Falls Creek Snow Report Open

12:22pm - 30 Sep 2018       
Lifts Open 13 of 14
Snowfall (Last 24hrs) 0 cm
Snow Depth (Natural) 125 cm
Weather: Shower or two. Possible.. Forecast Max 15°c


Partly cloudy. Medium (50%) chance of snow showers during thye morning and early afternoon. Winds southwesterly 15 to 20 km/h tending southerly in the morning then becoming light in the middle of the day.

Skiing & Boarding

Terrain Parks Open

Advanced Toboggan Slope, Beginner Toboggan Slope, Panorama Park, Castle Park Intermediate line , Castle Park Advanced Line, Drovers Hike Park

Road Conditions

Bogong High Plains Rd (Mt Beauty)Road Open: Beware icy patches
Village RoadClear of snow


Overnight Min-5.0 °C
Windlight winds SSE
VisibilityClear (10km+)
PrecipitationNo Precipitation

Snow Depths

Snow Depth: Natural125cm
Snow Depth: Snowmaking125cm
Snow Depth: Sunvalley155cm
Snow Depth: Northside116cm
Snow Depth: Village Bowl104cm

Snowfall History

27 Sep 20181cm
26 Sep 20181cm
17 Sep 20184cm
Board Walk (Carpet)
Drovers Dream Chair (Quad)
Eagle Chair (Triple)
Gully Chair (Triple)
Halleys Comet (Quad)
International Poma (Poma)
Lakeside Poma (Poma)
Monkey Bars (Poma)
Mouse Trap (Carpet)
Petes Train (Carpet)
Ruined Castle Chair (Quad)
Scotts Chair (Quad)
Summit Chair (Quad)
Towers Chair (Quad)

Snow Cams

Drovers - Live 360

Weather Forecast   Weather Forum

Mon Dec 10
Max 15°c
Shower or two. Possible storm.
Tue Dec 11
7°c | 18°c
Partly cloudy.
Wed Dec 12
9°c | 19°c
Partly cloudy.
Thu Dec 13
12°c | 13°c
Fri Dec 14
9°c | 13°c
Sat Dec 15
8°c | 11°c
Sun Dec 16
8°c | 11°c


