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  1. FLI355

    Where to buy ski trail signs?

    Happy to make some if you wanted. We own a vinyl cutter so can make custom with whatever you want.
  2. FLI355

    Where to buy ski trail signs?

    A lot of those are made OS that's why we started making our own as postage was a killer
  3. FLI355

    Where to buy ski trail signs?

    Ive (well my wife) has been making some. They are timber though. PM me with your phone number and I'll send you some photos.
  4. FLI355

    Driving to the snow over the years

    Its funny how much quicker the trip has got over the years. It used to be 6.5hrs or so from memory back in the late 80s from Roselands to Jindy. Admittedly I live 70km closer now however its now 3.5hrs without stopping from Wilton to Jindy so a Friday arvo run is pretty easy. I've done day trips...
  5. FLI355

    Chillfactor Kickstarter

    Just put in the last 4k Rich so we can be done with it ;)
  6. FLI355

    Chillfactor Kickstarter

    Really hope it gets the aimed amount.
  7. FLI355

    Chillfactor Kickstarter

  8. FLI355

    Trip Report Gez & Bern go to Banff

    Awesome glad you liked it!
  9. FLI355

    Trip Report Gez & Bern go to Banff

    Masala in Banff is a must try in my opinion. Best Indian we've ever had. is nice too if you want a fancier night out.
  10. FLI355

    Trip Report California Dreaming on such a winter's day (Tahoe)

    looks amazing. Next time youre in Monterey have a meal at Montrio (book in advance) it was amazing.
  11. FLI355

    Whistler 2019-2020

    Araxi is nice but not incredible. Agree with robbo.
  12. FLI355

    Boot buying and fitting issues

    Go see Paul at his ski shop in Albury. I had a nightmare with boots and pain so bad I had to stop every hour to let my feet recover. Paul found the issues and fixed them. It's worth the drive to go there. I head there from Sydney. I had seem numerous boot fitters in Australia and OS and he's...
  13. FLI355

    Japan The Japanese snow season 2018-2019 Weather

    Looks awesome already. Such an epic spot to watch the morning groomer show.
  14. FLI355

    Advice needed My ski boots are one size too big

    This. I wear a US 10.5, 26.5 boot for me. First time I've ever been comfortable. My first boots were 28.5, second 27.5 and now 26.5 once I saw a reputable boot fitter.
  15. FLI355

    Red resort, thoughts??

    Like everyone else said. Go. Amazing place.
  16. FLI355

    Trip Report Georgia, Spain, Israel, Norway 2017

    Wow looks amazing
  17. FLI355

    DSNS's 50th Birthday Bash

    looks amazing, waiting for trip updates!!
  18. FLI355

    Trip Report Astro's do Tahoe

    Looks amazing mate!!
  19. FLI355

    Footbeds in Sydney

    John Morgan at STM is the best in Sydney I reckon. Try and get an appointment with John himself mate.
  20. FLI355

    Colorado in Feb - advice/opinions

    I think Breck would be perfect for you guys based on that.

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