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    Snowing like mad on Monday?

    ...and for charging full ticket prices when 1/4 of the hill is open :rolleyes:
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    Last day of lifts at Mt Buller tomorrow :(

    Dave.... who do you report for? ie. newpapers, radio, tv????
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    Snow reports....WTF?!

    Someone please justify this to me.... On the reports page, it states the following conditions: PB: Poor Thedbare: Patchy FC: Poor Hotham: FAIR!?!?!? If you compare Hotham cams with FV at PB, how can Hotham conditions possibly be rated higher than PB????
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    Last day of lifts at Mt Buller tomorrow :(

    Thanks mate... btw...who do you report for?
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    Season over?

    Y am I getting sensible responses?!?!?! I was :fishing:
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    Season over?

    Is it too early to say?
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    Heavenly Valley

    Heading up there tomorrow. Seen on the cam that the chair is now turning. Is it a complete cover or is there the odd rock poking out?
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    How much snow did we get today?

    Heavenly up& running... awesome. Gettin up there Friday for the weekend....anyone else up at the same time? What are the chance of the extreme zone being opened???? Slight I would think.
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    July 30th to August 2nd - Predictions

    I'm up at Hotham on Aug 4 so hoping for some dumpage in the system coming thru just before then... please help me almighty snow god
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    July 15th-19th. Part 2 (predictions and snowfall discussion)

    Re: July 15th-19th. Part 2 (predictions and snowfall discussion) I agree..... the radar is showing huge amounts of rain heading to the alps.... just about to hit
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    The Mission to Make Snow.

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    Temps across Vic & alpine areas

    Thanks all
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    Temps across Vic & alpine areas

    I am very novice in the topic of weather.... can someone pls explain why the last week has shown extremely cold temps across Vic rural areas (ie. Bendigo, Ballarat, Geelong etc below zero) having as low, and at times lower, than the AWS's at Vic ski resorts. The old rule of 0.8 degrees per 100m...
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    A few ski overseas pics - where am I?

    $10k on Tignes. Next......
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    Trip report with pics from Seefeld, Austria

    Isnt Seefeld a predominately x-country resort?? One of only a few in the world (one of which is Lake Mountain!)
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    Resorts within easy commute from Geneva?

    Megeve = $$$ Most probably the 'chicest' (such a word??) on earth. Was there earlier this yr
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    should i go to france?

    .....this person has not taken his medication FARRRRK YES!!
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    Europe or U.S.?

    FYI..... Meribel holds the record for most number of gondolas in 1 resort.... 15 in all!! And that doesnt include the other resorts of Les Trois Valles. So even this interlinked area contains the worlds 2 largest aerial tramways (cable cars), a majority of the enclosed lifting is through gondolas
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    Europe or U.S.?

    yeah... valid points by all I have never skied US, but what is the scenery like? I know that taking a short hike up from the Cime De Caron cable car up to the peak at 3200m (Val Thorens) I saw the most amazing scenery I have ever seen in my life.... was literally speechless.... blubird skies...
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    Europe or U.S.?

    Know of av. snowfall as a general rule across the alps? You could safely that US is about 300in