1. Momski

    Wanted WTB Kids boots mondo 12,13,14 + Helmet/goggles for 1yo + anything Nordica "Little Belle"

    I'm looking for gear for my 14 month old who is snowbound this year. Proper ski boots mondo size 12.0-14.5, ideal would be 12/12.5 but also happy for 13's or 14's. We can get 14/14.5 online but hoping to save on some second hand boots and hopefully get 12-13's. Yes they are to fit proper 70cm...
  2. Goski

    Boots Ski boots $50 Salomon PRO MODEL Flex 95 mondo 26

    No footbeds with these boot, BYO. Excess to requirements due to kids feet growing. Shells and inners in very good condition. Some surface acuffing on the power strap paint. Refer to the photos as part of the description. Liner and shell labelling say mondo 26.5 but I suggest they are more of a...
  3. Goski

    Sold On hold for sunday 6/10 buyer inspection : Fischer junior combi cross country ski boots $70

    Fischer junior xc combi xc boot. Little use. Excellent condition. Compatible with NNN binding. Size 39 euro, Men's UK 5.5 Womens 8 Price is firm. Local pickup preferred in Malvern East, Melbourne. Inspection welcome.
  4. Goski

    Wanted Alpine ski boots in Mondo 27.5 for growing son

    My growing teenage son's feet have grown to the end of his Mondo 26.5 alpine boots . Just in time for his first alpine ski trip this year at the end of next week ! If anyone in Melbourne or at Dinner Plain or Hotham has a pair of Mondo 27.5 boots (42 to 42.5 European size, AUS mens 8-8.5) you...
  5. Interruptedbyfireworks

    Advice needed New snowboard boots - for improving turns

    I'm looking for some recommendations for medium-stiff women's snowboard boots. For background, my current Burton Starstrucks (I think 2015 or maybe 2016 model) I got on sale a few years ago for less than a day's lift pass. My primary criteria that day was budget and aesthetics, so my heels lift...
  6. C

    Advice needed Where to buy - Cooma or Jindabyne?

    Hi all! My problem: Am driving Miss18 down from Brisbane to Jindabyne this week (she'll be working the season at Perisher). I have sorted her for skis (Volkl Biologic girls 151cm) & poles (Leki adjustables) - but she needs to buy some boots. She's very much a beginner skier, and is a...
  7. Yo Leo

    Advice needed Thoughts on standard lacing system - Snowboard boots

    Tried my new Burton Moto with BOA system for the past weekend but unfortunately it didn't suit my feet very well. To briefly explain I have sort of wide, flat and high feet and at the end of the second day I got numbness toes and couldn't barely walk on my boots. Anyway, I went to a board shop...
  8. B

    Boots Wanted Size EU 40 NNN BC boot

    Going to try and convert my son from downhill like I did a few seasons ago.
  9. flippa

    Heel wedges in boots

    Does anyone else wear heel wedges in their boots? I have pretty bad ankle mobility as well as being 6'7" tall. I wear wedges in my boots and I think it helps. When I squat in the gym I can get ass to grass with a pretty big wedge. Wondering if I should jack my boot wedges up even more or at...
  10. flippa

    Best bootfitter in Sydney?

    Hi guys, my wife has finally seen the light and is up to get her own ski setup. Can anyone recommend an experienced bootfitter in Sydney? Most of the retailers offer it as a service but looking for someone with good knowledge and experience. Also ideally a good range. Thanks!
  11. flippa

    Question on buying skis and boots for young kids...

    Hi, I was hoping that someone with young kids might be be able to give some advice. I have 4 young kids (6,5,3,1) and we have 3 ski trips booked this year (5 days, 5 days, 10 days). Right now there are some good deals on overseas sites, and I was considering buying ski setups for the 2 older...
  12. Goski

    Sold Mondo 26 boots for growing son.

    Sorted - hopefully - picking up a 26-26.5 pair tomorrow bought on eBay. Hopefully. Looking forward to a spring ski week and if Blue Ribbon is still skiable for a few days more it will be a nice run in the morning sunshine. Hi forumites. My son's feet have grown just in time to be inconvenient...
  13. Goski

    Sold Rossignol NNN BC boots euro39 $100

    Rossignol Cross country ski boots - Size EU 39. Seem smaller/ shorter in actual fit than the stated 39 so I suggest they are better suited to EURO size 38 feet. Two people who normally use size 39 have found their toe was touching the end. Hardly worn. My daughter's feet grew too fast...
  14. Goski

    Sold SOLD Rossignol 180cm Delta Skating Skis xc cross country NEW CONDITION $150

    Selling this for a friend who has gone OS. I tele, I AT, I xc tour on classic skis but I don't skate so make up your own mind whether or not these are good for your needs :) Never used 180cm skate skis with SNS EquipeSkate bindings. Full details on the gumtree ad...
  15. BrewerGrrrrrl

    Sold Lamar Board 144cm Girls/Womens Boots s8 and bag

    $150 Lamar Snowboard, bindings. K2 boots, billabong bag
  16. Maladjusted_vagabond

    Boots REDUCED PRICE - $125 - 2011/2012 Lange RX 120 Mens Downhill Ski Boots - Size: 29.5

    $125 The boots are in great condition with only 50-60 days of use. Bought new in 2013, and haven't been used for the last 3 years (I replaced them with a pair of alpine touring capable boots). They have been stored in dry and stable temperature conditions. You will need to add a footbed...
  17. R

    Old Skis, New Boots

    Hi all I have a pair of kastle 190 straight skis from like the mid 90s and would like to give them a try on the slopes but have no boots that fit, so considering buying a pair of boots but concerned whether new boots will work with the bindings on these old skis. Thoughts?
  18. E

    Sold Duckbilled Tele Boots - 29.5 mondo

    I seem to have lost mine up at Hotham last year....would like another pair so I can drop the knee again. unless you have my pair!?? :) Garmont Syner G 29.0 . . .
  19. S

    Boots FS - 2016/17 26.5 Black Diamond Factor MX130 - Reduced Price

    Selling brand new 2016/17 26.5 BD Factor MX130 never used. (tags still attached) - $300 130 flex Tech inserts Comes with both alpine and touring soles. Can post most places in oz for about $30 or Pick up Collingwood, Vic
  20. dmz

    Question Ski boots - Melbourne

    After 16 years I need new ski boots. In Melbourne is there anywhere else to look other than Bumps or AusSki? Also, what brand would people recommend. They're not required for extreme skiing, just comfortable intermediate.