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    Question Austria Dec/Jan 2017/18

    agree with above. In/out Munich might give more options. even in/out Salzburg from the UK can be real cheap if going that way. The Tyrol tourism website has been an excellent one IMO. For accom also...of all types including farmstays, guesthouses, hostels etc. Also, in's not...
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    the BC chatter thread

    Yes of course....I know what you mean. A shaped grip can be handy for adjusting the climbing ramp thing. A basket can sometimes be a bit flexy
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    the BC chatter thread

    OK cool. 1 more question.....shaped grip (like an alpine pole)....or no shape (just cylindrical foam grip)? For a "1 pole set does all" purpose - Resort plus touring.
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    the BC chatter thread

    Extendible or not? seems that if you get the right length, and with all that foamy grippy bit, then (apart from compacting it for travel), Adjustability might be mostly superfluous????
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    the BC chatter thread

    I've always had a "what-evs" approach to didn't think the needed its own thread...... But the time has come to buy some. What should I get? Have mostly just used alpine poles. But have borrowed ones with grippy bits before....and that seemed quite nice. So....grippy bits a must...
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    New Zealand NZ Predictions & Observations 2017

    F$#King nuked atTC in the past few hrs. scroll through the TC base cam from about 230pm! :eek:
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    Snow Report Thredbo 2017 - Trip Reports, Pics & Conditions

    I don't think you'll be swimming long! Maybe the first 20m of elevation gain from FF now!
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    Snow Report Thredbo 2017 - Trip Reports, Pics & Conditions

    Looks like it is trying real hard on the FF cam. The odd floater...
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    Advice needed Boot fitters around Jindy

    My experience was that Andy was really excellent. The process takes a while calling ahead or booking would be a good idea, with any boot fitter. Also, personally, before I even walk into a shop, I know what brands and models are a fair chance to fit and I've shortlisted. So I'd only...
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    Camper trailer camping

    no shortage of families with young kids doing both Ngarigo and Diggins. I reckon the road OUT of Ngarigo could get slippy if a wet night then clear frozen morning. Otherwise in and out looks OK. And everyone else seems to get campers in and out no probs. Hire lockers at friday flat...
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    The Do's & Don'ts

    Do....retire your babies from the slopes just 30-40 mins before you reckon they are fully done for the day... and have sweets ready. This will avoid many extreme parent and kid meltdowns.
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    The Do's & Don'ts

    No one can complain about anything when there is dry snow to the door at Friday Flat :)
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    The Do's & Don'ts

    When you stop for a hot choco, leave your phone in your pocket, and take a look around. Even for 5 mins. You might actually notice the spectacular stuff around you.
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    Snowboard edge grabbing

    That video above has the basics. But, IMO, he just moves too agriculturally....butchering a turn. So slow it down with gentle transitions versus flinging arms and head round everywhere. Don't wrestle that board!
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    Advice needed Alpine Equipment Stores - Australia (ACT)

    Yeah.....I reckon you are really going to limit yourself off the shelf in OZ. It's always worth poking about in OZ stores cause with the AUD weaker against the US, many items are close enough in price. but as per @Legs Akimbo it might be worth buying OS cause of choice. Personally, I'd also...
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    Promotion Marmot Clearance - 40% off All Stock Must Go.

    What do you reckon of the Mantra pants for touring? Mostly southern hemi... Enough venting?
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    Snow Report Thredbo 2017 - Trip Reports, Pics & Conditions

    when camping near thredbo, Dingo howling can be pretty impressive, eerie and slightly perturbing. I'm going for Dingo
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    help re: First family trip to the snow, 1yr and 3yr old...

    At face value it seems so obvious to stay on snow with real young kids. But there is a lot to be said for being in a town off the mountain somewhere. Families do it everywhere around the world....and as you travel around, you realise it is mostly just tourists who are ski-in/ski-out Most small...
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    News Aldi snow gear sale: 2017 - Sat 20 May

    Kids kit good value. Especially the pants I reckon.....which can be hard to find at reasonable price in retail stores. Kids beat up pants. And I don't wince seeing my kids give Aldi pants a kicking. Personally.....I would not buy accessories. Gloves, snow boots, socks etc. many a perfectly good...