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    Safety travel route Melbourne to Jindabyne A couple of posts have links to academic articles. This is the conclusion from one of them" "Conclusion The promotional literature proclaiming the scientifically proven efficacy of this ultrasonic deterrence...
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    Snow Report Thredbo 2021 Trip Reports, Pics, Updates and Conditions.

    I see that Unofficial Networks plus at least one non-skiing US website has picked it up. Great to see.
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    Snow Report Thredbo 2021 Trip Reports, Pics, Updates and Conditions.

    Re the Today Show segment on Thredbo, while the live stuff (an interview with Stuart Diver) is obviously Thredbo, the footage behind the talking heads in the studio appear to suggest Thredbo has imported on truckload of North American conifers for further premiumisation of the ski experience...
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    Niseko restaurant recommendations

    Welcome to the world of Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken) 唐揚げ. Any izakaya or yakitori restaurant will most likely have it. Great fried chicken and the meat skewers at the yakitori restaurants will please any unadventurous eater. (Avoid the more exotic cuts of meat). As Hyst said you will...
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    Mt Bandai accommodation

    There's are very famous road sign where the mountain hut is (Ramenman's green circle). Summer (looking down the hill) and winter (looking up the hill) version. Disclaimer: I've never been there, just curious about the place.
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    The Obertis other all year round project in Canada just got a boost.
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    First trip - a few questions

    Now that is an interesting observation.
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    Culture Only In Japan ....... (Again)

    Or Kutchan's skiing potato
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    Europe 2018 thread.

    Today's AFR reports on Knight Frank’s Ski Property Report 2017: "The best-performing resort was the 1035-metre-altitude Chamonix in France, where the ‘‘typical prime price’’ rose 4.8 per cent to €11,000 ($16,500) a square metre. The worst was Switzerland’s Crans Montana, where the typical prime...
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    Road to Charlottes update 2017

    I agree. Over 400 posts about when a road might open. This is way more fun than the Thredbo parking issue. Love you guys. Declaration: I have read every one of those 400 posts. I'm tragic.
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    Interesting Links ....... No Discussions American bloke. In English. Over 900 reviews of Ramen shops mainly Tokyo but other parts of Japan and even out of Japan (currently doing Taipei). He is a shoyu fan. Writes well but I find him a bit annoying in his YouTube videos.
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    Road to Charlottes update 2017

    Yeh. I could never work out all that genuflecting business. I thought telefolk were the omnipotent ones and yet they're being all obsequious.
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    Japanese Whisky

    Yamazaki 12YO is back in Australia but it appears they can charge what they like. DMs has it for $200. The lowest I've seen is $170 and some small bottle shops are asking $250. Crikey, as good as it is, that is a premium price.
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    Advice needed Accommodation in Kiroro Bus leaves Otaru Station at 8:10am and leaves Kiroro at 5:00pm. The trip takes 30 to 40 minutes. Good value at ¥930.
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    Advice needed accommodation in Rusutsu

    Just outside of the resort is privileged to have both a Seicomart and a 7/11 almost next door to each other! Go to the one that has the freshest looking Chicken Karaage. With great reluctance I provide a link for out of the resort dining opportunities. Book...
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    Resource Japan 2018 thread

    Do you have any recommendations for accommodation in the area?
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    Advice needed Sapporo: place to stay?

    Some good advice on Sapporo here:
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    Question currency in Canada: best options?

    Is Amex better than a Visa/Mastercard from one of the majors in terms of fees and exchange rates?
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    Tokyo Metropolitan area 17 - 18 season

    Face palm. I actually took Annitowa's comment seriously. Cheers.
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    Tokyo Metropolitan area 17 - 18 season

    From Ramen Adventures: "Some friends of friends were in town, and they wanted a proper food crawl. Shimokitazawa is one of the best places in Tokyo for this kind of adventure." I don't think there is a Mos Burger there though.