar)
Gunbarrel Express Quad Chair (Quad)
Karels T-Bar (T-bar)
Kosciuszko Express (Quad)
Merritts Double Chair (Double)
Snowgums Double Chair (Double)
Sponars T-Bar (T-bar)
Syd's Snow Runner (Carpet)
The Burrow (Carpet)
Wombats (Carpet)
Run Status Grooming Snowmaking

Access Trail



Advanced Antons
Alberts Amble
Michaels Mistake
Lennys Leap
The Tunnel
The Traverse


The Tors
Basin Run
Kareela Cross

Friday Flat

Friday Flat
Wombat World
Giddy Up
Easy Does It
Beginner Bowl

Golf Course

Golf Course Exit Run


High Noon
The Glades
Intermediate High Noon

Kosciuszko Express

Funnel Web
World Cup
Lovers Leap
Little Beauty
Lower True Blue
Upper True Blue
Upper Supertrail
Eagle Way
Village Trail
Rossignol Race Course


The Cruiser Traverse
Boundary Riders
The Bowl
Beginner The Cruiser
Squatters Run
Valley View
Cruiser Traverse
The Schuss
Dream Run


The Falls
Ego Alley
Conrod Straight

Snow Cams

Weather Forecast   Weather Forum

Fri Sep 22
Max 10°c
Very windy. Partly cloudy.
Sat Sep 23
3°c | 14°c
Possible shower. Very windy.
Sun Sep 24
1°c | 3°c
Snow showers. Very windy.
Mon Sep 25
-1°c | 1°c
Snow shower or two.
Tue Sep 26
-5°c | 4°c
Partly cloudy.
Wed Sep 27
-4°c | 7°c
Late shower or two.
Thu Sep 28
2°c | 5°c
Showers or snow.


Piste Again
21/9/17 - 6:10pm
It looks too good to waste. +1, M11 and I are off in the morning - just booked accommodation last night!
21/9/17 - 2:06pm
crackson: I assume it was a different one.
Either that or staff where told to let him go and the police will make the arrest
20/9/17 - 9:47pm
I assume it was a different one.
20/9/17 - 9:38pm
20/9/17 - 9:34pm
Chewbacca was lapping HighNoon this arvo.
20/9/17 - 4:01pm
telecrag: Ill be fine, Jen has apparently already chosen some skis for me, I have not heard of the brand before, they are called Figgles.
20/9/17 - 2:10pm
Ill be fine, Jen has apparently already chosen some skis for me, I have not heard of the brand before, they are called Figgles.
20/9/17 - 2:08pm
tele-whippet: Everything will seem flatter and slower.
Is this because he will be lying on his arse pondering why he choose to alpine?
20/9/17 - 1:58pm
Forecast is wet also, would appear a message from the universe.
20/9/17 - 1:56pm
Everything will seem flatter and slower.
20/9/17 - 1:50pm
telecrag: First time since the 80's, promised a friend for her birthday. I think I still have my last alpine ski jacket too.
Probably back in fashion, the jacket that is, not alpine skiing that stuff's bad for you.
20/9/17 - 9:58am
Yes it does, so yes you need to pay for the next one for access. They usually close Kosi for servicing, so it may be Slowgums.
20/9/17 - 7:54am
Does this year's 365 pass expire on the closing weekend? Thinking about spring access and if I have finalise next 365 purchase ...
20/9/17 - 7:50am
telecrag: There will be photos.
Photos are good, but video would be better.
Rabid K9
19/9/17 - 10:16pm
Quite a bit of fun today, with a tiny amount of fresh snow & lots of windblown up high. Some of those T-bars are a fair 'katabatic' experience. Snow pretty slow & sticky near bottom, but she's a nice mountain, with plenty to offer. Good to burn up the legs after the short pitches of Falls. Funnel Web was a choppy sea of moguls exiting GCB. Was pretty cool standing at cloud level above the Golf Course bowl & watching the snow clouds roll off the range & dissipate.
19/9/17 - 9:46pm
telecrag: Im there the next two Sun/Mon, and thats the end of season for Thredbo. Skiing on Alpine this Sunday though, so skip that one!
Practicing for next year to keep me company?
19/9/17 - 8:25pm
There will be photos.
19/9/17 - 8:23pm
telecrag: last alpine ski jacket
Why do my eyes hurt just thinking what this might be?
19/9/17 - 8:21pm
First time since the 80's, promised a friend for her birthday. I think I still have my last alpine ski jacket too.
19/9/17 - 8:21pm
telecrag: Mon
I'll pencil in Monday for Thredders.

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