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    A New Wonnangatta Mystery

    In the Age Detectives have impounded a 4WD they believe could be linked to the disappearance of campers Russell Hill and Carol Clay, who vanished in Victoria’s high country in March last year. Special operations group police arrested a 55-year-old Caroline Springs man at about 5.30pm on Monday...
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    A New Wonnangatta Mystery

    Maybe a police station in the Wonnangatta?
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    News Falls Creek Hotham Alpine Crossing. The master plan. What a heap of horsepoo.

    I believe that the VNPA would be the lead conservation group to take action on this. they do mention the crossing on but they haven't posted anything on this latest development yet. I expect they'll say something before too long.
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    Your Mountains Need You - Koscuiszko NP is under attack

    Yes, I've sent a submission. It's a disconcerting trend , trying to make a buck any way out of National Parks. The Falls - Hotham crossing in Vic is another example and in Tasmania they seem to be all over the place. Essentially it's privatising Parks for the benefit of high income people.
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    What was your first bush walk ?

    First day hike with scouts, Seymour to Tallarook. Travelled from Melbourne by train. Mostly through farmland. Did overnight hikes with scouts around Gilwell Park in the the Dandenongs. Did one to Kurth Kiln I remember. First proper bush trip was with my Dad and brother to the Lighthouse at...
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    Question Any takers for BC XC ski touring the Bogong High Plains for 4 nights? Possibly 11/8/21 to 15/8/21??

    Another possibility is to book in at the Bogong Rover chalet, on the aqueduct between Cope Hut and Wallaces. Haven't stayed there myself but I now people who have and you don't need to be a member of Scouts. You can book for a week and have a base from which you ski around with a day pack...
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    Advice needed Where to car camp near Mt Hotham

    From Porepunkah you could go down Buckland River road. Plenty of free campsites.
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    Vic Alpine roadworks

    I received the following email yesterday. Hi, I am writing to inform you of some upcoming Regional Roads Victoria works in the Alpine area, including on the Great Alpine Road, the Bogon High Plains Road and Tawonga Gap Road. These works are part of a $32.8 million statewide investment to...
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    Horses In National Parks, A Discussion.

    I was at Cowombat Flat last week. Friends of the Cobberas have fenced off some plots so that brumbies can't graze them so you can measure the difference between brumby grazing and no brumby grazing. I think that the results speak for themselves.
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    Prepping for bush walks xxxxs

    Is honey whisky really that good? I've never tried it.
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    Question Cameras for the Backpack?

    Olympus TG5 plus iPhone. Always have the phone but it's fragile and battery life isn't great. TG5 is very tough, I have several spare batteries (you used to be able to get spare batteries for phones, must be out of fashion).
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    Question Powerbanks & Solar charging

    The website says the Jaycar battery is 3 kg. Are you stashing it away before the season?
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    Question Any suggestions for 5 day walk Mt. Howitt region?

    Upper Howqua camping area - no problems with 2WD access. Can't remember about King Hut. Mt Speculation campsite has always been reliable for water.
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    Question Munyang to Schlink / Valentine

    So your camera is the old film OM1, not the digital OM-D E-M1?
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    A New Wonnangatta Mystery

    Bogong is right about the squeaky wheel gets the oil. A couple of years ago I was on a Bushwalking Vic track clearing from Howqua River up Howitt spur. The ranger said that they get lots of complaints about horse riders about the tracks, but hardly any from bushwalkers.
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    Mt Howitt memorial plaque

    Why stop at a plaque? Why not have a pyramid?
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    Question Is This Feathertop?

    Is that a cairn on top of Mt Feathertop on the cover of Harry Stephenson's book, Skiing the High Plains? Looks like one to me.
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    Question Is This Feathertop?

    In the old days surveyors regularly erected cairns. The Black Allen line, marking the straight bit of the NSW - Victoria, had cairns erected at regular intervals. although I can't find details at the moment. Erecting a cairn on Mt Feathertop would have been logical. It would be interesting to...
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    News Stanely Name spur track clearing. 23, 24/11/19

    I was on the track clearing. We cleared from the campsite at Upper Howqua camp to the junction of Howitt Spur track and Queen Spur track. Then we cleared Howitt Spur track to the top, and Queen spur track to the junction with Stanley Name Spur track. On Sunday one group also did some clearing on...

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