1. wombatskis

    Worth buying bc gear just for use in Aus

    Hey everyone, Just wanted an opinion on if it is worth it to buy bc gear if I will mainly be using it in Australia, NSW in particular, and will travel overseas (once we can) at least once a year. I would be using the gear at least 30 days a season. Cheers.
  2. E

    Advice needed Ice axe and Crampons

    Hey guys, I'm planning on doing a winter backcountry camping trip this July. I have no concerns about required gear with the exception of crampons and an ice axe. I am not sure if they are necessary to take. Currently, I would probably take micro-spikes and an ice axe. We don't ascend a slope...
  3. C

    Trade 4FRNT YLE 187 Twin Tip Powder + Elan Free 15 Bindings - Inner West MEL VIC

    Hi Everyone, I have a pair of 4FRNT YLE 187 Twin Tip Powder Skis with Elan bindings for trade or sale. More info about the skis can be found here. I am hoping to find someone that is has some twin tip all mountains around 170-180cm with bindings that would like to swap for some powder skis. I...
  4. SkyAtlantida Team

    News Ski touring & backcountry to Sherkhota in Georgia Gudauri

    Backcountry to the top of mt. SHERKHOTA 3695 meters. On April 27, 2020, Anatolii Mykhailiuta and Oleg Gritskevich started from Gudauri, an altitude of 1805 meters. Backcountry was planned for three days and two nights. In the first 7 hours of the journey, 6.2 kilometers were passed and with a...
  5. jimthetramp

    Scariest thing you've encountered in the BC

    Given the amount of hype surrounding the sensationalist article on 'the button man,' that is making the rounds at the moment, I thought I'd start this thread to hear some of your spooky stories from the Australian backcountry.
  6. tugboat

    Avalanche and Weather Resources - Hokkaido

    I’ve been looking around trying to find data for snowfall, weather forecasting and avalanche reports. Hoping some others can add sources that they use. Really looking for a source similar to the United States’ The two primary sources I’ve found so far are: Snow Japan’s Daily...
  7. Vanders

    Accessories Single Old Cane Touring Pole

    Hi All, I have a single old cane touring pole that I've had around for years, and i want to move it on. Is anyone interested? I'm in the Newcastle area. Total length is approx 1350-1360mm tip to tip Black plastic hand grip, with old leather strap Plastic basket and metal tip. There is an old...
  8. R

    Advice needed Tele skis: what to buy

    I got keen on backcountry skiing last year and rocked a fairly ghetto setup (old Atomic twintips with Cobra 75mm bindings and near-dead skins) which I'm looking at replacing. Though late in the season, I'm eyeing off a set of tele skis for sale on Facebook and tossing up whether to pull the...
  9. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    Trip Report Guthega Power Station to Valentine's hut.Easter 2018.

    I went up to do some solo hiking in the KNP over Easter 2018.It was busy up there in the KNP but it was still worth the long drive to get out of Melbourne and Victoria. Here is a photo based trip report.
  10. P

    Question Suggestions for 3 weeks of back/slackcountry touring in Hokkaido

    Hi all, I've already got a 3 week Japan holiday organised with my family, and work are now giving (/forcing) me a further 3 weeks of leave. On the original trip we're visiting Nozawa, Rusutsu and Furano. Planning to ski nearly entirely inbounds with one/two days of touring from Furano or maybe...
  11. P

    Advice needed Karhu and Fischer backcountry skis

    I'm hoping for some advice please. I have acquired some Karhu Kodiak Kinetic and Fischer Europa 99 Crown skis but I'd like to hear opinions from those in the know about whether they are really suitable or not. By way of background, I've been classic XC skiing since I was a kid, I'd call...
  12. ocker

    Review Telemark Pyrenees on-line Experience

    I have purchased 4 sets of skis, bindings & skins from Telemark Pyrenees. Excellent and cost effective service. With my last package on end of season clearance I purchased bindings where my boots were the smallest that wound fit. Due to a minor mounting error the bindings just missed my boots...
  13. J

    Winter traverse of the Australian Alps Walking Track

    Hey folks, I have a question...if you were going to traverse the Australian Alps Walking Track in Winter, what (combination?) would you take on your feet if you were looking for the greatest efficiency of movement across the snow and general terrain? (apart from hiking boots for walking below...
  14. stridercdh

    SnowPorn Interactive views of the Australian Alps

    Hi All, I just stumbled across this great collection of interactive alpine views to help ease my SDS. Many of you may have seen this page before. Amazing aerial shots of some iconic backcountry and familiar ski resorts. Enjoy. :)...
  15. Jellybeans

    Trip Report Hotham Backcountry trip 19th

    Unlike most Backcountry folk, I didn't have the time to go all the way to the Main Range. So I drove up to Hotham Tuesday arvo and slept in car. On arrival On Wednesday morning, I got up to Gotcha at 8am and skinned Spargos and did a couple of runs. By 10am, I managed a couple of runs into the...
  16. Peter Haley

    Spring Touring Sale

    To celebrate all the snow in the high country Bumps is having a huge Spring Touring Sale for 6 days only! Up to 30% Off Selected Touring Gear. Sale Includes: - ALL DPS Skis are 30% Off RRP - Touring Boots 10-30% Off - Touring Bindings 10-30% Off - Selected Touring Clothing 30% Off in store...
  17. J

    News Research Project

    Hi I am undertaking a research study investigating visitors use of the backcountry and wilderness areas of Kosciuszko National Park during the snow season. This includes those who are skiing or riding outside of the resort boundaries. If you have been on a backcountry trip this snow season in...
  18. Ohio

    Riding/Camping alone isn't as fun

    Hey guys, just found this forum. I'm a splitboarder looking for people to ride with this weekend, plan on hiking from Charlotte Pass to the main range on Saturday morning and camping there 'til Tuesday arv. I'm hoping to hit whatever steeps look rideable. This will be my third annual split and...
  19. Vanders

    Trip Report First Time Up Dead Horse Gap Trail 6-7th August 2016

    The missus and I headed up Dead Horse Gap trail for the first time last weekend, and were very shocked at how our office bodies weren't quite up to scratch. We had a lot of fun, weather on Saturday night was -10C according to BOM (Thredbo AWS) which left some good ice inside the H'berg. The...
  20. tetrix_

    B/C meet ups

    Hey! I'm studying here from Canada and brought my splitboard with me in case the snow was good here or in NZ and am well keen to get out there. The backcountry isn't exactly a place for soloists so I figure I'd ask where to hear about meet-ups / or if anyone wouldn't mind a tag along. Hope to...

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