Mt St Gwinear Snow Report

10:00am - 2018       
Surface Condition
Snow Depth (Natural) cm
Snowfall (Last 24hrs) cm
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Updated: : //2018

Trail Status Grooming Date Groomed
Main TrailClosedNone
Summit TrailClosedNone
Cascades TrailClosedNone
Tullicouty TrailClosedNone
Saints TrailClosedNone
Tanjil TrailClosedNone

Jane Bunn - Snow Forecast

Last Update: Sat 06:00am 14 Apr

Forecast discussions by Jane resume at the start of the 2018 snow season.  ┬áTOTAL SNOW FORECAST (NEXT TEN DAYS)  Mt Buller: 17cmMt Hotham: 31cmFalls Creek: 35cmMt Baw Baw: 4cmPerisher: 43cmThredbo: 42cmCharlotte Pass: 42cmSelwyn: 0cmLake Mountain: 1cmMt Stirling: 23cmBen Lomond: 9cmMt Mawson: 23cm  ┬áSelect your resort for full details, from the EC weather model:   Mt Buller | Mt..

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Mister Tee on snow shoes
19/9/17 - 10:47pm
If the snow report for MSG is good for next Tuesday, or Wed. then I will go up for a ski for the day.
29/8/17 - 9:55am
How true, but how did you load the photo? I've tried using the Upload button and nothing happens!
Mister Tee on snow shoes
29/8/17 - 1:09am
Mt.Erica 8.8.17
Mister Tee on snow shoes
29/8/17 - 1:07am
Give Mt. Erica a go. You won't see many idiots' footprints in the fresh snow out there. It is too far for them to walk without snow shoes or skis.
28/8/17 - 10:37am
Heading out on Cascade trail to the Rock Shelter yesterday. As you can see, plenty of snow with footprints up the middle. Heavy going as no grooming had been done on any trails. Passed several people who had camped overnight and had to dig themselves out in the morning. Weather not the best with patches of sun. 65cm at the rock shelter then headed back for a nice coffee from the food van, great service! Trying to download photo but not having much success ATM.
22/8/17 - 6:46pm
Great skiing today. Skied to Baw Baw resort and return. A bit patchy in the middle after Mt St Phillack but great from St Phillack back to St G carpark. Plateau-wide, and off track, the medium sized shrubs are holding up the snow which then collapses as you put any weight on the snow. This has been getting worse over the last two decades and, from a skiing perspective only, it probably needs a good fire. If one happens though, it definitely wasn't me! Given snow depths, skiing should be good through to next weekend. Enjoy.
10/8/17 - 6:25pm
Had a nice solo ski to Mt St Phillack today. Good firm snow to summit of St Gwinear, pretty scratchy to the rock shelter, then good again to St Phillack. Tried to return off-track via Rex's Drop and Gwinear Flat but kept collapsing through soft crust and had to retrace back to Rock Shelter. Could just ski all the way back to the carpark but, unless topped up, that won't be possible by the weekend. The 'chute' after Picture Point also had a lot of exposed rocks. More snow please.
Mister Tee on snow shoes
8/8/17 - 8:57pm
I went up Mt. Erica today (8.8.17)as a long day trip from the evil empire ( Melb. ). There was plenty of soft fresh snow and the trees had quite bit of ice and snow accumulated in them. The snow line was down to below Mushroom Rocks. It was quite a day out on microspikes and snow shoes.I powered up there even though I had left the topographical map in the car by mistake! :-0.Even though I had hired chains in Erica , there was no need for chains on the Mt. Erica road but there was some slush and melted ice and spot of sago here and there. I did not see anyone else up on the summit plateaux area. It was marvelous. I took some film photos.
8/8/17 - 11:39am
Some snaps from 7 Aug as promised.
7/8/17 - 6:20pm
Given recent snowfalls, we decided on a quick speculative ski this afternoon and were pleasantly surprised by conditions. Skiable snow from top to bottom, though we didn't go much further than the summit of St G. Snow should get even better as recent falls consolidate. Parks ran the groomer up the main trail to the saddle on the far side of St G. It was difficult skiing on deep unconsolidated snow off-track but should be looking really good by about Wednesday. Will try to post some photos later today. Parks and food van in attendance. Chains being fitted to 2wd. Enjoy.
Mister Tee on snow shoes
7/8/17 - 5:35pm
We are heading up to Mt. Erica tomorrow for a day trip from Melb. . We will hire chains in Erica . I will report back.
4/8/17 - 9:17pm
I went up on Sunday July 30th. It was an act of desperation and to test my new boots before heading off further afield. The reports said 8cm which is what ski patrol said they'd measured at one of their test points, but we didn't get onto ski's until we were heading up towards the first flat bit. It was very patchy, and it was skis on and off. The reports are sometimes really hard to tell whether it is worth it or not as I have got away with skiing on fresh 8cm cover over bare ground and it's been ok. Well done to the other beginners group who were up there giving it a go, but it is best described as tragic :-)
3/8/17 - 5:49pm
Looks like you might need them. Planning to visit MSG that day, then bb.
Mister Tee on snow shoes
2/8/17 - 9:47am
The snow report for MSG and Mt. Erica looks promising for 8/8/17. We will hire chains in Erica en route.
1/8/17 - 11:26am
Just to revisit, looking at the predictions thread for that date range, it seems anything is possible. Best be prepared. A phone call to RCS?
28/7/17 - 5:16pm
Depends a bit on what sort of vehicle you take but it should be no problem. Good road, not steep, not enough altitude for much in the way of snow. Possibly icy, I suppose. Some second hand chains could be a good investment.
Mister Tee on snow shoes
28/7/17 - 12:39pm
What if I want to drive up to Mt. Erica car park and go on foot up to Mushroom rocks with my snow shoes on my pack on August 8th 2017 ? Will I need chains?
21/7/17 - 11:18am
Angie Serwecinska: Are the toboggan runs open at Mt St Gwinear now? Are they likely to be open this weekend? 22nd/23rd July?? A
Yes, they are. "Saint Gwinear is back in business with 9cm of snow at the car park. Both toboggan runs open. Good skiing from the car park all the way. Please remember snow shoes or skis only on the trail as you can be fined. Walking trail only if you don't have skis or snow shoes (not walking boots) as footprints can cause skiers to crash." Erica Ski Hire is the source of this info. Source:
Mister Tee on snow shoes
20/7/17 - 6:57pm If Mt BB has snow on the snow cams then I would suggest you keep checking them before deciding to drive up that way.The snow on Mt. MSG and Mt.BB has NO BASE. If it melts then it is gone but at least there is at present some snow cover of some sort. I might do a day trip up to Mt. Erica and Mushroom Rocks before the end of August if conditions are favourable. If you just want to fool around, take some photos and keep the children happy then Mt. Donna Buang might have enough snow to Toboggan down for a few metres at the top.It is free and not as far to drive .There is an update on Mt. Donna Buang snow conditions on Facebook. Even Barnewall Plain( Rubicon State Forest ) at the foot of Mt. Torbreck 2km summit trek can have some snow play snow if there is an Antarctic blast over the state.
20/7/17 - 4:54pm
Are the toboggan runs open at Mt St Gwinear now? Are they likely to be open this weekend? 22nd/23rd July?? A

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