1. Nebula

    Sold Brand New Salomon QST 92 skis with Tyrolia Attack 13 bindings

    Hi, For Sale I have a set of Brand New Salomon QST 92 skis size 177cm. Skis are mounted with Brand New Tyrolia Attack 13 bindings. Purchased only a couple of months ago for this trip, last minute decided going to board instead was going to hang on to them but decided I want a new board. Price...
  2. S

    Sold Telemark snow skis with Hammerhead bindings

    SOLD. Skis are Dynastar Evasions. Metal edge. Base are not patterned. 180cm $250 85/65/75 tip/toe/tail widths Base condition is excellent, with no gouges. Bindings are 22 Design Hammerhead. 5 adjustments. Not the lightest for touring. All the reviews on-line are very positive about...
  3. R

    Advice needed Help with mounting BD tele bindings

    Hi all, I'm located near Castlemaine and wanting to tee up help (in exchange for beers/baked goods/etc) or pay for someone locally to mount a set of BD bindings to a pair of skis, needing new mounting holes. I've done this process once before on a set of skis with basic Rottefella bindings, but...
  4. N

    Bindings & Skis - Cheap bindings, free skis!

    SHED CLEAN-OUT Salomon X-Scream Series skis & Bindings - $80 Base & edges in good condition. Still skis very well in the resort. Length: 193cm Profile: 105- 68-93 From Outdoor Review: "This is an excellent ski for all-mountain skiers looking for great stability and turning precision at high...
  5. M

    Hiring gear in Hakuba

    Hey all, I'm heading to Hakuba for a couple of weeks in January and will need to hire gear. Doing a bit of research beforehand and it seems that Rhythm is generally the most recommended hire shop (correct me if i'm wrong). However, when looking through their website at prices etc for hiring, it...
  6. A

    Question Snowboard binding set up Guru's in Jindabyne/Sydney for someone with knee problems

    I bought my first snowboard + bindings a couple of weeks ago from Rhythm when I was there and the person setting up asked me I wanted my bindings set at and I said something neutral as I am a beginner and still learning so asked her for 15/-15 which is what I've read online as to be duck and...
  7. davec1

    When is a binding brake too wide?

    I am wanting to mount a set of Attack 13 Demo's with 95mm brake to Stockli Laser AX (78mm waist). Is 95mm brake too wide for 78mm waist? If it is, what problems could it cause? Thanks in advance, Dave
  8. Sage O

    Advice needed Worth going the tech binding route for new skis?

    Hi all, Picked up a new set of Armada ARV 116 JJ on sale a few weeks ago for future Japow and NZ trips but haven’t decided on which binding to pair them with yet. Am debating whether it’s worthwhile mounting a tech binding like the kingpin or tecton etc or whether I should just mount a pair...
  9. Lady Penelope

    Question Where to get bindings checked in Perisher?

    Quick question for the brains trusts out there. My new skis have arrived (yippee!) and I’m keen to step into them next weekend. Obviously I need to get the bindings checked; they’ve been set roughly to my boot measurements prior to shipping. Adis? Snowline at Smiggins?
  10. Chaeron

    Sold 7TM bindings

    These used 7TM telemark bindings have come off some Karhu Guides I got on the BC thread from a forumite. They’re well used but quite serviceable. All in working order. They would best suit a patterned base BC ski. See the link below for specs...
  11. R

    Bindings [Brand NEW] Union Contact Pros 2018 - Black, Size M - Victoria

    Hi All, I purchased new pair of Union Contact Pro 2018 bindings (Size M, Black in color) from the UK. Before it arrived I purchased an used snowboard that came with Atlas bindings... so... I'm selling off the brand new Contact Pros. Everything is still in it's original packaging. Selling for...
  12. cleeshoy

    Sold Burton Lexa Women's snowboard bindings (Size M)

    For sale are some Burton Lexa Women's snowboard bindings (Size M). Colours are black and pink. They have been sitting in our cupboard for years - only used as handful of times - as you can see they were in great condition - pick up a bargain here - I have priced them to sell. Selling for $75 Can...
  13. Casey Liam McPoyle

    Question Lowest DIN setting discrepancies?

    Hey all. I work at a pro shop and we just noticed a weird thing with a line of bindings in our rental fleet. On the lowest DIN setting (they're an Atomic 3-10 model), they test out very low, at a 2. However, we set them at a 3.5 instead of the lowest of 3, and they tested out perfectly. Has...
  14. L

    Drill Mounted Bindings adjustability

    How far can Look Pivot 14 Dual WTR bindings be adjusted to accomodate different boot sizes before they need to be remounted?
  15. climberman

    Accessories Binding adaptor plates

    binding adaptor plates I think they fit dynafit and markers, or something (@PiniPowPow ?) Anyway, free to good home. Pickup in the gong preferred but could be twisted to post.
  16. R

    Old Skis, New Boots

    Hi all I have a pair of kastle 190 straight skis from like the mid 90s and would like to give them a try on the slopes but have no boots that fit, so considering buying a pair of boots but concerned whether new boots will work with the bindings on these old skis. Thoughts?
  17. waskis

    Skis Line Mordecai Skis with or without Fritschi Vipec bindings

    Purchased in January 2016, only skied 7 days - therefore skis are in great condition, only a few scratches on the top sheets. Bindings are awesome to use and in great condition too. Please note these are the newer model Vipec, not past models that had a few issues with them. Sale with or without...
  18. Team Weasel

    Sold Dynafit Beast 14

    Selling some more gear that's not quite what I'm after... --SOLD-- Voile Vector (180cm) for $300 AUD. Great ski, but too long for me. They've only been used a couple of times, and are pretty much as new. They have been mounted with binding inserts for Beast 14, ATK Free Raider 14 and an...
  19. C

    Sold Marker Jester Pro

    2015 Marker Jester Pros for sale Only skied for 2 days, in as new condition. $250+ postage.
  20. indifox

    Skis Kids skis, boots and bindings

    Pack includes: Vollk Gotama Jnr 128cm with Salamon LZ7 bindings Nordica hotrod 60 size 22-22.5 (268mm) Skis, boots and bindings have been used for 2 seasons but are in great shape. Ski topsheet and boots shows usual wear, base and edges are tuned and ready to go. Volkl gotama's are the best...

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