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  1. jgm

    Trip Report Mt Hutt - Maybe

    Hutt is no problem any time in 2WD - just need chains. It's actually the 4WD vehicles with normal tyres who think they don't need chains that are the problem.
  2. jgm

    Garage ski rack design

    I have them on 3D printed mounts screwed to the wall.
  3. jgm

    Travel Life 2021/2022 - Canada Plans

    I just checked the AC website, and the SYD - YVR flights are still showing, but direct MEL or BNE are not there anymore. I wonder if they will stick, or run with limited passenger numbers (mainly for freight). Ours were business class awards, and they didn't offer us replacements via SYD.
  4. jgm

    Travel Life 2021/2022 - Canada Plans

    Which airline are you booked with?
  5. jgm

    Travel Life 2021/2022 - Canada Plans

    I don't think so, as the cancellation notification said: "AC37 to Melbourne, Melbourne Airport (MEL) has been cancelled due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on aviation which includes government entry requirements, travel advisories, and local movement restrictions. This affects both...
  6. jgm

    Travel Life 2021/2022 - Canada Plans

    Just had notification that our Air Canada flights for late Jan 2022 have been cancelled, and our AirBNB hosts have offered us a refund of our deposit.
  7. jgm

    Qantas baggage allowance - does it include skis?

    That can't be correct. The formula for 3 ø is single ø * √3 which would make it 100 and 175. BTW I quoted the US figures as 110V & 230 which really should be 110 & 208, as a lot of the US appliances which use the higher voltage, are designed for European domestic 230V market. So 3 ø circuits are...
  8. jgm

    Qantas baggage allowance - does it include skis?

    230V is available in the US. It's a multi phase thing (same as having 415V here). There's 230V between phases and 110V between a single phase & earth.
  9. jgm

    Question currency in Canada: best options?

    We use Citibank for cash withdrawals & 28 degrees for credit. I mostly use cash, and use credit where I can link my lift pass to the 28deg card.
  10. jgm

    Heavenly or Park City

    There is an Amtrak train from San Francisco to Truckee if you like a leisurely trip.
  11. jgm

    Ski bag for family travel

    They have to find money to pay AJ millions!
  12. jgm

    Sydney to USA/Canada options

    The UA 787's seats are slightly narrower than QF 747 (17.3" v 17.5") but they have an extra inch of pitch. I think I would rather be on a relatively new 787 than a 17+ year old 747, and the extra inch of leg room is really valuable for taller people.
  13. jgm

    Air Canada changes seat configuration on 777's

    Not all seats and layouts are created equal. NZ have narrower armrests and aisles, which enables them to user wider seats than the opposition. Also, the extra 2" in pitch make a HUGE difference.
  14. jgm

    Air Canada changes seat configuration on 777's

    There are differences. AC has width 17" pitch 31", NZ has width 17.8" pitch 31-33". and QF width 17.5" and pitch 31. Also, thw last few rows in all 3 are 2-4-2 if you don't mind a rough ride. You can also do the BNE transit with AC to get the 789 with 3-3-3 in cattle class.
  15. jgm

    Snow Report Mt Buller 2017 - Trip Reports, Pics & Conditions

    It's a pity they moved the Tirol T-Bar mid-load. Northside was still running, and Tirol effectively servicing the same runs, but that left Shakey Knees not being available because Fox was shut.
  16. jgm

    Snow Report Mt Buller 2017 - Trip Reports, Pics & Conditions

    Will be there tomorrow for 2 weeks. I'm something of a good luck charm. In the ~25 years coming to Buller, I have only missed the peak of the season 3 or 4 times.
  17. jgm

    Ski bag for family travel

    I LOVE my sportube. It's a tad on the heavy side, but it is bullet proof. I have both my and SWMBO's skis and poles, and gloves etc in it and it comes under the 23kg (can get it down to 20kg if necessary). There is no need to stuff clothes etc inside to protect the contents as it is a hard shell.
  18. jgm

    Question Goggles for glasses wearer?

    I bought prescription inserts for my Dragons from sportrx.
  19. jgm

    Advice needed Base grinds for core shot skis

    For core and edge shots I use metalgrip repair ribbon from Tognar. Just use a temperature controlled soldering iron to melt it onto the core material. Then use their P-Tex repair string or ribbon (again melted in with the soldering iron), and scrape level. The repair ribbon is nearly as hard as...
  20. jgm

    Buller Crew Banter Thread

    Different car parks. Day parking is at Horse Hill, overnight is usually CSIR, but can be almost anywhere else depending on numbers.