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  1. telemark fred

    Question Road near Cesjacks way... NSW

    It varies. I drove a Subaru WRX to the park gate in April 2002 without much trouble. A couple of years later in a Subaru outback I barely got over the Bulls Peaks river and had to park at the next hill (along with some proper off road 4WDs) due to slippery conditions. The adventure however was...
  2. telemark fred

    Site update Forum Membership Changes - discuss here

    I have very mixed feelings about the changes. I absolutely understand the motivation and reasoning behind the proposed changes, and I'd like to see the site owners prosper. The problem is my own greed, I just don't see much value for myself. Even though I'm a member with 5000+ posts, this will...
  3. telemark fred

    Replacement goggle foam

    I've got 3 sets of goggles in retirement due to worn out foam but frames, straps and lenses fine. Kept them with plan to fit foam replacement some time. I'd envisioned foam with soft felt-like surface cut from a single piece. Seems all too hard, so I might just chuck em now. Even if I fixed...
  4. telemark fred

    Advice needed G-3 Targa bindings Vs Enzo R Vs Ascent

    Having used G3 Targa, then Ascent and now Enzo (with tour mode), the Enzo is significantly more active and will help an intermediate. I've now given away 2 sets of targa, and one of the ascent, so I now have one set of skis with the ascent binding left and 2 sets with Enzo. Have not had much...
  5. telemark fred

    Trip Report Blue Lake and Carruthers 25th/26th October

    Awesome. Spring skiing got me hooked on BC too. :-)
  6. telemark fred

    The Round Up

    Age cat C. Mostly ski (Telemark) on G3 Enzo bindings - I have a set on both sets of non pattern base skis, but still have older G3 Targa ascent on my pattern base setup. XC on Salmon SNS pilot. I don't AT (yet).
  7. telemark fred

    Trip Report Perisher to Kiandra Crossing - 29th August

    Awesome. Took me 5 days the other direction just a fortnight before. I've been speculating about a fast and light version on my XC gear sometime, but that would still take me 2 days. Must learn to skate well...
  8. telemark fred

    Trip Report Kiandra to Kosci....Splitboarding

    Nice trip reports. Thanks. :-) Taking some time to soak it up and to shed the pack for some runs in the great weather sounds good. Must do that next time - our trip was possibly a little too goal oriented at times...
  9. telemark fred

    Trip Report K to K

    I do have a set of ski crampons, which even fit the bindings on the light(ish) touring setup I was using. My ski partner was on hire gear though, and getting those with ski crampons may be difficult. I figure the route finder has to have the same or less capable gear than those that follow, or...
  10. telemark fred

    Trip Report K to K

    Thanks all for the nice comments. The weather really was very good. It was very cold the whole time, especially after about 4pm when everything froze up, but it was clear, and winds were light. I'm already thinking of the small differences for next time. Some crampons for Twynam, a few route...
  11. telemark fred

    Trip Report K to K

    I pointed out to DJM that it was optimistic to be heading pretty much due south carrying kites with 5 days of southerly winds forecast.
  12. telemark fred

    Trip Report K to K

    DJM didn't have a sled, but he was hauling a big load. A couple of kites strapped to the pack would have added a few kilos. I hope they were some fun once past the trees!
  13. telemark fred

    Trip Report K to K

    Day 3 - Cessjacks Hut to Whites River Hut: It was a gorgeous sunny day, and skiing past the Bulls Peaks and Mailbox hill was a pleasure. In keeping with our theme of doing un-necessary large elevation changes, we decided to divert through the Valentine river to go via Mawsons hut. There was one...
  14. telemark fred

    Trip Report K to K

    After many years of intent, the early good cover this year finally spurred me into action to actually get out and do the Kiandra to Kosciuszko ski tour. A week or two of planning, map photocopying and laminating, food dehydrating etc saw us ready to depart Kiandra on Sunday 10th August...
  15. telemark fred

    Season end ?

    Angus, you should have put skins on at Teton pass! The backcountry from there is amongst the best I've experienced, and really easy access. Best of all, you can finish runs at the road (either side) and hitch back to the pass.
  16. telemark fred


    I got to thredbo yesterday, Skiied Perisher on today's bonus day (finished a day early). Will write a TR in the next few days. Nice to meet you out there DJM. :)
  17. telemark fred


    Ta. :)
  18. telemark fred

    Kiandra to Kosi transport options

    Thanks DJM. We'll look out for you out there around the 10th.
  19. telemark fred


    Has anybody got recent info about snow cover in the northern end of KNP? Selwyn snow cams help, but don't really give an indication of whether to expect hiking and dodgy creek crossings at Happy Jacks etc... If cover expected to be near complete, I'm leaving hiking/approach shoes at home.
  20. telemark fred

    Question SPOT PLB hire, NSW

    No. Airplane mode turns all the radios off. The radio signal is what they are triangulating.