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  1. easty

    Snow Report Thredbo 2021 Trip Reports, Pics, Updates and Conditions.

    Yes. I am getting ready for the state of origin kick off.
  2. easty

    Snow Report Thredbo 2021 Trip Reports, Pics, Updates and Conditions.

    I am not sure if this indicates any thing but the web cams are showing a groomer heading to the bottom of the super trail.
  3. easty

    2015. longest official ski season ?

    I have done the maths and the official ski season is either 17 weeks and 2 days or 16 weeks and 2 days. If the NSW QB holiday falls on the 8,9 or 10 June then official season is 17 weeks. If the holiday falls on 11,12,13 or 14 June then the season is 16 weeks. The earliest official start is...
  4. easty

    New Guthega Quad CONFIRMED for 2014

    Perisher posted this photo on their facebook page. Shows the footings being poured for the top station.
  5. easty

    New half pipe

    Thanks for the link to DA. Over 150 pages. Though for me this diagram tells me most of what I wanted to know.
  6. easty

    PRIVATE Perisher Pipeline

    Wide World of Sport did an interview with Shaun at Perisher
  7. easty

    New Guthega Quad CONFIRMED for 2014

    The approved DA can be viewed here
  8. easty

    Development @ Thredbo

    The new burrow conveyor is about 3 metres above the creek below. For safety there would have needed to be railings at least. The railings would have made it difficult for snow clearing so the best option is to be completely covered.
  9. easty

    Night drive from Canberra to Thredbo

    Two weekends ago two of my friends hit kangaroos within 12 hours of each other driving from Canberra to the mountains. One on Friday night and the other the next morning. The driver on the Saturday morning left Canberra at about 5:30am so I think it was still dark when he hit the roo. So as far...
  10. easty

    Development @ Thredbo

    Yes it should have been 'The Burrow". Should read my posts more carefully before posting.
  11. easty

    Development @ Thredbo

    Thredbo has announced that the new covered snowrunner will be named 'The Borrow' and the new beginner run will be called 'Giddy-Up'. I can understand the borrow but how the hell did they come up with giddy-up. The new run has the lowest average grade of any run accessed from the EDI chair...
  12. easty

    Thredbo with a Young Family

    The small village busses now pick up and drop off at Friday Flat as well as the Valley Terminal. You no longer have to change busses to get to Friday Flat. In peak times they run every ten minutes.
  13. easty

    Trip Report Oh yeah, I went to AK a couple of weeks ago

    Great photos of a great trip. Heli skiing in Alaska is definitely on my bucket list.
  14. easty

    Everest Climbing Season 2013

    I assume a lot of the climbers would love to summit on 29 May to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of Hillary/Tensing summiting Everest. Hope the weather will be favourable.
  15. easty

    Development @ Thredbo

    Photos taken last week of the work on the High noon extension.
  16. easty

    Development @ Thredbo

    This is happening!!! The earth works for this project started last week. The new beginner run has been cut and they have already cut about half way down the high noon extension.
  17. easty

    Development @ Thredbo

    The work on the eagle way snowmaking is just about complete. Work commenced in November 2012 January 2013
  18. easty

    Decommission commenced on Ramshead - chairs to be sold for charity.

    Re: Development @ Thredbo I was interested but not at those prices. I was happy to pay up to $400. So this is what you will get for $5000.
  19. easty

    Thredbo goes Digital TV only on 17 April

    Just re-tuned my TV. The new Digital channels are working well. Good riddance to the poor analogue signals.
  20. easty

    The Ultimate Perisher Skibum

    Thats the point it doesn't pay. Perisher gets a complient blogger without paying them. If you read the terms and conditions it states that the winner "must be prepared to blog and convey their experience on social media platforms as directed by and subject to the prior scrutiny of the Promoter."