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    Average cost of QT August trip

    Excellent info, thanks guys. What price range do most people look at for flights from Melbourne/Sydney? Which month is usually best to book them?
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    Average cost of QT August trip

    Leaning on those regular NZ travelers for a bit of advice. In the early stages of planning an Aug 19’ trip to QT to do the Remarks, TC etc Anyone able to give me a rough breakdown of costs from the east coast? (I’m from Melbourne) I know this is depends greatly on flights/accomp etc. A rough...
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    Europe 2018/19

    Just survived 10 days in St Anton with a 9 month old in tow. Was absolutely effing epic. The 20% tax rebate and further store discounts were handy so that my quiver has a couple of sets of Stockli’s added to it.
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    Advice needed Ski Length Selection

    I’m firmly in the camp of try the lengths and see what you prefer. I don’t abide by any set rule. I don’t stand by a set length of between your chin and top of head. I’m 6”5 and ski a 177 consistently. I own a pair of 170 SL ski’s. As with my height, by definition I’m too tall for slalom...
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    Advice needed Skiing with shorter ski's

    The fact I’ve skid the same patch since 1991 without the problem would probably suggest, no.
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    Observations August 9th-15th

    Stopped snowing now, so was a good 12-15 hours worth.
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    Observations August 9th-15th

    Been 100% snowing steadily all day mate, I'm sitting in my lodge in the village atm big sized flakes, there was very little wind all morning just steady flakes. Will post a pic of the roof in a minute which was bare yesterday
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    Alpine/Downhill snowboards

    Hey guys, I'm interested in potentially getting into carvers but want to try them out before I buy one. Anyone know somewhere in Falls I can hire one or demo one?
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    Observations August 9th-15th

    Falls had 10cm overnight, been snowing steadily all morning at least another 10cm in it, good powder all today. Could be 25-30 in it if this keeps going into tonight
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    Hey guys, Basically a run down on me. Ski'd and boarded most of my life, work and what not have taken their toll the last 5 or so years, and after skiing France, Canada and the US the passion for Aus hasn't been quite there for a while. Really looking to try something different. Havn't done...

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