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    The little things - what are your unusual snow essentials

    Must have a carpet piece as mentioned above for chain fitting and getting changed. Old jacket and gloves for fitting chains. Duct tape and cable ties. Band aids as I always seem to cut myself on edges without gloves on at the start of the day.
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    Restoring skis.

    Check out any coatings by rubbing a rag with metho on it. May take a minute or so but pretty sure internal wall paint will come off.
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    Should swear words be allowed

    If you need profanities to argue your point of view, you've already lost the argument.
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    The Chronicals of Finding Stannard's Grave

    I've watched the first and will watch the others. Looked like a bloody hard slog. Thanks for posting.
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    June 2021 - Forums XF 2.0 Upgrade. File your complaints & bug reports here.

    I'm finding that I preferred the font when quoting posts being different to the reply much easier. Also, I still can't find the edit after posting.
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    The Surf Thread

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    Old time memorabilia not quite appropriate anymore

    Can't be bothered posting a pic. I have in my posession thinking around1920s jewellery box made from genuine and authenticated Ceylonese porcupine quills. Very tasteful.
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    The Surf Thread

    I was lucky. Mates mum sewed wetsuits for Rip Curl in the 70's at home. We used to get all the off cuts and cut them into hexagons and she used to glue and sew them all together to make a sheet. She then cut and sewed them into wetsuits for us. They looked great being all black on the outside...
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    The Surf Thread

    Old mate we used to surf with had an allergy to neoprene. He broke out in horrible rashes if he wore it. Surfed west coast Vic in the middle of winter in boardies and old woollen footy jumpers. Never stopped him if the surf was on. We used to freeze just seeing him paddle out with us. Had to...
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    News Falls Creek news and chat

    Except for that dog leg that unfortunately made my eyes water once when not concentrating. The take off is great though. A fantastic poma.
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    Where have all the used skis gone?

    Got a few pairs at home and they're absolute crap. However in the current market open for offers before they go to the tip. Assorted poles clothing and boots also available at the right price!. Don't miss out. PM if interested, bargains galore. All genuine retro so save money on hiring stuff...
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    Skiing In The Times Of Corona

    Corona ?.
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    Day to Day VIC & Melbourne weather

    Sea breeze hit Geelong now.
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    Tales From The Lifts.

    Another time had the pleasure of sharing a quad with three ladies. For five minutes or longer all I could here from the one next to me was 'darlings did you see how I did this or that on my last run' Coming up to unload she's still jabbering away and after three warnings I said the bar was...
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    Tales From The Lifts.

    Many years ago lift stopped and happened to be probably the highest point. No safety bar, no footrest a double that I had the pleasure of sharing with a mad Italian. After some time he decided to start singing and swinging his skis back and forth to keep time. I nudged him pretty hard a few...
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    The Surf Thread

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    The Surf Thread

    Fairhaven or Moggs.
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    Buying a base - Bright, Dinner Plain, Falls Creek

    The lack of quality building standards in most on snow premises is atrocious from what I've seen. Would not be acceptable elsewhere.
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    Mt Buffalo Chalet - What's the current status?

    Probably the vast majority of it spend on consulting fees and what's left over doing the actual repairs.

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