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  1. smitty484

    Europe 2018 thread.

    Living in London now so will go for a few long weekends over winter and then maybe something longer for some spring guided BC.
  2. smitty484

    The big Hakuba thread 2017/2018 - trip planning, trip reports, general musings about fried chicken

    Let's be frank. Dec 2015 was shit in Nagano/Niigata and that whole season was very below average. Also last December sucked too, thankfully the season kicked off from around the second week of jan and didn't stop snowing.
  3. smitty484

    First trip - a few questions

    Lol pls, youre the one mooing
  4. smitty484

    Snowboard backcountry powder tours, advice needed.

    When you leave a resort boundary with a guide your life is now in their hands. Personally i'd make sure they were appropriately qualified and experienced with the area. One wrong turn, one avalanche and you're dead.
  5. smitty484

    Cyclone Cyclone season 2016/17

    Yeah that's it - but usual media sensationalism to start calling it a cyclone before it has been officially named.
  6. smitty484

    Cyclone Cyclone season 2016/17

    This thing looks massive (both size and intensity). Bom haven't named it yet, but appears some media have.
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    Niseko avalanche

    Or proper travel insurance
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    Man Missing at Happo One

    Per smackies, they will approve pre existing conditions
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    Man Missing at Happo One

    Or just go bupa + Austrian alpine club
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    Man Missing at Happo One

    Bupa + Austrian Alpine Club
  11. smitty484

    Man Missing at Happo One

    It's still available though. Comes down to proper research and preparedness which unfortunately most people don't do.
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    Japan 2017 thread

    Cortina is the most fun in bounds in Hakuba on a fresh snow day though.
  13. smitty484

    Japan Grand Plan 2018

    Sounds like a lot of travelling with little ones in tow and a wife that isn't super keen on it. If it was me I would stay in Hakuba (maybe even Goryu) and hire a car for the month. You can always pop to some other places for a day or two if you really want.
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    Japan 2017 thread

    From an inbounds resort perspective it's not there compared to Canada/USA etc
  15. smitty484

    Japan Japanese snow season 2016-17

    Man this next week looks good for Honshu
  16. smitty484

    Japan 2017 thread

    Cortina fb says they opened
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    Japan 2017 thread

  18. smitty484

    Quick Jaunt to Hakuba Valley 05-09 Feb 2017

    I find snowforecast to be a useful snap shot of gfs for Honshu. Sure precipitation is not accurately predicted but it provides a good indication of wind direction, wind speed and freezing level.