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    12-14 June (Predictions)

    Barringtons have a height of about 1550m so the 540 is positioned well for snow
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    12-14 June (Predictions)

    looks like snow at the Barringtons maybe
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    worth going to falls/hotham or buller this weekend?

    go to Hotham, its a long walk back up though
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    Does good Aus snow mean bad NZ snow?

    wouldn't it be fair to say that we are not likely to have an epic season but an average one... so based on what most of you say if there was a correlation between a good and bad season for each country then both this season would have an average season Aust - Good Nz - Bad NZ - Good Aust -...
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    Computer Models

    As there has been alot of talk about the shift from La Nina, would that mean the computer models would have to readjust their forcasts based on what would have happened in the last El Nino rather then say lasts years results. I could be very wrong here but my understand of the way the models...
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    Live Weather data from alpine resorts

    could the wind chill be right here at Baw Baw... wow Baw Baw Last Updated 9th May 2007 11:00 Temperature 1.8°C Wind Chill -9.9°C Dew Point 1.5°C Pressure N/A mBar Precipitation Wind Since 9am 0.0mm Speed 27.8km/h Last 10 min 0.0mm Gust 42.6km/h Direction 220° Click graph...
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    John Moore in the Age

    good one John, wish he could be right for once, interesting artical though It seems as though skiing on man made snow will be skiing on sh#t snow. sorry couldn't resist :clown:
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    Sat 28th April

    maybe that should be claimed as a new heading.... I know there were a few ??? could be a good call
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    Elnino is returning

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    Elnino is returning

    would the same conditions that Aust has expirienced this season been the case for NZ poor season last year?
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    2nd September

    Now that we are getting close to the end of the season and the models are starting to downgrade the systems well before they were at the start of the season based on new data and current trends from the last 3 months wouold it be safe to say that they are going to upgrade each system as it gets...
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    Must Be Getting Close To Worst Season On Record.

    you could also see it on the snow tipping comp for each resort
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    Must Be Getting Close To Worst Season On Record.

    well..... I too have had some epic days and have skied more this season then most. I can say one thing, I wouldn't mind being a tour opperator in Japan for their next season after such a starved Australian season.
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    Days skied in Australia - 2006 Season

    3 Falls 2 PB and heading to Hotham Saturdat for 4 still not enough
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    2nd to 6th August (observations)

    I hope that your right Outlooker but I don't see much moisture in it
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    August 8th-12th (Predictions & Discussion)

    Mike Bailey has been doing the weather for sooooooo long, I am sure it is credible
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    July 30th to August 2nd - Predictions

    NSW BOM are a bit more optimistic, not that am that interested in NSW this week as I am heading to Hotham on Saturday. There is a heap of cloud but doesn't seem to be too much moisture.
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    July 30th to August 2nd - Predictions

    Looks like a considerable downgrade for this one one expected to hit the mountains on the 3rd. Although the sat picture shows heap of cloud moving through WA, fingers crossed GFS is just having its usual fit as a system approaches...
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    Why are the Highs Low ?

    I think your all high :rolleyes:
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    July 30th to August 2nd - Predictions

    looks good for Monday in NZ anyway