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  1. cookieman

    The Jindabyne thread..

    Question to brain trust. I need to send a bag of clothes and a ski bag from Melbourne to jindabyne. Sugestions as to best options please? Thanks in advance.
  2. cookieman

    Day to Day VIC & Melbourne weather

    I paddled for many years along the yarra around Fairfield and never had a problem with sickness from the water.Obviously when in flood conditions, best to not swallow. Have seen dead cows and other crap floating down. Highest floods seen were in early 80s where we paddled over the latrobe golf...
  3. cookieman

    Day to Day VIC & Melbourne weather

    Yarra in alphinton just starting to break its bank in the lower areas. Darebin ck is banked back about 1 km from the yarra junction. I predict some sections of the yarra trail near the new bridge may get inundated soon.
  4. cookieman

    Predictions 16-21st June System

    Correct, clear nights generally are best for snowmaking
  5. cookieman

    Snow Report Perisher 2021 Snow Reports, Pics, Updates and Conditions.

    Just got a call from my daughter who was on that train. Yes, there was smoke and some panic and at first they were not allowed to leave the train but later told to get off and walk the 2 to 300m to perisher. They are ok however this is a lesson of the potential dangers of smoke or fire in that...
  6. cookieman

    Day to Day VIC & Melbourne weather

    That's a misleading message from Vic Emergency. The Yarra River Warrandyte to Abbotsford is NOT in MAJOR flood warning. It may hit Minor flood warning by Sunday. I walked the Yarra at Ivanhoe this morning and it was up but still a fair way before it may break its bank onto the golf course. The...
  7. cookieman

    Mega Thread Spring Weather Banter

    Canadian Rockies getting some good snow past couple of weeks with my norquay at Banff first ski resort to officially open.
  8. cookieman

    The Hunt for White October 2017

    If we go up Cup weekend, we will probably do a few laps down Av gully... look for my lost glove from last hike up in late Sept. Anyone going to hotham then for hunt for white November??
  9. cookieman

    the BC chatter thread

    Very much like, good quality pics. Hope to hike up to Feathertop summit on cup weekend
  10. cookieman

    Question Old Rope Tow at Brockhoff Hut

    Interesting I have not previously noticed that rusty garden sculpture at brockhoff hut area . Looks like bike rims...dont know about the ski plates on bottom for portable use? I will put a message to my contacts at hotham ski company for explanation.
  11. cookieman

    the BC chatter thread

    Thats the main thing
  12. cookieman

    the BC chatter thread

    You are crazy, those trees at blue ribbon are protected and you can get in big trouble for that. Must have been painful the next few days ( a lot of big words in your description)... I did a rib once coming out second best against a dead snow gum and thought i was having a heart attach with the...
  13. cookieman

    Observations 18-23rd September

    sunny at DP. plus 1c ,foggy and blowing a gale up top at Hotham.the odd rain drop but looks threatening.
  14. cookieman

    Heated socks

    l used these at the Canadian rockies last season and they worked fine.
  15. cookieman

    Observations 18-23rd September

    good day for a bit of Hotham sidecountry.warm temps and snow in pretty good condition in avalanche gulley.the hike up was tough.
  16. cookieman

    Predictions 24-28 September Last Hurrah

    This system is looking too marginal for my liking and I predict it will be mainly wet. Our rural farmers need it more than us.
  17. cookieman

    Observations 13-17th September

    Hotham bluebird from the Snowbird
  18. cookieman

    Observations 13-17th September

    starting to clear
  19. cookieman

    Observations 13-17th September

    snow showers at dp and Hotham. 5-8cm of fresh wet snow only.
  20. cookieman

    Observations 13-17th September

    word from dinner plain is that its snowing heavily the past hour