Mt Mawson Trip Reports


26/8/19 - 3:53pm
Went to mawson yesterday. By the feel of it it, it rained before the snow on sat night.Storm total 5-10cm. All in all a fun day on the two tows operating. Jeep track hard at the top, sticky at the bottom. No cover on the last couple hundred metres before the boom gate. Lots of families around on the toboggans, throwing snowballs etc. Car park packed. Still lots of traffic going up. I was heading down at 1.30pm.
PK Sawd
26/8/19 - 9:43am
*bump* Was up at Mawson again on Friday. It was a clear, sunny day but fairly high wind on the spine of the Rodways. We could see the snow being blown off the top from a distance. The wind-scoured base was scratchy but not boilerplate and you only had to drop a few metres on the leeward side to find the deposited snow in the gullies and it was in good condition. We warmed up on Rodway tow hill then over the top to the bowl above Jackson tars. This was really good fun, soft and good snow up high and soft and heavier snow down low, skiable all the way down to the Tarn shelf. We had another run there courtesy of some skin tracks of a trio of fit, young lads ( I asked them would they mind laying another ascent in the next gully around for about 45 minutes time...........). We decided to cut below and then slant up into the next gully, the first in the long sweep of the range that curves around and above Lake Newdegate. I got within about 10 m of the top of the steepest part of the drop in when the snow started sloughing and lost about 30m in a barely controlled slide before I was able to kick out of the sloughing snow and managed to bite in again. Conceding defeat I kicked steps from there. Then it was a lovely run down and we found a sheltered bowl which was a real sun trap and had a late lunch. After that we traversed back along the Tarn Shelf and dropped off that to ski a little way down on nice snow that hadn't seen the sun all day. You could, though we didn't, have skied a long gully down toward Lake Seal below the Rodway tow. Lots of snow had blown in there. I grabbed one more run directly down the Rodway tow line which had also stayed mostly shaded and was nice. Then we traversed back and down the Jeep track to the car park. A very good day. Beer was had at the Bush Inn in New Norfolk to mark the occasion. Saturday was really warm and then a fair dump of snow came that night so Sunday would have been equally fun I suspect. I took advice and didn't worry about gear niggles and just skied. The months of speed skating have prepared me well. I had a couple of runs where I really felt both skis solidly weighted and working well for me. Had to rock back a fair bit on the heavier, sticky stuff below when the slope flattened out. Crayoning some wax on helped a bit. No pics sorry though one of my mates is going to send me some which I will post.
PK Sawd
31/8/18 - 10:00am
Shamefully, I didn't ski down that gully. Even more shamefully, there were loads of much better covered gullies I also did not ski. But this is the curse of the day trip. You can only fit a certain number of things into the time given. Also, I'm on a promise to be circumspect when I'm skiing alone so I don't drop in unless I have someone else around me. What I really needed was to be camping up there and at leisure to just cruise around checking out all the skiable lines. I'd so love to do that but didn't feel I could justify the time on this occasion.
30/8/18 - 7:14pm
Rockhopping redefined!!
30/8/18 - 6:43pm
2nd pic, ski tips looking ovet the edge? You did drop that line a shred the light fantastic did you not.
30/8/18 - 5:49pm
Great photos. Well done for getting out there and into it. Some terrain!
30/8/18 - 5:20pm
PK Sawd: I am sooooo unproductive at work right now............head is still in the hills.
This is not a problem.
PK Sawd
30/8/18 - 1:25pm
I am sooooo unproductive at work right now............head is still in the hills.
30/8/18 - 1:24pm
A million likes.
PK Sawd
30/8/18 - 12:49pm
Your wish is my command.
30/8/18 - 12:32pm
PK Sawd:
Need I say more? .
more pics will do! :)
mick chopps
30/8/18 - 12:30pm
Fuck yes!
PK Sawd
30/8/18 - 12:22pm
Need I say more? This was yesterday arvo on the way back from Mt Field West on full cover all the way.
mick chopps
20/8/18 - 3:56pm
PK Sawd: And right on cue a mate invites me up to Ben Lomond for Wednesday.......... Never skied there before.
They have a shit tone of snow at the moment from what Iíve seen on the socials. Enjoy the drive up the hill, looks a hairy one!
PK Sawd
20/8/18 - 3:55pm
And right on cue a mate invites me up to Ben Lomond for Wednesday.......... Never skied there before.
PK Sawd
20/8/18 - 2:46pm
It's got a roof on now and they had it open for people to use on the weekend though it is still not quite finished. They've done a good job with it. I was up there Saturday and although the cover was not as extensive on the summit plateau as my visit last season the snow quality was good and cold and was drifting in nicely into the gullies. We had no trouble skiing around following the track to the junction with the Seal Lake lookout and from there to Rodway hut and environs. Good lines were had down the Rodway tow (not running - is it ever these days?) and down to Jackson tarn. The latter has a bit of a cornice you can drop in from and good snow in the upper bowl. I skied all the way down to the tarn and didn't have to work particularly hard to find a rock-free line. A terrific day out. It has remained cold and been snowy in the days following so right now is a good time to be up there. Wednesday looks like being the first sunny day after all those days of snow. Get out among it.
16/4/18 - 5:34pm
New public shelter being built
From FB
21/9/17 - 4:09pm
We will be talking about it hallowed terms in our dotage.
21/9/17 - 8:23am
Such a fantastic season all round for Australian snow lovers. All hail 2017!!
14/8/17 - 10:51am
Excellent work by the crew on the mountain to get Mawson tow operating in good time on Sunday but a pity Stornoway were so slow getting the road cleared and there were only a couple of people to enjoy the fresh. They must've been getting paid by the hour because it was the most pathetic effort at clearing the road I've seen in my 11 years of visiting. They absolutely milked all they could get out of if. The bloke that used to drive the old plough would clear more snow that that in little over an hour and now it takes 3 blokes with 2 ploughs over 4 hours. And that's not including the time it took to get the engineer in and assess the damaged road.

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