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  1. blutek

    The Surf Thread

    Crowded up here, Terrigal- Wamberal.
  2. blutek

    Question In the Event of a Covide Lock down in Perisher - Accommodation that is pre-paid

    Smigs lodge advised us,they have now cancelled our booking. We were holding out for a reduction in lockdown. Now for the Epic pass refund.
  3. blutek

    Epic Pass Refunds

    26 June Greater Sydney.
  4. blutek

    Epic Pass Refunds

    I missed that, where did you find it? (have scanned the T&Cs)
  5. blutek

    The Surf Thread

    There used to be a seperate contest - Quicksilver Air Show. Dave Neilson (Umina) was leading.
  6. blutek

    Question In the Event of a Covide Lock down in Perisher - Accommodation that is pre-paid

    Have late August lodge booking for Smigs. Waiting to see if there's an extension to Syd lockdown. Don't feel confident about a refund as their bookings are managed by with a no-cancellation condition. The lodge management seems chaotic when we rang early season. The irony is we can...
  7. blutek

    Epic Pass Refunds

    Anyone claimed yet for Greater Sydney stay at home order, 26 June to 30 July. T&C's state, may make a full or partial refund.
  8. blutek

    Bargain airfare alert thread

    Looking at Business Class fares to Tokyo early Feb, there was a low $2.6K fare with a 3hr stopover in ..... Nandi. QF was $3.7k direct. (GoogleFlights) Unfortunately too much uncertainty with airline operations at this time.
  9. blutek

    Bargain airfare alert thread

    I see they have sold a 777 to get some liquidity.
  10. blutek

    Advice needed New York City (NYC) - Skiing Options please?

    We were in Texas in early December, came home via Salt Lake then San Francisco. Used our aussie Epic Pass which kept us in Park City. Could also stop in Japan on way home too?
  11. blutek

    First time skiing Niseko tips

    so you can get, for example, top lifts only closed in all areas, or Annupuri ski area only closed (with crowded shuttle buses to Hirafu). Niseko does get strong winds like most alpine areas. Most ski resorts would close lifts in 60-80 km winds but as said, it will depend on wind direction.
  12. blutek

    Which plane has the best business class

    We were on one of the new QF 787 SFO-SYD in December. With 1-2-1 it was equal to many of the best business class seats (non suites) and the crew were surprisingly very good. The older skybeds aren't much better than BA's densified Club World. And one of QF 747 J cabins is still 2-3-2.
  13. blutek

    Snowboard store in or around Nagano

    my guess, width and board weight.
  14. blutek

    Advice needed Yamato/ Black Cat ski courier process

    Got strange advice from our hotel this morning (Hakuba Tokyu). We had today, tomorrow & day after for delivery. Staff said can't get it to Narita airport. But can get to Tokyo hotel (next day). So sent it to Narita airport hotel. Something lost in translation, I think.
  15. blutek

    Trip Report On Kiroro

    We used to stay at Kiroro but more recently the Grand Park hotel at Chikko Otaru as the US management at Kiroro has significantly increased prices. There is a ski bus service from the hotel, or the resort bus from the nearby JR station. We have also driven up but don't like the road when sheet...
  16. blutek

    Travel Life Hakuba 2020

    found this, but may not help if you did not buy 'tax free': "You must claim the tax refund from the same store as the goods were purchased. Tax refunds must be claimed on the same day as purchase."
  17. blutek

    Question Niseko 2020

    Mrs B wears Oakley AF because they do fit better. And has trouble with sunglasses slipping, cause they don't. Another Asian Fit, and often the only choice, is in boots (eg Burton in Tokyo ski shops).
  18. blutek

    Travel Life Hakuba 2020

    I've been taking Filligent medical/antiviral face masks where ever we travel (blue ones like dentists wear) . Seems I always attract the sick in the seat behind me or standing next to me on public transport.
  19. blutek

    Which plane has the best business class

    We were on QF74 last month from SFO. Originally was 747 but replaced with 787 with new config, a few weeks before departure. The new QF seat is very good with 1-2-1 config. Cabin crew were exceptional - was their first 787 flight, as coming from A380.
  20. blutek


    miners have the most toys.

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