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  1. wombatskis

    Worth buying bc gear just for use in Aus

    Hey everyone, Just wanted an opinion on if it is worth it to buy bc gear if I will mainly be using it in Australia, NSW in particular, and will travel overseas (once we can) at least once a year. I would be using the gear at least 30 days a season. Cheers.
  2. stridercdh

    Sold Osprey Kode 30L Snow Pack $50 ONO

    I'm selling my Osprey Kode snow pack. Only $50 ONO. 30L capacity with M/L backpanel length. Has served me well for my day tours but I've not used it for a couple of seasons. Great for carrying skis/board plus snow shovel, warm layers and food/water. From : "The Osprey Kode 30...
  3. Kelly van den Berg

    Question Touring tents ?

    Hi peeps I’m looking for a quality 1P 4 seasons tent for splitboard touring. I currently have a Mont Epoch 2P which is great for bigger trips but the weight is a killer for me. Currently looking at the MSR Access, Wilderness Equipt Space 1 winter or WE Second Arrow. Like I said weight is a...
  4. Chaeron

    Sold Fritschi Backcountry frame bindings.

    These Diamir Titanal old style frame bindings with brakes might just be the thing if you’re wanting a cheap intro. to the back country. Brake size 100mm. Fritschi Freerides. No need for tech. boots, but an old style BC boot...
  5. stridercdh

    Sold Black Diamond Guide Gloves $75 neg

    Selling my amazingly warm Black Diamond Guide Gloves. Size: Mens Large. As much as love them they're just too warm for my hands as I tend to run on the warm side anyway. In excellent condition. A couple of seasons old but very well looked after. No damage or blemishes. Seriously durable...
  6. Peter Haley

    Dynafit Sale 20-50% Off

    Dynafit 20-50% Off Bumps' entire range of Dynafit is now on sale to help you go and explore the mountains. This includes customer favorites such as: The Khion Boot is now a huge 50% off, now only $600 (rrp $1199). The Meteorite Ski with a skin is 40% off, now only $863 (rrp $1439) The...
  7. Vanders

    Question New Backcountry Ski Pants

    My old faithful Mont Syncro backcountry pants have endured a bashing over the last maybe 7-8 years, and now need a retirement. I'd like to say that I've worn them out (they've survived a lot) but they're shrinking i swear! -ok ok, I've gotten fat... Can anyone recommend backcountry ski pants...
  8. Peter Haley

    Spring Touring Sale

    To celebrate all the snow in the high country Bumps is having a huge Spring Touring Sale for 6 days only! Up to 30% Off Selected Touring Gear. Sale Includes: - ALL DPS Skis are 30% Off RRP - Touring Boots 10-30% Off - Touring Bindings 10-30% Off - Selected Touring Clothing 30% Off in store...
  9. Peter Haley

    Ski Touring Demos Now Available

    Bumps have introduced a backcountry specific demo range including touring skis, skins and touring boots. Our backcountry demo range includes DPS and K2 Skis with Dynafit or Marker Kingpins bindings and G3 Skins. In our demo range we have K2 Way Backs and a large range of DPS Wailer skis to...
  10. waskis

    Skis Line Mordecai Skis with or without Fritschi Vipec bindings

    Purchased in January 2016, only skied 7 days - therefore skis are in great condition, only a few scratches on the top sheets. Bindings are awesome to use and in great condition too. Please note these are the newer model Vipec, not past models that had a few issues with them. Sale with or without...
  11. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    My New Ice axe and crampons

    Hi, I am now kitted up for everything in the winter backcountry kit. I bought some hiking boots crampons. You know the ones with the rubber stretchy harness that fits onto any boot with small metal teeth connected with a stainless steel criss cross chain. I also...
  12. T

    New Furano Backcountry Rental & Retail

    Hi all, Happy to announce the "official" opening of our shop in Furano. We have been building up stock levels for a few years and been open for two years but now happy to trumpet it. Also for those ski.commers who came through renting resort gear, we have moved the resort gear to another...

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