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  1. Interruptedbyfireworks

    Ski pole routes

    Sorry if this has been discussed before - I had a little search through the forum but couldn’t find anything. I’m currently studying my new Kosciusko SUTMAP, and I see that there is a legend for “ski pole route”, with one such route near the Kosciusko lookout, and many near Charlotte Pass and...
  2. Harry James

    Question Tips for Chamonix Off Piste Guides

    I'm in Chamonix from Jan 3 to 9 and looking to get out into the back country with a group. Can anyone suggest a good guide or company they have been with? Or anyone looking for another member of the BC crew. I've got my AST1, all the gear and confident on blacks. Let me know.
  3. Harry James

    Wanted Complete Splitboard Set Up 158 to 161

    Hey Frothers. Looking for a split board. Range from 158 to 161. Looking to get the whole kit if I can. Board, Bindings, Skins, Poles. I think that will do me. If you have one that you are looking to shift, let me know. Also, I have a load of gear I can swap if you want, but if not. Happy to part...
  4. P

    Outdoor Gear Cross/Back country skis and boots (Atomic Rainier)

    The snow season is upon us soon again. So gear up for the new season for heading out into the alpine back-country. Atomic Rainier light weight cross/back country skis with steel edge, 168 cm, good condition, rarely used, comes with Rottefella Super Tele 3-pin (75mm) bindings, and also available...
  5. Chaeron

    Victorian Alps Summer Bogong High Plains with a skier’s eye

    Over the past few weeks my skier’s eye has had about 10 days on the Bogong High Plains, and while Google Earth has its advantages, developing one’s own overview is always difficult. Difficult to develop an overview in winter. I know it’s flat, but there’s SO much to ski. These are my amateurish...
  6. Harry James

    Question Anyone want to come into the Backcountry in Whistler

    Hey Crew. I'm in Whistler from the 3rd to the 10th and looking for a buddy or crew to hit the BC, side or even main resort. BC prefered. I can either split or bootpack. I won't slow you down. Here with my wife who prefers to apré. Looking to hit the slopes with some advanced intermediates to...
  7. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    News BC high country roads reopening on NOV. 1st 2018
  8. Chaeron

    Victorian Alps Bogong 11-13 July

    Our first ski trip to Bogong - three slow but relaxed days, timed around the prevailing weather. Lots of fresh, dry and soft snow saw us skinning up from quite low on Eskdale from midday Saturday- maybe about 350 m from Camp Creek Gap which had about 10 cars parked. We skinned up to Mitchell...
  9. Chaeron

    Question The lightweight gear question

    What is your lowest overnight expedition backpack weight on the snow and how do you get there - besides gear on your feet / bindings/ skis / splitties, what about tent/ food/ other gear? Or are you so fit and strong you normally carry up the kitchen sink and the caravan?
  10. Chaeron

    Up the Bluff

    So here’s a new Victorian Alpine overnighter folks - start at the Upper Howqua camp site, head up the Bluff Link Track for about 5km, and once you’re at 1000m then head up the dry stream bed to the top of Square Head Jinny and up the Bluff, traverse to the Bluff Track below Mount Lovick and...
  11. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    Question Skiing Mt. Jagungal in spring?

    Hi Now that the Khancoban to Cabramurra road is open then access from Round Mountain to Dershko's hut via the Round Mtn. track is possible on foot( and by mountain bicycle for the insane masochists). Now that I am learning to BC XC ski ,the concept of trekking...
  12. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    Trip Report Keppel's hut and Lake Mtn. Boundary Hut ruins.4/10/17

    Today my friend and I went off to scout out the sneaky way to Lake Mountain from Buxton. We drove up to Buxton early and the countryside was shrouded in fog. I didn't take skis, snowshoes or microspikes , a decision that was later to prove to be...
  13. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    Mt. Feathertop June 4th and 5th 2017

    I had a great solo trek up the Bungalow spur track to Fed. hut on June 4th and 5th 2017 and saw the sunrise from the snowy summit of Mt. FT. on Monday June 5th 2017 :).I used Kahtoola Microspikes for the summit assault aided by a head torch.
  14. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    Mt.Wills. Summer visit.It Looks prime for white season!

    Hi This month ( Jan. 2017 )I went to Mt. Wills. I loved it. In white season I am going back to snow camp and snow shoe up at the summit. Compared to Mt. Stirling it is undiscovered, free and less developed.There is also an old down hill ski slope( overgrown ) and an old...