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    July 20th-24th OBS

    Re: July 20th-24th OBS Certainly snowing on the PB and smiggins cams.May it continue unabated. :clap:
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    Any correlation?

    Of course there was Nuclear Fallout in Australia from Nagasaki, The War ended.
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    July 30th to August 2nd - Predictions

    I am trying to learn from this thread, as the system approaches. Although I am new kid on the block, I have observed this forum for 3 odd years, (not brave enough to expose weather ingorance). The approching system is certainly the most encouraging I have seen develop for a possible DUMP. No...
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    July 30th to August 2nd - Predictions

    Any updates on the possiblity of the good old Westerlies, or god forbid a stronger blocking high?