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    Snow Report Falls Creek 2017 - Trip Reports, Pics & Conditions

    Maybe they have "released" most of the lifties as September is usually a little less busy.
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    Observations 3rd -9th August

    Gamera, no rain at FC
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    Observations 3rd -9th August

    Just started snowing at Falls. Small flakes
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    Trip Report Falls Creek 13th-20th July 2014

    No, it is Rapunzels next to Towers
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    Snow Report Falls Creek 2014 - Trip Reports, Pics & Conditions

    But there were very few updates regarding the status of the lifts :headbang:. I got ready and found that lifts were on wind hold even though the 8.30 update indicated everything was open:tany::tany::tany::tany::tany:. Once Sun Valley opened it was fabulous in areas that weren't...
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    2014 Falls Creek Snow discussions

    The snow report weren't on either skifalls or fallscreek websites until after 8am today, that should never occur. The report never seems to get updated either, unlike the statement below it
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    Falls Creek 2013 - Trip Reports, Pic & Conditions

    Ditto the previous comments Littlerob. The photos are fantastic and do provide a very different perspective on the state of the resorts and the high plains. Please keep up the posts
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    Alpine Resorts Startegic Plan (Vic)

    Teckel is this the report ?
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    What possesses people to pass on the road to falls?

    Hear hear Ocker There are so many inconsiderate drivers who do not pull over and let faster drivers past. If the police are enforcing/reminding drivers on the BHP road of this courtesy, then this is a good thing.
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    Official Falls Creek Meet-Up Point

    Re: Official Falls Creek Moosh Meet-Up Point Curra Arrive late on the 14th for 2 weeks
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    How to Prevent always loading mobile site on a mobile

    for me it is the cams, the mobile versions lack the res that the desktop ones do
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    How to Prevent always loading mobile site on a mobile

    Hi I do most of my browsing on mobiles and it is frustrating having to double or triple click on the desktop site link nearly every time I want to access It would appear that the cookie indicating the selection expires within 24hrs. How do I prevent this happening?
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    Falls Creek plans for oversnow and other transport

    has there been a publication/discussion paper released, and if so where can it be found?
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    Falls Creek Reports/Pics 2010

    Lakeside opened this afternoon, though there didn't appear to be too many riders there even when Towers was on wind-hold. This morning was fantastic on South Face and Big Dipper off Ruined , early runs down Corkscrew Gully were also very good
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    Falls Creek Reports/Pics 2010

    Ian were you in a party of 2 adults and 2 kids with a jacket?
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    Falls Creek Reports/Pics 2010

    yep, best place to be. I avoid Towers/Drovers like the plague too many ppl and out of control beginners. Scotts/Ruined gives you the opportunity to move between them when one gets busy
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    Falls Creek Reports/Pics 2010

    Monday's report - using Curra's format (thx Curra ) Run of the day: dropping into Corkscrew Gully from Scotty's Beginners: Drovers: Towers/Lakeside: Lakeside not open. Northside Home Trails: Ruined Castle/Scotts Area: Summit Area: (skied yesterday and was too bare to...
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    Falls Creek Reports/Pics 2010

    AB 2 fair sized kickers in the park under RC, unfortunately none of the RC cams (check the skifalls site) show anything of their true size.
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    Not another Oversnow Thread , but wait there is more!

    hear hear Curra. The main issue with oversnow is the lack of competition which has allowed the "service" to deteriorate to such an extent it is practically unusable and competitive. Paying $30 for a 10-15 ride in a 1950's heap, is not what I expect when I spend big $$$ to ski at a "modern...
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    Falls Creek Reports/Pics 2010

    Agree with Curra re the condition of the more advanced runs. I was especially impressed with the cover on Ruined considering how marginal the off-piste areas are looking. All up a good day