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  1. Kahanamoku

    Is this legit?

    still... how do they measure the 24 hour snow if not by differential?
  2. Kahanamoku

    Is this legit?

    so, they measure the depth a few hours after measuring the 24H snowfall? that seems efficient.....not!
  3. Kahanamoku

    Is this legit?

    Is it just me, or is something wrong with how Baw Baw report on their snow? From what I would have expected, a 24H Snowfall should be measured as a difference between the measurement taken yesterday, and today's measurement. if that was true, one of the numbers highlighted in yellow is wrong...
  4. Kahanamoku

    Snow Report Mt Baw Baw 2015 - Trip Reports, Pics & Conditions

    Ohhh Yeah.... First time 15 years ago we were like: when do we fit chains? so we put them on where the current gate entry is and drove the whole way up at 40/h.... lets just say it had been almost a month since it last snowed and the road was bone dry! ;)
  5. Kahanamoku

    The "numpty" snow driving thread.

    My Numpty experience last year at Hotham can't be attributed to "Tourist" or "First Timer".....Seriously, when it's Pea Soup Fog near the toboggan area chain bay at Hotham, you really should have your headlights on.... I could hear them coming down from the hill and with each car I had to signal...
  6. Kahanamoku

    Holden chair lift name change

    Nah, that was the OLD Abom lift.... you get to the end.... eventually....
  7. Kahanamoku

    Carpool Harietville-Hotham Sat and Sun 11-12/08

    During the snow season it isn't open to any car without chains, regardless of whether the road is clear or not.
  8. Kahanamoku

    Do I Go? Opinions Needed

    Hijacked post much?
  9. Kahanamoku

    Do I Go? Opinions Needed

    Sounds like my decision is to GO GO GO then! Thanks for the assistance in my decision making!
  10. Kahanamoku

    Do I Go? Opinions Needed

    My biggest fear!
  11. Kahanamoku

    Do I Go? Opinions Needed

    The options was either 2 nights at the Golden Age this weekend or a day trip on the following Sunday, or the following sunday after that, or just give up for the season because of difficulties finding a baby sitter the depth and softness are of little concern to me, there's enough on the...
  12. Kahanamoku

    Lift ticket attachment

    If it is anything like Mt Buller, the tear off strip at the bottom only serves to benefit the mountain's ticket sales. If you lose the ticket, the tear off can only be used to cancel the ticket (thus preventing someone riding for free on a found ticket - aka forcing an additional lift ticket...
  13. Kahanamoku

    Do I Go? Opinions Needed

    Still on the fence about whether it will be worth sliding in this weekend's conditions: Saturday 4 August Snow shower or two. Cloudy. A snow shower or two. Winds northwesterly 25 to 35 km/h tending westerly 20 to 25 km/h during the afternoon. Sunday 5 August Summary Min -4 Max -2 Snow...
  14. Kahanamoku

    New Zealand 2011 Trip Plans/Thoughts/Reviews Thread

    Finally made it back from NZ on Tuesday (16th)... touch and go with Queenstown Airport though... flight back to Melbourne was delayed to 5PM, but at least it wasn't cancelled like the day-before (15th) flight was. Interesting to note that the care hire places had put a block on all 2wd vehicles...
  15. Kahanamoku

    Season 2011!!

    I would've been riding that lift in 3 days time, if not for Burton taking over the bloody mountain the entire week I'm there!
  16. Kahanamoku

    Going to Mt Buller for the day tomorrow if anyone wants a lift

    don't forget to post these on if you need more shares in fuel money
  17. Kahanamoku

    New Zealand 2011 Trip Plans/Thoughts/Reviews Thread

    Yep, I'd call it more of a Cult than a religion!
  18. Kahanamoku

    New Zealand 2011 Trip Plans/Thoughts/Reviews Thread

    Chalk and Cheese. There are no trees showing you where the runs are in NZ, one wrong turn and suddenly your nice casual green run turns into a black! Adds to the fun I say, every run an adventure!
  19. Kahanamoku

    New Zealand 2011 Trip Plans/Thoughts/Reviews Thread

    We're there for 8 days... plenty of time to reschedule a No-Fly day.... Booked early-bird so we could get a 10% discount (and afford an extra run) We're ONLY going for the Heli... the rest of the trip is Bonus Icing on the Cake... They might not be the best, but they're certainly one of the...

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