Hotham Snow Report Open

11:34am - 30 Sep 2017       
Lifts Open 12 of 14
Snowfall (24hrs) 6 cm
Snow Depth (Natural) 140 cm
Weather: Mostly sunny. Winds northwesterly.. Forecast Max 19°c

Skiing & Boarding

Good skiing on groomed runs. Heavenly Valley and The Big D.

Bill Barker Report

Footy is a winter sport isn't it? Well, we have very wintery morning to kick the day off, with a very strong westerly wind, low cloud blowing through the village, we have even had a few centimeters of snow, and it is still snowing as I write this. The temperature has dropped to minus 2 and is forecast to reach 2 above later on. The groomers feel like they have had a decent freeze up high but they may still be soft lower in the valley, and there may be just enough wind blown snow on the fringes of the runs for a few smooth fresh turns. Once the day warms a degree or two everywhere should soften for fun soft snow turns. Once the weather passes through today, it looks like we are in for several days of mainly fine weather and beaut spring snow conditions, so get up here and make the most of the final week of this stellar season. I don't even really follow the footy, but if I didn't say 'Carn the Tigers', a few good mates would disown me. Rug up and get out there for a few turns before the game starts, as social events always taste better after you have done some exercise. If you are not into the footy and you like plenty of space on the slopes, I reckon from about 2 pm onwards you will find some solitude. Have a ripper day!


PrecipitationSnow Flurries
Forecast: Cloudy. Medium (50%) chance of snow showers this morning. Winds westerly 35 to 55 km/h.

Road Conditions

OmeoOpen - snow on road
HarrietvilleOpen - snow on road


Snow CoverExtensive
Surface ConditionSoft
SnowmakingOn Standby

Snow Depths

Snow Depth: Natural140cm
Snow Depth: Snowmaking161cm
Snow Depth: Sun Run148cm
Snow Depth: Big D134cm
Snow Depth: Upper Higgi Drive137cm

Snowfall History

30 Sep 20176cm
26 Sep 20174cm
19 Sep 20177cm
Season Snowfall (to date)473cm

Terrain Parks

Summit Terrain ParkOpen
Basin Rail ParkOpen
Big D Rail ParkNot Constructed
Road Runner Skier / Boarder XClosed


Snowplay AreaWire Plain
Scenic RidesClosed
Kat SkiingClosed
Heli LinkClosed


Hotham - Dinner Plain: 30/09 ; Trail to DP last groomed 26/09. Trail has thin and bare patches, ( Wire Plain, parts of Switchbacks ) but is mostly good. Good for a tour, take a picnic. Look for flame robins and wombat tracks in the snow. Note, DP bus running on low season timetable. Not running next week.
Cross Country Trails: Groomed trails / Little bit of fresh on top.
Backcountry: A few centimeters of fresh snow sits on a base that will be firm up high but may still be soft at lower elevations. Take Care
Big D Express (Quad)
Blue Ribbon (Triple)
Dinner Plain (Poma)
Gotcha (Quad)
Heavenly Valley (Quad)
Keoghs (Quad)
Playground - Lower (Double)
Playground - Upper (Double)
Road Runner (Quad)
The Drift (T-bar)
The Orchard (Quad)
The Summit (Quad)
The Village (Quad)
Trainer (Poma)
Run Status Grooming Snowmaking

Big D

Easy Street

Blue Ribbon

Varsity Drag
Roaring Forties
Hogg's Back
Blue Ribbon
Frosty Drop
Wood Run


Gotcha Access
Skating Rink

Heavenly Valley

Snake Gully
Black Snake
Blue Snake
The Canyon
Gun Barrel
Harper's Face
Milky Way
Mother Johnsons
Swindlers Trail
Southern Cross
Slalom Gully
The Cornice
Twighlight Zone
Purgatory Spur
Race Gully


Keogh's Bash
Tele Treat
No Nonsense
Leap of Faith


Twirligig 1
Twirligig 2
Big Slope


Lower Playground


Summit Trainer
Summit Run

The Drift

Drift Return
Rambo's Revenge
Australia Drift

The Road Runner

Road Runner
Sun Run

Village Chair

Davenport Access
Gully Cat Walk
Notice Board
Off the Edge
Playground Trail
Pump House Drop
The Funnel
The Pipeline
Wall of Death

Snow Cams

Hotham Offers

Weather Forecast   Weather Forum

Sat Dec 16
Max 19°c
Mostly sunny. Winds northwesterly 20 to 30 km/h tending westerly in the late afternoon then becoming light in the evening.
Sun Dec 17
8°c | 20°c
Partly cloudy. Slight (30%) chance of a shower in the afternoon. Light winds becoming westerly 15 to 20 km/h in the early afternoon then becoming light in the late afternoon.
Mon Dec 18
11°c | 23°c
Mostly sunny. Slight (30%) chance of a shower in the morning and afternoon. The chance of a thunderstorm in the afternoon and evening. Winds northerly 20 to 30 km/h tending northwesterly 20 to 25 km/h during the morning then becoming light during the day.
Tue Dec 19
15°c | 23°c
Partly cloudy. High (80%) chance of showers, most likely in the afternoon and evening. The chance of a thunderstorm in the afternoon and evening. Winds northwest to northeasterly 35 to 50 km/h becoming northwesterly 35 to 45 km/h during the day then tending northerly 45 to 55 km/h during the evening.
Wed Dec 20
11°c | 16°c
Partly cloudy. Medium (50%) chance of showers during the morning. Winds north to northwesterly 45 to 55 km/h tending west to northwesterly 25 to 35 km/h during the morning.
Thu Dec 21
17°c | —°c
Mostly sunny. Slight (20%) chance of a shower. Light winds.
Fri Dec 22
16°c | —°c
Mostly sunny. Slight (20%) chance of a shower. Winds northerly 15 to 20 km/h tending northwesterly during the morning.


