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  1. SAL

    Epic Pass Refunds

    Sorry if this has been answered but got my refund the other day - all apart from the original $49 deposit. Was the deposit refundable?
  2. SAL

    Newnes, Wolgan Valley

    Thanks Legs!
  3. SAL

    Newnes, Wolgan Valley

    Just got back from a few days camping at Newnes camping ground in Wolgan Valley. Very beautiful! My question is how do you pronounce Newnes? We pronounced it to rhyme with “prunes”, but we’ve been told by a friend that, since it’s Scottish, it’s pronounced with two syllables, like “New-nes”.
  4. SAL

    Gerg’s Snow Depth Predictions - Long Term

    Here is Gerg’s member page..
  5. SAL

    Murder mystery based in Charlotte Pass

    Think I can almost see them in there....
  6. SAL

    Off-piste ski snowboard simulator

    Thanks Skinavy, there was one of those around Alexandria a few years ago. Thought the one at Off-Piste was interesting because of the virtual reality aspect to it.
  7. SAL

    Off-piste ski snowboard simulator

    From what I see the platform you ski on stays horizontal. Would be good if they could put servos into the platform to make it mimic the angle of the slope on the screen. But then they’d probably need more safety features built in.
  8. SAL

    Off-piste ski snowboard simulator

    Hopefully not a YART, but a friend was walking through the Entertainment Precinct in Moore Park and noticed this place. Looks kinda like a zhuzhed up version of one of those old skiers edge machines. Anyone tried? Looks like a bit of fun for the off season.
  9. SAL

    News Yeti spotted at Ski Resort

  10. SAL

    Worldwide ski resort comparison graph

    Happier absentskier ? .....
  11. SAL

    Worldwide ski resort comparison graph

    Saw this on Facebook and, while I’m not sure about its accuracy (particularly because of Thredbo spelling), found it interesting. Though I’d share....
  12. SAL

    Japanese phones, WiFi & walkie-talkies: the definitive guide

    Saw this SIM card deal on ozbargains and thought I’d share...
  13. SAL

    Question Nice place for a couple to stay?

    How about Falls Creek Country Club (but probably booked out by now)...
  14. SAL

    Oakley Flight Deck XM Snow Goggles

    Just saw this on ozbargain. Good price for anyone interested...
  15. SAL

    Opinion Anybody any experience with Marmot gear?

    Got a pair of their freerider pants; had them for a few years. Love them! Bulletproof.
  16. SAL

    Aldi Ski Sale 2018 - Sat May 19

    Full catalogue of snow gear here...
  17. SAL

    Mega Thread The Autumn ground cooling thread!

    Video from a truck in a tornado in Taranaki...
  18. SAL

    Close encounter with unidentified snake

    If you have a spare 50mins there’s a great ABC radio Conversations with Sarah Kanowski about the history of coastal taipans and in particular the attempts to catch them to produce an anti-venom, really fascinating stuff... Hunting the deadly coastal taipan
  19. SAL

    I love skiing but I'm not very good at it

    I've always said I'm an expert on green slopes, advanced on blue, intermediate on black and beginner on double blacks! :(
  20. SAL

    PB (and Guthega) history and old tows

    These ones?

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