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    Question THREDBO INSTRUCTORS Please explain

    On the THREDBO Inet site and in e mails received from Thredbo photos of Instructors with clients, students and young children raises with me a safety concern and a poor message to those of us who venture onto the slopes or pass our children over to Instructors Care. Question: Why do THREDBO...
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    Busy Lift Line Scams Observed

    Management has yet to react Sunday again (as reported) a mess in the lift lines. A suggestions to go to Japan - We are talking Thredbo here (not Japan) and our problems as we the customer see them. May I suggest that Management separate the Ski school line from the $100 per day customers line...
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    Busy Lift Line Scams Observed

    OK Management You read these posts Your Customers have raised concerns and suggested a few solutions Questions: What is your response? SERVICE : Yes SERVICE. Are You going to provide a lift line service to your guests that (if you enforce change) could become the benchmark of the (Australian)...
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    Busy Lift Line Scams Observed

    It appears that all agree that there is a problem. We the paying customer should not have to take on the policing job and point out the offenders or yell out to highlight the lift line jumpers! . Management owes US a duty of care and responsibility. At $100 a day all would have to agree that...
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    Busy Lift Line Scams Observed

    Thredbo is v busy 20 minute lines How do you get straight through? Easy: For some reason there is more emphasis on scanning everbodys ticket than ensuring there is a level playing field for ALL guests in the lift line. Have noted today that it is so easy to bypass the normal lift line and use...
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    Air Canada SYD - YVR direct

    AC direct Anybody know of the loadings on various days Most OS Ski destinations look at fixed change-over dates on the week end. Thus most departures from either end would be weekend biased Would be interested if anybody has any experience of more room on mid week flights, or just forget it...
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    Season Pass Pricing?

    Sorry that I have upset a few. I was not promoting a discount just for Club Members. I was trying to get across the fact that we "the regulars" from where-ever and staying where-ever are recognised by the Lift Company. Sorry to use the analogy of being a Club Member. We "the regulars" may not...
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    Flights to Vancouver at the end of 2010

    Its not cheap this year.A$3K + each We (2 adults 1 child) are going in (and out) via Hong Kong to LA (Cathay) and taking the TRAIN to Seattle (3 day stop-over) and then onto Vancouver (Whistler). Why? Qantas is going downhill as far as we see it from the back of the plane. Both adults are Qantas...
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    Season Pass Pricing?

    Hotham management has lost the plot: Hotham lost 2 adult and 1 child seasons pass holders a few years ago when they started to promote the "Big Development" for the "Big End of Town"and shunned the "regulars" / club members. Nothing has happened on the mountain for the regular skier/boarder In...
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    Shuttle bus ski racks changed yet?

    The wait time between buses seems a lot longer this year. Have they removed one or two buses from the circuit and have they also removed the smaller buses that travel down to the car park areas?
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    Parking at Thredbo.

    First trip to Thredbo and dDriving in from Melbourne via Wadonga & Khancoban; has anybody had any problems with road closures and what is the alternative if the road is closed. 2 Wheel Drive (chains frequently used in Hotham).
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    Air NZ direct to Vancouver (via Auckland)

    Have done the Qantas / HK / Cathay / Vancouver flights in economy with the Family and found that a break in HK was the go. We went this way to avoid LA and had no regrets. Just returned from Whistler via LA and it must be noted that the Terminal that Qantas uses in under a massive upgrade. The...
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    Air NZ direct to Vancouver (via Auckland)

    Air NZ ex Melb to Vancouver in high season (January); any thoughts on where to get the best airfare? AndDee good information; keep it up.
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    Accomodation wanted in Osaka

    Can you elaborate on why you need to wait 3 nights for cheaper flights. Is there a glitch in the booking of flights (that we all should be aware of)that makes a stop over in Osaka a cheaper alterantive than straight thru. Is the price differential that much that a stop over is cost effective.
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    Hotham Brochure 2007

    Hopeless brochure purely directed at the top end of the market. John Schryver does not inspire confidence; looks more like a real estate agent than dedicated skier. "Astute investors get a lifetime ski pass!" What about those of us who have year after year purchased weekly or seasons passes...
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    Sun Peaks BC Christmas 2006

    Re the Child Care which we used a few years ago. We were strongly advised to BOOK EARLY ie: now. Which we did as it only has a limited number of places. Our daughter was just just old enough for lessons and the child care centre would work around her short ski school lessons. Great people and vv...
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    Big White to Sun Peaks

    Whistler to Sun Pearks by Van is the way to go. Have done the run twice with the Family. Lots of photo opportunities and the bonus is that it is Door to Door. Have not done the reverse SP to WB which is the "morning run" WB to SP is the "afternoon return run" If going WB to SP and you have a...
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    Travelplan - Japan either love them or hate them. Problem always seems to be lack of consistency. One year you sing their praises the next they make a mess of your bookings. The same names (2) always crop up for providing stellar service. Other than keeping a very good data base to send...
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    Australian Airlines - Gone By June

    Crystal every year you use a different booking method/operator. I am struck by your ability to always get the best deal. Who are you useing this year?
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    Australian Airlines - Gone By June

    thecan What would you suggest for those of us who live in Melbourne.......the SF route looks very inviting; almost like the good old days of the 2 hour aircraft/carrier change in Hawaii. Last year went via HK to Vancouver to avoid LA.Cost a lot more but enjoyed the 3 day stopover in HK Still...