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  1. KneeDeep

    Travel Life 2021/2022 - Canada Plans

    Damn just cancelled, deposit back OK and the AUD is well above CAD. Got more back than I paid. Other reason is I am in hospital and just had repaired ascending aeorta. That will keep me quiet for a while. The joys of old age.
  2. KneeDeep

    21 yr old working in Canada ski resort

    You forgot Silverstar Sly, only 20 minutes to Vernon.
  3. KneeDeep

    Canadian East Coast Resorts

    Oldgeezer has gone native, colour is North American english, every other English speaking country spells it colour. Just saying, my OCD is showing,lol.
  4. KneeDeep

    Hostels at Big White?

    Urban retreat Hostel on the mountain, Samesun in Kelowna. You can book a shuttle from Kelowna to Big White but only operates in the ski season. About $85 return from airport or Greyhound.
  5. KneeDeep

    Silverstar 2017-2018

    $1540 economy Adelaide/Melbourne/Vancouver/Kelowna with Air Canada
  6. KneeDeep

    Silverstar 2017-2018

    What Marty said, Lax has improved but they don't believe in transit passengers, still have to collect bags and go through customs, ESTA etc. pitb.
  7. KneeDeep

    Silverstar 2017-2018

    Getting closer, season pass bought.
  8. KneeDeep

    Silverstar 2017-2018

    Starting to think about it, four months to go for me.
  9. KneeDeep

    Question Hi! Where to Buy Used Skis in Whistler?

    Annual Turkey sale on at Blackcomb Oct 6th to 9th this year. All surplus and demo gear from local shops on sale here. If you miss this plenty of shops in Vancouver and Whistler clearing out old stock.
  10. KneeDeep

    Snow Report Sun Peaks 2017 - 2018

    Cheque is in the mail!
  11. KneeDeep

    Silverstar 2017-2018

    Didn't go this year, booked for a month next year with me in Silverstar
  12. KneeDeep

    Silverstar 2017-2018

  13. KneeDeep

    Apex Mountain sold

    Me too, Early bird season pass $539 for me.
  14. KneeDeep

    Airport shuttle to Big White !

    Try Kelowna cabs or ridebooker, taxi fare negotiations, about $165/$175. Suit two people, cab to supermarkets from airport then up to BW when ready.
  15. KneeDeep

    Silver Star/Big White/Both?!

  16. KneeDeep

    Advice Needed - Big White/Silver Star Dec/Jan

    True, they really got carried away when they did Canntastic a couple of years ago,must have got a good price for the timber, hardly any trees left. Stuffed up what could have been a good area.
  17. KneeDeep

    Canada Road Trip next year Q's

    Yes, correct, if you stay up in the terminal and transit above ground level then no security check, did this early this year. In LAX that is.
  18. KneeDeep

    Advice Needed - Big White/Silver Star Dec/Jan

    Several good easy tree runs on Silverwoods as well.
  19. KneeDeep

    Advice Needed - Big White/Silver Star Dec/Jan

    Tree would not get out of the way.
  20. KneeDeep

    Advice Needed - Big White/Silver Star Dec/Jan

    Yes, I will be there from 21st January for two months, contact me there and I will take you tree skiing.