fx 140 ski freek
12/10/18 - 3:16pm
was around the back on Tuesday plenty of snow for a play even the Nordic bowl was fantastic
4/10/18 - 8:23am
weerab the snow will last a few weeks on the south and east faces despite yesterdays rain. will be skiing Mt McKay soon, after a frost.
Scott No Mates Ver 1.1
4/10/18 - 12:07am
- the photos that I have taken are on north facing slopes - the south side of FC will last a long time especially outside of the resort areas. I will try to take a few shots in the next couple of days.
3/10/18 - 9:27pm
OK Not a trip report I wasn't at my best this season. New hip and all.
3/10/18 - 8:20pm
I have just put my ski gear away but think I might have jumped the gun as Falls is still reporting over 1 metre of snow! However, that figure doesn't show the whole picture as there are probably large areas where there is no snow. Not interested in downhill but wondering if there is much life left in XC and backcountry adventures?
Scott No Mates Ver 1.1
3/10/18 - 7:26pm
Another warm night and equally warm day - no overnight freeze with the snow holding up well. Weather closed in around lunch time (as we were heading back to our digs), you could see it (or more specifically, not see it) coming up the valley. We started the day with some leg warmers on Towers (Highway & Main Street) then a tight run down the lift line on Rappers. A scoot across to Lakeside which was not crowded and running smoothly. Before we ventured down Days End to to the Village Bowl we had a chat with some of the 'Yellow Jackets' and took Summit chair for a few runs down Exhibition & the Slot which were soft but had ample cover. Eagles, a lovely new chair but I still can't get over how late it releases the bar at the top of the hill.
Further runs took us back around to Scotts and Ruined Castle with the obligatory trip around Boomerang - the snow appears to be receding on a daily basis with new signage appearing "area closed" both at the top of the Y's from Eagles as well as the top of Ruined Castle heading to the out of bounds/top entry to Boomerang. Snow was still quite fast and holding up well, we'll see how it is later in the week.
3/10/18 - 12:56pm
emkae: We were at Falls last week and were pleasantly surprised by the snow conditions. We were expecting skiing mainly in the mornings only with wet, sticky snow after lunch, but we were able to ski all day every day
I was at Falls last week also and this echoes my experience!
3/10/18 - 11:00am
We were at Falls last week and were pleasantly surprised by the snow conditions. We were expecting skiing mainly in the mornings only with wet, sticky snow after lunch, but we were able to ski all day every day
Scott No Mates Ver 1.1
2/10/18 - 11:29pm
My knee gave out yesterday afternoon so only did a run down Numb Nuts Scramble. Felt a lot better this morning :rolleyes: - relieved. No freeze overnight and not much grooming by the looks of it either. I stuck with several warm ups on Highway then across to Lakeside which was extremely moguled on the mid-section next to the poma line. Encouraged by my kids to scoot across to Powderkeg down to the lift. A few more laps on Lakeside then forged our way across to Scotts. Snow condition on Scotts was quite good and holding up well. A few good turns at speed with several other skiers & boarders straightlining the run down the raceline to the chair. A relaxed traverse to Ruined Castle with a few runs down South Face (ungroomed) then out further to Boomerang. It was a little slower as I was unable to climb as far on the Knolls as yesterday. Daughter decided that I was taking too long out at Boomerang so she went to Big Dipper, missed it and ended up going over the cornice on St Elmos - which by her report was that it was quite firm and no elephant snot (I'll still shy away from it). Had a run down Big Dipper (groomed but softening) which was quite fast and surprisingly not sticky as it usually does at this time of year (nothing like double ejecting when you hit superglue). Back to Boomerang and headed to Days End and the accommodation for lunch. Biggest disappointment was my tracker failed to record the day :mad: Again, another gorgeous spring day and t-shirt weather. Afternoon report - (from son) he just did laps on Summit so there weren't any complaints (crashed out at 9.30pm).
2/10/18 - 5:47am
Scott No Mates Ver 1.1
1/10/18 - 11:19pm
Finally got to FC on Sunday with the first few runs today. No overnight freeze so started off soft and kept softening. A few runs down Highway & Main Street - nicely groomed and reasonably fast. Pick of the morning was Scottys/Racetrack though I did enjoy Boomerang for a run out wide - coverage is still quite good for this time of year ie you can get out there without going across a mile of heath. Unfortunately, the Maze has closed. Nearly came unstuck on the Zipper (all moguls but soft).
The Slot was cruisey. Father Fosters was a bit of fun for the morning. Tidied off the morning over Lakeside & a scoot back to the Village via Last Hoot which is looking bare.
26/9/18 - 8:29pm
Looks like a final weekend hoorah is in order.
26/9/18 - 8:22pm
Chaeron: Anyone know what International / The Maze are looking like - still skiable till midmorning?
They were fine on Sunday. Lower down patchy and bushy in the maze but international and up top were great. surprised me with the Steve Lee tour on Sunday. Was great!
26/9/18 - 8:19pm
Scott No Mates Ver 1.1: We're heading down to close out the season, who's still around next week?
Will make sure to catch up with you next week!
26/9/18 - 7:21pm
Anyone know what International / The Maze are looking like - still skiable till midmorning?
26/9/18 - 6:43pm
Also looking forward to buzzing down onpiste next week for a last hurrah... not sure which days yet.
Scott No Mates Ver 1.1
26/9/18 - 6:39pm
We're heading down to close out the season, who's still around next week?
26/9/18 - 5:29pm
Had a lovely morning’s skiing on Monday - Father Fosters, Ruined Castle and Scotty’s were awesome. Once they opened up Boomerang late morning had great fun down there too. Warmed up on Main Street and Highway 83 - well groomed and icy they ski incredibly fast.
26/9/18 - 4:52pm
The last few days have been pretty nice up here. Icy to start, groomers have been super fast. The snow has softened by mid-morning but not gotten too slushy.
Ubiquitous Steve
26/9/18 - 8:21am
That’s a really good effort....he would have seen some good storms out there.

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