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  1. Bazra

    PB (and Guthega) history and old tows

    Just wondering after looking at this trail map, does anyone know if the trail here labeled "Platform" from the top of the summit chair to Guthega still possible? Do you have to hike up the wall and traverse the back of the mountain over to Parachute? Has anyone here done this run?
  2. Bazra

    Snow Report Perisher 2016 - Trip Reports, Chat, Pics, Stoke here

    Went over to Eyre t-bar a couple of days ago with my partner and 7 year old and was told that he was too short to ride by himself. He eventually let him ride up, he prefers to ride alone or with someone his same height. If and when we do ride with him he seems to struggle and so do we with the...
  3. Bazra

    Observations July 8th - 10th, before the storm

    What annoys me is the ticket checkers like the girl at the terminal quad today with over 100 people in a queue and not organising people into groups of four, most of them do seem to, but for some reason she didn't.
  4. Bazra

    North or South or Not at All?

    Thanks for the tips, the kids ski free was definitely a reason why we have changed our minds and looking at the North Island. Nothing set in concrete yet, we may even keep an eye on how this season pans out at all NZ resorts, not aware of the Mackenzie fields will have to look into it, thanks...
  5. Bazra

    North or South or Not at All?

    Hopefully after another big season this year at Perisher no one will need any more lessons. Our 4 yo is a little ripper, 14 yo intermediate & myself advanced on skis, the mrs and the eldest are advanced snowboarders. As long as there is a pub ill be happy
  6. Bazra

    North or South or Not at All?

    We're (Me, the Mrs and 3 kids) keen to travel to NZ next year after skiing/boarding Thredbo and Perisher the last few years with season passes. We were originally going to do Wanaka and Queenstown resorts, but seemed to have changed our minds and have been looking at Turoa and Whakapapa, what is...
  7. Bazra

    Does Anyone know what lift these old towers are from?

    Thanks Dive, I'd say they must have been part of the original crackenback rope tow moved to upper snowgums. It must have looked a whole lot different back then as the trees are pretty dense in that area now
  8. Bazra

    Does Anyone know what lift these old towers are from?

    Skiing the Bushranger last year I came across a few old towers in amongst the trees below Black Salees, can anyone tell me what lift they were part of, they don't seem to match up with any of the old lifts and rope tows in the directory
  9. Bazra

    Development @ Thredbo

    Thredbo have announced the upgrades to Friday Flat - They have also stated that the new iPhone app will be available sometime in May!!
  10. Bazra

    Thredbo Accommodation 2012

    What travel company is that through?
  11. Bazra

    Development @ Thredbo

    I found this site: A current project: Kosciuszko Thredbo - Valley Terminal TAH Redevelopment, Thredbo Village, NSW Property advisory services in relation to the proposed Valley Terminal redevelopment at Thredbo, NSW. Project will...
  12. Bazra

    No more snow making ....

    Coming across from saschas yesterday (which was awesome) I came across a snowmaker removing the hoses from the guns on little beauty, he said the water is too warm now which means it has to be a lot colder to make any snow.