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  1. ausi ski bum

    News Falls Creek news and chat

    I hear Ted Weeks sold Mountain Multiservice. Not many of the old guard left in Falls Creek now.
  2. ausi ski bum

    How to get to Myoko from Tokyo

    Yep done that, one trip we did 2000 km traveling around over 3 weeks in all sorts of conditions, made me a much better snow driver but I do feel the snow here is a lot harder to drive on.
  3. ausi ski bum

    How to get to Myoko from Tokyo

    Definitely take the train to Nagano no point driving from Tokyo. Look at Nisan Car Hire located just outside the train station. No need for chains, driving on snow in Japan is nothing like here, still have to be careful but far dryer so more grip. It always felt weird driving at 80kph on...
  4. ausi ski bum

    How to get to Myoko from Tokyo

    I was only there four days so only did the two, then went back to Shiga Kogen.
  5. ausi ski bum

    How to get to Myoko from Tokyo

    And now for the proper answer, Train to Nagano then over the pedestrian bridge and down the stairs to Nissan car hire, pick up a car (making sure you have an international drivers licence in Japan) and drive to Myoko. Having a car there is great to get into town and the best sushi places ever...
  6. ausi ski bum

    ausi ski bum in FC this weekend

    You might be right Tink had been skiing for many hours and I am about your age as well, maybe the things I could do a few years back are not so easy today. I have no regrets I ski, its a sport that can cause injury, I had a great day in my happy place. Just wish I could use the other 4 days...
  7. ausi ski bum

    ausi ski bum in FC this weekend

    Still sore but I am sure I have more movement tonight than this morning, that's a good sign.
  8. ausi ski bum

    Cathay changed my fligh andi don't like it!

    Generally when the airline changes the flight you have room to negotiate what you want and even if this costs a bit more, they generally agree. You have no obligation to accept the changed flight in most cases.
  9. ausi ski bum

    Bad accident Thredbo river bridge

    Does that mean some poor sod had a car crash then an ambulance crash just after it, that would suck.
  10. ausi ski bum

    ausi ski bum in FC this weekend

    Considering how many years and days I have skied I have faired very well over the years, cant complain but must check the setting on my bindings they let go if I crash at speed but not if I am going slow as I was this time.
  11. ausi ski bum

    Snow Report Falls Creek 2015 - Trip Reports, Pics & Conditions

    I was very happy with the skiing on Saturday, great cover and not overly crowded, had a lot of fun until about 3pm when I went down Wishing well and found the lower section chopped up to buggery. Unfortunately I fell and tore my calf muscle badly. So that's it for 2015, very short season for...
  12. ausi ski bum

    ausi ski bum in FC this weekend

    Oh well that did not turn out so good had a brilliant day Saturday till about 3pm when I fell in the chopped up section at the bottom of Wishing Well (should have been closed actually was very dangerous) and ripped the calf muscle. Stayed over night in MB with that faint hope I didn't do much...
  13. ausi ski bum

    Which resort has progressed the most in the last 20 years

    Its sad to say 20 years ago Falls Creek had this grand plan to put lifts on Mt McKay and Rocky Knolls, develop the bowl area with a gondola from near gebi's and much more. Today the new areas never happened, we lost Headwater and Link lift areas so it actually got smaller (although we did gain...
  14. ausi ski bum

    ausi ski bum in FC this weekend

    Brilliant post Hunter. Miss the passion of the old days. We never did catch up for a drink.
  15. ausi ski bum

    ausi ski bum in FC this weekend

    I was one of the first people on this forum, I became known for my love of Falls Creek and for 16 years I ran the ASB Alpine unofficial Falls Creek web site. At its peak I had over 200,000 people visit each year. Then I just got to busy as a CEO of a disability service to commit the time to...
  16. ausi ski bum

    Falls Creek day parking

    Yes that was a stupid move that lost parking and totally killed the Bowl which should have always been the centre of the town. There was a proposal years ago to build a free gondola from car park to the Bowl should have done that. There has also never been any additional parking built there...
  17. ausi ski bum

    Sun Peaks 2015/2016

    Would love to return but not this year
  18. ausi ski bum

    Sun Peaks BC 2014 - 15

    Wow been six weeks since I was over there, seems a life time ago, My wife and I would love to buy a triplex there when we retire and live in one and rent two out.
  19. ausi ski bum

    Sun Peaks BC 2014 - 15

    Well been here since 27 December and tomorrow we leave for home, loved the stay and the mountain, leaving with fond memories of Sun Peaks, will miss the skiing but not sure my Knee's will for a little while at least. Seems sad to have a season pass (five actually) and be home in Australia...
  20. ausi ski bum

    Sun Peaks BC 2014 - 15

    We did the fondue night its better than night skiing as you used torch light to ski down, would recommend this activity.

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