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  1. chriscross

    Predictions 18-22 Sep Winter Redux

    BB/MSG could well be on the cards for Wednesday, but do we dare venture up there? Temptation.
  2. chriscross

    Italy Elective residency visa - Italy.

    Friend of ours is a total cycling nut. Used to race, had a shop selling bikes, mostly Italian, so was doing business in Italy. After his 2nd divorce, he took the proceeds (such as they were) and bought a house near Padua. So he rides and/or hikes in the foothills or mountains almost every day...
  3. chriscross

    Observations 18-23 Sep System obs

    A dusting at BB now via the cams.
  4. chriscross

    2022 Epic Australia Pass $859

    Still no word on refund for 2021. (Did not use one single day). But they want a deposit for 2022? Hard to fathom.
  5. chriscross

    Snow Report Falls Creek 2021 - Trip Reports, Pics & Conditions

    Lucky devil. These sort of posts should be assessed by mods with consideration for the mental health of those still in lock down, unable to go anywhere.
  6. chriscross

    Snow Report Perisher 2021 Trip Reports, Pics, Updates and Conditions.

    Lucky swine is rubbing it in our faces! UUB.
  7. chriscross

    Meidjo 2.0, 2.1 & now 3.0 NTN

    " The backcountry Ferrari" according to one review!
  8. chriscross

    Predictions 11-13th September

    Hoping the system delivers and some of you can get up there and into it.
  9. chriscross

    Meidjo 2.0, 2.1 & now 3.0 NTN

    NVS. Still not allowed to go skiing. Which particular DPS skis are the meidjo mk 3 bindings mounted on, please? P.S. Where are pics and TR? Cannot find.
  10. chriscross

    Telemark Meidjo 2.0 with some 2.1 Minor Parts

    Will be surprised if these last long (here).
  11. chriscross

    Europe 21/22 Planning

    Sure, it's great to be double vaxed and Europe is so tempting. But you've got to sit on a plane (or planes) for many hours and share the limited atmosphere with all the other passengers. Worth a thought. My mate, a retired Qantas pilot, says he's not getting on a plane anytime soon.
  12. chriscross

    Snow Report Mt Baw Baw 2021 - Trip Reports, Pics & Conditions.

    " aversion towards the activity"? Pardon? Only when your legs fail completely. Oh, and you left out Italy, France and Austria. My daughter and I were at Hoppet 2010 (when I made it all the way) and had a chat with a French guy who was 88, had come out here to ski Hoppet. Never give up.
  13. chriscross

    Snow Report Mt Baw Baw 2021 - Trip Reports, Pics & Conditions.

    Interesting to pick up some of the history of the place from those in the know. Information about the work on Champagne (and the cost!) is an eye opener. No wonder it's such a smooth and even run. It would have to be one of the best teaching/learning areas in the resort, although it does drop...
  14. chriscross

    Observations September 3- 7th

    Snow's gone at bb.
  15. chriscross

    News Falls Creek news and chat

    Have submitted forms for both but heard nothing re: Epic Pass. Anyone else?
  16. chriscross

    Tales From The Lifts.

    Darwin award candidate.
  17. chriscross

    Event Testing the water... a SIC* in 2022?

    Interested, but accomm at Buller on a w/e in late July could be an issue ($$$) for those who are not lodge members or multi-millionaires. But then, that issue applies at most resorts.
  18. chriscross

    ELI5 Bucket List Skiing Locations

    T. Not many people take xc skis as as you can hire them. Unless you are a top level competition skier. But people do take boots, because hire boots don't always fit so well. I have taken tele skis to Japan, twice, just because that is the set-up I want to get better on. Hopefully, we can get out...
  19. chriscross

    ELI5 Bucket List Skiing Locations

    Just 3 days this year. A cruel irony collecting refunds from FC and Thredbo. Would like to ski Tasman glacier before it shrinks to nothing much. About the same price as a heli day. Then Dolomites.
  20. chriscross

    options for some new touring skis that will also cover resort skiing

    Just hangin' in there. (Sorry).

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