1. POW Hungry

    33 killed in successive avalanches in Turkey

    Article here: ABC News Strong winds and fluctuating temps have been observed in recent days.
  2. tugboat

    Avalanche and Weather Resources - Hokkaido

    I’ve been looking around trying to find data for snowfall, weather forecasting and avalanche reports. Hoping some others can add sources that they use. Really looking for a source similar to the United States’ Avalanche.org. The two primary sources I’ve found so far are: Snow Japan’s Daily...
  3. skinavy

    News Avalanche in Whistler

    Apparently a 42 yo woman from NSW has been killed in an avalanche in Whistler. https://globalnews.ca/news/4986956/woman-killed-avalanche-whistler-blackcomb/
  4. davekinkead

    Aussie Family caught in St Anton Avalanche - One killed

    Local news reporting an Aussie family caught in an avalanche while skiing offpiste in St Anton. Tragically, one son was killed. https://www.tt.com/panorama/unfall/15201386/mutter-und-sohn-von-lawine-in-st-anton-erfasst-16-jaehriger-starb Avy risk here in Austria is crazy at the moment - at...
  5. Lonepeak

    Question Hakuba - Bring Avi Gear?

    I’ve never been there. I love sidecountry, but won’t be doing backcountry. Is avalanche gear a good idea. It’s easy to bring since I live in Okinawa, but won’t bother if unnecessary. Any thoughts?
  6. JoshFletcher

    DONT KNOW, DONT GO Mountain Safe alpine safety course

    With more and more people heading into the Back country and venturing overseas to more extreme inbounds freeride terrain, the need for an awareness program was obvious. MOUNTAIN SAFE is a brainchild of world renowned photographer and skier, Tony Harrington. The course is open to anyone 14yrs+...
  7. sastrugi

    Question Best place to buy avalanche transmitters???

    Hi team, +1 is heading to Japan early Jan for a month. Last trip we used borrowed beacons, this trip we're looking at biting the bullet and making the purchase. However now the decision has been made on which one to use, we can't buy them online (either not available or not able to be sent to...

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