Mt Baw Baw Snow Report

8:36am - 07 Oct 2019       
Lifts Open 0 of 7
Snowfall (Last 24hrs) 0 cm
Snow Depth (Natural) 10 cm
Snow Depth (Snowmaking) 20 cm
Today's Weather: Windy. Mostly clear. Forecast Max —°c

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Limited skiing and boarding on a groomed softening cover of snow. Hut Platter operational. Limited sightseeing and snow play. Temporary toboggan park is open on Big Hill.

Snow Cover


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Big Hill Poma (Poma)
Hut Run Platter (Platter)
Magic Carpet (Carpet)
Maltese Cross T-Bar (T-bar)
Painted T-Bar (T-bar)
Summit T-Bar (T-bar)
Tank Hill Platter (Platter)
Run Status Grooming Snowmaking
Ridge Run
Village Run
Slam Dunk
Home Run
Tank Hill Run
Road Run
Painted Run
Old Hut
Hut Run
La Descent
Maltese Cross
Drops on the Rocks
Big Hill West
Cross Country
Cross Country Trails Trails are closed.

Updated: : //2019

Trail Status Grooming Date Groomed
Beech TrailClosedNone
Latrobe TrailClosedNone
McMillans TrailClosedNone
Village Trail WestClosedNone
Village Trail EastClosedNone
Muellers TrailClosedNone
Maltese Cross TrailClosedNone

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Thu May 23
Max —°c
Windy. Mostly clear.
Fri May 24
7°c | 10°c
Shower or two. Very windy.
Sat May 25
6°c | 9°c
Shower or two. Windy.
Sun May 26
1°c | 3°c
Snow showers. Windy.
Mon May 27
-2°c | 3°c
Snow showers easing. Windy.
Tue May 28
0°c | 3°c
Showers or snow. Windy.
Wed May 29
-2°c | 0°c
Snow showers. Wind easing.


23/5/19 - 12:58pm
Baw Baw has finally appointed a new General manager Andrew Tingate It sounds as if the Board has at last picked someone with actual snow experience!
18/5/19 - 10:57pm
Beautiful day for a drive in the new car and lunch in the hills with your mate (he works hard and it's nice to spend the day together) New 80kmhr speed limit is too low for performance cars in a lot of spots. A spirited stab of the throttle and it's big fine or licence gone, even at low levels of spirited driving. Should be 100 with more warning / caution signs e.g. speed limit 80 if you are not confident or experienced or whatever Village cafe makes a mean hokkien noodle. Felt the stoke and vibes amongst everyone there today Amazing weather for hiking; planning an AAWT trip within the next 2 years. April - May seems like a great time imo Snow factory going to work
21/2/19 - 3:54pm
Sounds like the local knock shop!
21/2/19 - 3:38pm
Xwing: ?
Noticed that being used last weekend. The mattress was inflated and guys were lined up top and bottom.
21/2/19 - 11:29am
Jacko4650: I guess they know what they are doing?
21/2/19 - 10:54am
Slalom: Mountain bike jump - inflatable landing pad.
Not sure I would like to land on an inflatable device with a bike - lots of sharp or pointy metal bits like handle bars and brake levers impacting with significant force! I guess they know what they are doing?
21/2/19 - 10:40am
Big mountain bike events this weekend!
20/2/19 - 8:24pm
Xwing: ?
Mountain bike jump - inflatable landing pad.
20/2/19 - 8:10pm
14/1/19 - 8:37am
New General Manager for Baw Baw, Mr Mark Turner. Don't know much about him yet but I believe he has already started.
1/1/19 - 4:55pm
As far as I know Sally is only acting in that position, but judging by her answers nothing is going to happen in the short term, and long term will depend on funding, so dubious again.
1/1/19 - 4:30pm
I don't normally visit snow resorts in the off season, but about a month ago I said to my wife how about we go to Baw Baw and I will show you the South Face Road. She only knew the tourist road from Noojee. We went the old road first (made me realise how much easier the South Face Road is!) and came home via SFR, Erica etc.While there we were just wandering around the resort, taking a few photos (seemed weird with no snow!), a lady and a fellow, came along and struck up a conversation with us. She had a name badge on and I suddenly realised that she was Sally, the new manager. Not sure who the fellow was. When she found out that I'd been skiing there for over 36 years she asked lots of questions about how the place had changed over that time, then started to ask about what I thought was needed for the future. As is often the case, there were lots of things that I should have said, but didn't think of them until we were on our way home, but I mentioned sealing SFR, a chairlift for either Summit or Maltese, and connection to the grid. She said it was very doubtful that Baw Baw would be connected to the grid and she was working on getting funding for an upgraded on-resort power station. She said that sealing SFR was a priority but that it may be a couple of years before work commences. She also said that a chairlift was also a priority, but there was a lot of work needed to make that happen. So, interesting conversation and as I said, lots of things I should have said, but she seemed keen to see Baw Baw continue and progress forward.:)
1/1/19 - 12:53pm
Wouldn't need to be much!
1/1/19 - 11:11am
2019 looks like a new general manager, but who?
1/1/19 - 10:31am
Welcome to 2019

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