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    Squaw Valley

    You got it Choc - Broken arrow. Had to hike to get to it but it's straight under the cable car for all to see (Not that I would do it with the cable car going over head, too many people watching - but that's one great thing about Squaw, eveything and everyone is on show!)
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    Squaw Valley

    I've done two seasons at Squaw and pretty much agree with everything here. Squaw is great for advanced skiers, not so much for green run skiers. They will be limited to an area at the top of the funitel/cable car. Stay in north shore and explore the area. There are so many good resorts...
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    Getting to Tehran, Iran

    I'm heading to Iran at the end of the year. Cheapest way is to fly into Dubai, then get a connecting flight to Tehran. Emirates is the cheapest I have found to Dubai (go figure), with flights from both Iranian airlines and emirates to Tehran. Problem is, Iranian airlines is a real pain to book...
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    Squaw's $369 season pass

    HOLY CRAP! Squaw used to have one of the most expensive pass going - in the vicinity of $1400. That's a bargain! (not to mention its one of the best mountains in NA)
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    Shane McConkey dies in Italy

    Hey Choc are you in Squaw atm? The feeling around the Valley must be indescribable. At Squaw this guy was simply a legend - he totally summed up the entire valley. The place (and all of Tahoe) must be devastated.
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    4th-7th March - SE Australia.

    Take my predictions with salt It looks like a howler of wind to come out of the SW after a pretty warm day in the 30's, which could be initially problematic for firefighters, but luckily the moisture seems to be significant enough to keep them under control and even offer a real chance of...
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    USA flights is good as well.
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    Ticket Prices - A (not so) Different View

    Correct me if my maths is wrong (it shouldn't be, but I entered the numbers quickly) but here is a list of Inflation rates from 1990 till now. Australian historical inflation rates With a starting price of $46 for a day ticket in 1990, we should be paying (including GST) $78.90 at the end...
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    Kanasi to Hakuba

    The "booking fee" was something that came up on the hyperdia quote. I'm willing to spend an extra $70 to avoid 11 hours of trains
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    Kanasi to Hakuba

    Thanks for the replies. I found that link on your website Fattwins (I believe we are staying at your place!). But it didn't make much sense the first time I viewed it. Now I know some names/train lines it all comes together :). Does anyone know if there is a bus from Osaka to...
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    Kanasi to Hakuba

    Hey everyone. I'm sure this has been covered before, but a quick search failed to turn up anything. I'm wondering what is the cheapest and easiest way to get from Kansai International in Osaka to Hakuba. As this is my first trip to Japan, a trip on the Shinkansen would be phenomenal! (I have...
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    My quick thoughts. Japan will cut rates by .25 and there is a chane they will go to 0 by new year. The rate cut tomorrow will have no affect on the exchange rate as it has already been factored in. However, if there is no rate cut, excpect the AUD to fall against the Yen. The RBA will lower...
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    How much snow from snow guns?

    Snow-animal, there are many things a snowmaker has to factor in - such as tempreture, realitive humidity and wind. It also depends on the the type of snowmaking equipment (fan gun or air-water) and the model of the equipment. An air-water gun operating in marginal conditions will contribute...
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    Observations: 5th - 11th July

    I don't think we'll see top-bottom accumulation (ie, down to 1400m accumulations) until mid this evening. The current rainband providing moisture (in blue) looks like to pass by late afternoon, without much cold air in it. I think the band will keep accumulating snow levels above...
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    Predictions: 6th - 10th July

    I'm still not confident that the snow level will drop low enough, quick enough (in vic anway) before the moisture moves on. I belive that the pre-frontal will be significant until altleast Tuesday night when the cold pool arrives, however most of the moisture will have moved on by then. Judging...
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    Predictions July 6 - 10

    Re: Predictions July 7 - 10 My Prediction? Well, I'm pondering for a reason - as I have no confidence which way it'll go Off the charts ATM I'd go for 10cm mid next weeks after some decent rain from Sunday night. However, there is alot of room for change.
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    Predictions July 6 - 10

    Re: Predictions July 7 - 10 I'm liking the look of this event in terms or rainfall for large parts of inland vic/southern inland NSW as the trough/low pressure development is quite far north, hooking up with tropical feed. However, I'm not too conviced with the tempreture in terms of snow. (At...
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    The demise of 'Titles' in weather forum

    I agree, the standard of the weather forum is in decline. Although I am not a regular contributor, I do lurk in here alot. I'm finding this year seems there seems to be an increase in threads/posts from people with really very little weather knowledge (I am one, however, this is why I don't post...
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    Predictions July 6 - 10

    Re: Predictions July 7 - 10 Not alot of confidence with what will happen past Sunday. I think its reasonable to expect some sort of activity next week, as GFS, GASP and EC are all going with some sort of low developing. However what plays out is atm quite uncertain. EC and GFS are in good...
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    favourite snowboarding vids

    I think there was a thread on this a couple of months back - might be worthi digging up,I remember there was quite a catalogue in there. Mine, anything by MDP - Follow me around has the be the single best snowboarding DVD I've ever seen - great for pumping you up before a pow day!