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    June 28, 1994 - Australia's Coldest Day - Charts?

    The cold followed some good snowfall. A pretty dodgy start to June and then 3 or 4 days of snow from memory. First time I experienced powder as a kid.
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    NZ Predictions June

    Arthur's Pass has a good metre on the ground with Craigieburn reporting 125cm in the last 24 hours.
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    NZ Predictions June

    Looking positive for a good start in Canterbury - I miss being there during these sorts of storms. Reminds me of early June 06 Canterbury and Marlborough south of Seddon FORECAST In Canterbury north of the Rangitata River and Marlborough south of Seddon rain is expected to turn to snow...
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    What GPS

    I run with a Garmin Oregon 300. A great little unit (though not cheap). Easy to set up and play with on your computer and heaps of features out in the field. Touch screen can be a little fiddly but may have improved with later models. We've just started using the Oregon series at work. Have a...
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    Temple Basin - a NZ clubbie gem (report + pics)

    Re: Temple Basin - an NZ clubbie gem (report + pics) Thats not the skier in 09 was it? Not a very nice story. Not a very nice story either way. Easily accessible but not always a friendly mountain. I lost a friend near there on the Philistine Bluffs in 08 Looking forward to being back over...
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    NZ South Island 13-15 August

    Looking pretty warm with high freezing levels IMO. Remain positive with the hope that as it is mid winter it should be snow. Think it is a long shot though. Hopefully it will slide north a little and not effect the canterbury fields too much. Fingers crossed for next week
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    NZ South Island 13-15 August

    Looks as though the South Island of NZ could be in for a hit next weekend IMO. A lot of moisture being fed into a frontal system which if the cold air combines with could result in a good fall of snow - IMO. Looks similar to the 12 June 06 event (refered to in the other NZ thread) but without...
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    NZ South Island August 4th- 10th

    Looks very similar to the June 06 forecast. Also looks like the weekend before that events forecast that brought a heap of rain. It is early August though and traditionally a good time. I think these dates probably need a new thread
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    Craigieburn to Broken River

    Depends a little on what the roads are like. The actual entrances from the state highway are only a few hundred meters apart. The drive up is probably getting towards 30 minutes on each road from the highway...on a decent day
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    NZ 18th-25th

    I think freezing levels will drop after an initial period of flucuating around as has been seen over the past couple of storm cycles. Hopefully the cold air comes through soon enough for most to fall as snow. At this stage though it looks as though there will be some significant rainfall...
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    Main range conditions?

    Main Range Conditions 27/6/2009 Headed out for a walk up Guthega Trig and Mt Tate - sorry no photos as weather was not fantastic. Was spitting rain most of the day with a couple of snow flurries above 1800m. Snow is pretty marginal, though was able to skin/ski the whole way. The run off Guthega...
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    Heli backcountry Mt Hutt?

    Would have to agree with James B...explore the club fields. After fresh snow you do not get much better riding than what is on offer there. Craigieburn, Broken River, Olympus and Temple Basin have sooooo much terrain on offer. If you have the cash head to Mt Potts. Awesome place with plenty of...
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    Question on cloud seeding

    I seem to recall an extension of the area they are experimenting with this year, I think some success was claimed - 6 years is probably too short a time frame to discount anything that the weather might have thrown at you anyway. Some places around the world employ this method and years ago I...
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    predictions: NZ 7th - 9th June

    Did you see the whole of new zealand snow warning last year? I have forgotten exactly when it was but was late in winter and guess what...nothing happened - well not for the whole of NZ anyway - I seem to remember posting it in here. My experience with metservice is that if they go for a...
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    predictions: NZ 7th - 9th June

    It will be interesting to see how this one moves up the south island. I think most snow will be centered on the southern alps at this stage with things tending a little south westerly resulting in lesser amounts the further east you go - not unusual really. At least the cold air seems to be...
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    Late season dump for NZ???

    And it just keeps snowing...Has been snowing all day above 1000m with the odd period coming down to 700m in Arthur's Pass. Most of this week looks pretty good for more. Yet another interesting week to watch
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    Late season dump for NZ???

    Another 45cm at Broken River overnight with a few cm's settled on the ground here in Arthur's Pass. Looks like more on the way over the weekend as well. Below are a couple of photos of an avalanche that a freind set off a few days ago. The second is the run out of the bigger one in the first...
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    Late season dump for NZ???

    I must have the seasons wrong...does that look like snow at the end of the week? Good to see some spring snowfall, has been a few years since there has been a good snowy spring
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    Late season dump for NZ???

    Pretty epic days at BR on Friday and Saturday. SO much snow. Boot to over knee deep snow over the whole area. Enough snow fell in the middle of the day and then cleared in the afternoon for another session of deep fresh snow and then came back in late afternoon to make Saturday the same all over...
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    Late season dump for NZ???

    Warnings come through from Metservice. I have never seen a snowfall warning like that nor have other people around here. I guess there are an aweful lot of warnings current at the moment. Currently snowing / blizzarding heavily in Arthur's Pass with the bulk of it to come overnight. Will...