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    Snow Report Mt Baw Baw 2017 - Trip Reports, Pics & Conditions

    Just came back from Mt Baw Baw where I was over the weekend. The Good Despite the obvious limited cover, the actual runs were in pretty good shape with minimal rocks and mud. Some nice CM on Friday and Saturday afternoon. Great snowmaking on Sat night that made a huge difference to the toboggan...
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    Question What does the snownami mean for baw baw?

    Hi Putin, Snownami was never going to deliver any snow to Baw Baw today but tomorrow and especially early next week could be 30cm-40cm. Then on the following weekend maybe 20cm which would be enough to set you up for the 31st. The truth about Baw Baw is you only need 30cm prior to your trip for...
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    Admin Notice Baw Baw cams back online.

    nice work
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    The Japanese snow season 2014-2015 weather

    I agree, would be amazing Sandy it you could update your predictions. I saw your last post last week and here is the correlation to your forecasts: Thu Jan 22nd: A few snow showers developing = 0cm of snow Actual Fri Jan 23rd: Snow with strong easterly winds = 10cm of snow Actual Sat Jan 24th...
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    Sapporo Accommodation & Surround Ski Fields

    Thanks for the advice Tubby! I'm staying at ANA Hotel Sapporo based on Heinz showing me the bus schedule and the hotels the bus picks people up from. Most were booked out as I'm going there on the 7th of Feb and 8th of Feb when the winter festival is on. This will be at the end of a two week...
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    Sapporo Accommodation & Surround Ski Fields

    I have a trip planned in February and plan to end it with a few days in Sapporo. A mate from Japan told me that you can stay there and there are buses that can take you to the surrounding mountains each day which are not that far. Has anyone done this before and have any tips? Also, what...
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    baw baw website snow reports

    I disagree. Baw Baw is the only mountain I know to UNDER-REPORT! I went up two weekends ago and the gauge on Summit T-Bar was 65cm and they were reporting a lot less. Really, Baw Baw needs to use that guage or report from the Poma and Summit gauge.
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    Observations July 29- August 1st System

    Skiied baw baw today. The mountain is in a great nick as you would expect. The top gauge on the summit t-bar showed 65cm
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    Mt Baw Baw 2013 - Trip Reports, Pics & Conditions

    Skied the day mt baw baw. This morning was powder with plenty of fresh for all. By the arvo the snow had turned to normal Australia snow but still good with some snow showers around 3pm. For those old timers the top summit t-bar gauge was 65cm. Playground and big hill had the usual patches...
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    Observations July 29- August 1st System

    Up at baw baw, still snowing and excellent conditions. Tough going getying onto the mountain with snow to low levels
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    Mt Baw Baw 2013 - Trip Reports, Pics & Conditions

    I came up to baw baw last night. Lowest snowfall level (south road) I have ever seen. I had chains on but couldn't get my 2wd up the mountain due to the road and neither could anyone else so 4wd with chains had to take us up. Very snowy here and still snowing lightly fine powder. For baw baw...
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    Mt Baw Baw 2014 - Trip Reports, Pics & Conditions

    Looks great. What was the snow quality like?
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    Observations July 4th - 13th Snowmageddon II

    Has it stopped snowing all together at baw baw or is it still off and on JLou?
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    Question cheap accomodation at baw baw

    Try Ed Ski - I stay there when i go to baw baw as its a not for profit ski club with good rates. It has shared cooking facilities and is right next to the carpark which is handy.
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    Mt Baw Baw 2014 - Trip Reports, Pics & Conditions

    The chairlift to the bottom was over-rated. The first half is great but after that it become a thin road (at best). What was worse, at the end it just ended and you had to get down this steep section to the road somehow. It was the glory of doing it though that made it worth it. Chowder, my...
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    Mt Baw Baw 2014 - Trip Reports, Pics & Conditions

    Yep, I remember how a day like today you would just forget about all the pomas and T-bars and just ski the chairlift all day. Easily the best lift at Mt Baw Baw and I was lucky to ski to the bottom of it twice. RIP.
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    Observations 30th April to 6th May (systems)

    Snowing now at Mt Baw Baw based on photo's of family up there right now. Not settling much as you would expect.
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    Mt Buller 2013 - Trip Reports, Pics & Conditions

    I can understand that locals like fog, but Buller really is trying to attract people like me who have a choice of also Falls/Hotham. I really can't work out why signs are not everywhere to help people know each lift is. At Whistler they also have a big chart of mountain at the top of most lifts...
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    Mt Buller 2013 - Trip Reports, Pics & Conditions

    I did Buller as day trip today. Left at 5:00am (SE suburbs) and got there just on 8:30am. Was snowing at the carpark when we got there and we were lucky not to have to put on chains (was touch a go there). Overall, conditions were NOT great. The snow was very heavy and during most of the day...
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    Mt Baw Baw 2012 - Trip Reports, Pics & Conditions

    Re: Reports from Baw Baw? Edski for value and entertainment. I have been there a few times and Charlie is right in regards to facilities but I love the laid back social nature of EdSki.