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  1. ARitchie

    Snow Report The Lake Mountain 2019 Trip Report, Conditions & Pics Thread

    Can confirm, most of LM staff was at Falls on the weekend.
  2. ARitchie

    the BC chatter thread

    “Expect longer travel times in winter conditions”
  3. ARitchie

    the BC chatter thread

    PV need some big new warning signs on the razorback to keep inexperienced people out.
  4. ARitchie

    Snow Report Mt Buller 2019 - Trip Reports, Pics & Conditions

    Actually had a few people say this to me today, The second the wind picks up and they shut down the all of the northside/summit/howqua everyone gets pushed onto Wombats and the que gets bad. The current lift is sooo slooww.
  5. ARitchie

    Show us your skis!!!

    I've never been on proper downhill or back country ski's so I have nothing to compare them too, I'm on the overtake most of the time at resorts so they cant be that much slower. They are awesome uphill, never had any issues, the occasional herringbone if needed. They skis cost $25 at a gear...
  6. ARitchie

    Hotham Vs Buller

    Im not the only person to mention off-piste/out of bounds in this thread, calm down
  7. ARitchie

    Hotham Vs Buller

    Buller has more km of black runs, while Hotham may have more challenging black runs it definitely has better off-piste for the extremely advanced with the Razorback and Feathertop.
  8. ARitchie

    Snow Report Mt Baw Baw 2019 - Trip Reports, Pics & Conditions.

    Yeah, no road proper clearing at all meant there was about 10cm of snow on the whole road. People slipping with chains on the way up because they had no momentum. 1hr queue to get out the top carpark because of crashes.
  9. ARitchie

    Snow Report Mt Baw Baw 2019 - Trip Reports, Pics & Conditions.

    Ahh classic Baw Baw drivers...
  10. ARitchie

    Snow Report Mt Baw Baw 2019 - Trip Reports, Pics & Conditions.

    Im heading up tomorrow, hopefully its 4WDs with chains still, so I can have the resort to myself :P
  11. ARitchie

    Show us your skis!!!

    Old school K2s with a grip pattern cut into them for back country :)
  12. ARitchie

    Suggestion Traffic to and from the Snow

    Needs laws put it place to protect drives who pit maneveur other cars off the road who don't pull out into the slow vehicle bays and let everyone else pass.
  13. ARitchie

    Advice needed Route suggestion

    Finding Edmonsons or Johnstons hut in the dark with little to no experience of the area is asking for trouble. They are both ungroomed, pole lines go through trees at some point. If you want to leave midday Friday you are better off staying in Mt Beauty and leaving early morning.
  14. ARitchie

    Snow Report The Lake Mountain 2019 Trip Report, Conditions & Pics Thread

    Most of the trails were awesome today, nice and firm (I skied from 8 to 10:30) Royston’s Road is patchy and full of frozen foot prints, same with Taggery Return, seems LM Management forgot about the “No walking on ski trails” Signs.
  15. ARitchie

    Advice needed What car to buy for Hotham?

    My Father has been skiing for over 40 years owning many vehicles over that time, hes currently on his 4th Subaru Outback. He has used them as a plumbing vehicle 5 days a week, towing a trailer and has had 300k+ on each one. If you want a nippy super grippy all rounder that is the best choice...
  16. ARitchie

    Buller Crew Banter Thread

    Saw 4 cops on the road yesterday, still managed to overtake a few cars in my 36yr old Landcruiser on the way down from Buller. Some people have no idea how to drive on Alpine roads.
  17. ARitchie

    Trip Report Mt Stirling - Victoria

    Decent cover everywhere, Summit is very thin, Circuit RD is chopped up from 4WDs. Good start to the seaon :)
  18. ARitchie

    Unfair chains requirement

    Throw ski gear in car, throw skis in car, throw chains in car, go skiing. How hard is it? Buy a set and they'll last to you die.
  19. ARitchie

    News Pretty Valley hut maintenance and possibly total rebuild

    Hopefully they don't replace it with a characterless, flat pack hut.
  20. ARitchie

    Question Mt Bogong Huts Burnings 1978

    Imagine something like this hidden away behind Spion Kopje for backcountry only

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