1. POW Hungry

    Predictions 13-17 October 2021

    As discussed in the BBQ thread, there’s good alignment for more polar air to influence the SE by means of a broad cut off system. It’s got all the hallmarks of an October dump; prefrontal, marginal temps etc. Should equate to 15-30cm for the resort areas above 1600m, along with 20mm of...
  2. POW Hungry

    Event 29 SEP - 2 OCT SE Aus Broad-based Low

    Well it's almost a year to the day, under similar climate driver conditions and we've got ourselves a (seemingly more-benign) similar system on our hands - another low pressure anchors itself over the SE. BoM 4-dayer: 8th Oct 2020, that yielded this event...
  3. POW Hungry

    Predictions 11-13th September

    Well it's coming together. Both GFS & EC have some spark left in the season yet. Looks slidey AF, but trending positively. Has potential for a 10-25cm fall IMO. But to keep expectations in check, right now it's sitting in the 5cm camp. Smells like a Baw Baw/Buller special IMO. EC: GFS:
  4. NightSky

    Mega Thread The 2021 Ski Season Froth Thread

    Yes, it is nice to get 60cm in early May, but if you don't don't get a follow up in late May or June, it all goes to waste (like last year).
  5. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    Question 2021 Vic. ski season. Can it survive another locked down /shutdown season?

    I am curious to know what people think about the 2021 Vic. ski season. I am of the opinion that resorts, businesses and local towns near ski locations will not be able to endure another season of lockdowns and closures.

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