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    Snow Report Perisher 2017 - Trip Reports, Pics & Conditions

    Serious? It's sh*t, stay home....
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    Observations 3-9 September

    Wasn't going to stop this guy....
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    Observations 3-9 September

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    Camper trailer camping

    I,ve been doing the camping thing for the past 3 years and with a cheapish(under $100) Anaconda sleeping bag have never been cold. That's sleeping in the car with the windows open a couple of cm's.
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    Observations July 13th-19th

    Even the Friday Flat cam showing some light falls....
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    Predictions July 6th - 10th

    Great post and a sense of reason amongst all the doom and gloom.....
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    Observations July 2 - 5

    Serious? Mr's kids aren't playing tricks with us again are they....
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    Observations July 2 - 5

    Is it correct that the BOM radar doesn't always pick up the moisture as it's hitting the mountains? Thought I remember reading that somewhere.
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    Winter's Snowed-In BBQ Forum

    Where's Claude when you need him.......
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    Snow Report Perisher 2017 - Trip Reports, Pics & Conditions

    Here I was thinking it was one of those fake Groucho Marx moustaches....:)
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    Snow Report Perisher 2017 - Trip Reports, Pics & Conditions

    It's the 2nd of June..... guess you'll never please some people.
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    Trip Report I came, I saw, I Perished

    I''m another who has enjoyed you're photo's and the always positive vibe of you're reports. Come back any time..... I've been skiing Perisher for 30 years, never knew there were mountain identification boards, will look out for them next time. Often wondered what I was looking at.....
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    Snow Report Perisher 2016 - Trip Reports, Chat, Pics, Stoke here

    You've got big boots to fill kaegee, doing a stirling job so far....
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    Observations Observations - June 21st-25th "The Opener"

    Coming down on the South Perisher cam....
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    Observations July 29- August 1st System

    Hi all.... been lurking for a while but this is my first post. Had a laugh at the Guthega cam earlier today.