10/10/17 - 3:20pm
Cuppa: Had a good slide Saturday as well. With a hangover and rain on Sunday I gave it a miss. Best skiing Saturday was Avalanche Gully. There is still heaps of snow for those who want to earn their turns.
I had almost all of these things in common with you, except I went down Womens DH for the sunset, during daylight saving hours (how often does that happen?). Took photos on crappy old phone camera with measurable resolution barely (if even) in the megapixels so will try to post. Also note a nice post-season write up Monday morning from Bill Barker on the Hotham website...
9/10/17 - 9:41pm
Solid effort . Great year for it. Reminded me to buy mine tonight, thanks. You can pretty much guarantee it wont snow next year now
9/10/17 - 9:24pm
Sunday morning on the groomers was the best for the week.High speed carvable. But once the rain came, I went home. Seventy four days on the Hero pass.
9/10/17 - 8:41pm
Had a good slide Saturday as well. With a hangover and rain on Sunday I gave it a miss. Best skiing Saturday was Avalanche Gully. There is still heaps of snow for those who want to earn their turns.
7/10/17 - 2:00pm
Went out for an hour this arvo. Good spring conditions, last night got a decent freeze. Lindsays cliffs were choice. Heaps of melt, so its become seriously technical terrain. Only a couple of metres in between obstacles (rocks, rotten snow, trees, death holes) so you want to be confident in your jump turn ability...otherwise you will be eating rocks with your face. Love the athleticism required, and the danger involved. Good fun. Rewarding my efforts with fried chicken at the genny. Its goooood.
6/10/17 - 9:23pm
Away for 4 days and hotham welcomes me back with a sunset like this, then the moonrise!
3/10/17 - 10:19am I put up aome sidecountry pics in bc thread
2/10/17 - 8:24am
Ubiquitous Steve: With the number of collisions occurring both in Vicco and NSW snowfields and approaches maybe it's time for a licence grading.....whereby you need an endorsement to drive in certain areas during winter.No endorsement means no entry to Resort!! Well just a thought.....there are so many bloody numpties attempting to drive around up there it's beyond a joke....
Interesting concept Steve. Perhaps it could be taken further so everyone has to seek an endorsement on their licence to drive in other conditions or certain types of roads that are hazardous. You could have one for dirt roads, multi-lane highways, congested city driving, open rural driving, towing or narrow windy roads. All of these have a demonstrated high rate of crashes resulting in injury or death. Each endorsement would of course have the required objective measurement (testing) in the particular area where the endorsement is sort and only after rigorous training by an approved provider (unless of course trained by a person who subjectively considers themselves to be suitably experienced), at their expense, in the said conditions. Yes, I think it could work. I am all for being safe on the road but am with Hully on this one. There is a far greater number of people injured or killed on their way to the snowfields before there is any snow on the road. If you have to be experienced to drive in the snow then how do you propose people get the experience?
30/9/17 - 5:32pm
Hoggs back and blue ribbon were nice this morn......
29/9/17 - 7:21pm
Still plenty of
snow lindsays bridge
29/9/17 - 7:11pm
happy kid in lindsays / gotcha Nice to say hi
29/9/17 - 12:56pm
Heading out that way this arvo Mr 10 has 3 more runs left until he has done every run on the mountain and is keen to tick them off (hes that kind of kid) before he starts to learn snowboarding tomorrow
29/9/17 - 12:19pm
Heavenly is still opening at 7:30 for anyone interested. Great turns from the first runs this morning. Solar aspects quickly turned to slush. Those runs out of the direct sun like Mary's ridge and the Chute have been amazing!
28/9/17 - 9:13pm
Nice pics , always have wanted to try the workshop chutes. Does anyone know when Heavenly opens in the morning? Is it still 7:30??
28/9/17 - 6:22pm
Yeah it was pretty heavy n slow eh But i could have been at the office......
28/9/17 - 6:05pm
Its wet, slow and I had to question why I rolled out of bed today. Chasing with the camera. At least the good towie was on the drift...
27/9/17 - 11:08pm
Nice hat ....ive got the same one. Actually i got all 3 in the series i liked em so much And its nice to be up here again.....even if its the sound of rain on the roof
27/9/17 - 5:28pm
Down Swindlers with
27/9/17 - 2:49pm
Still amazes me how empty it gets. People would rather do crowded lap after lap of Heavenly.
27/9/17 - 1:08pm
Blue ribs shuts today. Then gotcha orchard on the 2nd according to hotham facebook. I cant remember a 8-10 week season of blue ribbon. We call it a 3-4-week proposition

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