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  1. Ian

    Best footwear for spring Snow River crossing?

    For the Snowy below the Charlotte Pass car park, in the morning the river is a little lower and I just step across in my tele boots. I take a spare pair of socks just in case. On Club creek, a large boulder appears to have moved and you have to step on a submerged rock but I've had no trouble...
  2. Ian

    Question Sleeping Pads

    For me a good pillow is the key to a good night's sleep. I stuff my down jacket into my sleeping bag cover and wrap it in my pile jacket so it doesn't slip around.
  3. Ian

    Question Sleeping Pads

    What Parallax said first. Full length Exped hyperlight winter mat and ancient 1cm Karrimor mat. The inflatable mat bridges any gaps underneath. My mate Bugle uses a half length Thermarest over a cheap foam pad. On longer trips I take my Karrimor pad in case I hole the inflatable one. I...
  4. Ian

    Oversnow booking shamoozle

    I love the place, but we turn up at the Skitube prepared to snowshoe in if necessary. We've never not got there, but the whole thing feels like it's run on a granny knot and a prayer.
  5. Ian

    Winter's Snowed-In BBQ Forum

    Managed to get down to Thredbo with the kids on the Saturday, the youngest was complaining about the deep snow while I was complaining about the frozen snowboard divots underneath.
  6. Ian

    the BC chatter thread

    That'll only work in Japan...
  7. Ian

    The Round Up

    Everywhere. Ian - D - BD O3 on trackless BD Drifts The O3s were off my old Atomic Chugach that threw a steel edge.
  8. Ian

    Garage ski rack design

    I've got mine leaning against the wall beside my bed.
  9. Ian

    the BC chatter thread

    May as well ski Japan from there.
  10. Ian

    the BC chatter thread

    Love the smell of baby spew in the morning....
  11. Ian

    Skinning Practice Location

    Up the ridge opposite the Dead Horse Gap Carpark near Thredbo. Plenty of people up where it flattens off to give you advice.
  12. Ian

    the BC chatter thread

    Shame it's not Merritts/Cruiser as well, as a cheaper shortcut to Charlotte Pass, $45 is a lot cheaper than a $95 Skitube open return.
  13. Ian

    Question Heritage twisted fence dropper photo. [SOLVED]

    Bingo! Thanks for posting the photos.
  14. Ian

    Question Kerries to Mawsons Hut

    Glad to hear about the deep snow, thanks for reporting back.
  15. Ian

    Early Season Backcountry Trips

    Last year you couldn't park overnight at DHG. If you're worried call parks and ask.
  16. Ian

    Question Kerries to Mawsons Hut

    Hard to know. I'd be surprised if there was much snow depth or any boilerplate on the very top. The wind forecast is for 30kph northerlies. I've tried both and find snowshoes to be more versatile in a range of conditions but a bit heavier. If it's not boilerplate but slush between the tussocks...
  17. Ian

    Question Heritage twisted fence dropper photo. [SOLVED]

    I'll be up there again soon and I'll take a photo myself. If I knew the old 'trade name' a search might work. I don't think they are another device repurposed for fencing.
  18. Ian

    Question Skin saver hacks

    Depends how often you're going to use them and any discount, my skins took a couple of years to soften a bit, the older ones are due for a reglue. I like to support local shops even when stock is scarce, you might be waiting a while.
  19. Ian

    Trip Report Bogong April 30

    Beautiful weather, lots of other visitors.
  20. Ian

    Question Skin saver hacks

    The old skin savers supplied with the first half skins I bought started to fall apart from the first ski trip, didn't last the second. I replaced that with some strips of shade cloth I happened to have. There's a long story about my new full skins I needed for my latest Japanese powder trackless...

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