1. Sage O

    Advice needed Planning our trip to the Victorian resorts (Winter 2021)

    Hi all, Have started turning my mind to the 2021 winter season and planning a potential trip down to visit the Victorian ski resorts (covid permitting). As my wife and I both have a large surplus of leave entitlement, we are thinking of taking all of August 2021 off and towing our very small...
  2. Kayden

    Mt buller Job Offer

    I went to an interview for Kitchen hand at Mt Buller a few weeks ago on the 20th march. Pretty confident I aced it as the interviewer unofficially offered me the job. Anyway I am still waiting for some sort of correspondence. Anyone else here done interview for Mt Buller or knows how long they...
  3. Kayden

    Mt Buller interview

    I just got selected for a Interview for Kitchen hand job at Mt Buller. Feeling excited but a bit nervous, does anyone know what the interview process is like ?
  4. snowgum

    How busy is the Buller over snow - arriving mid pm Sunday?

    We're planning on arriving at Buller about 2-3 pm this Sunday. Being Buller, I thought it would be pretty busy - especially being a changeover day. It's also likely to be snowy/windy for added ' fun'. So my question, is whether can add anything about their recent experiences? Especially...
  5. Lil_powlesy

    Camping near hotham or mt Buller

    Looking for free campsites near hotham or Buller that would be secure enough to leave a tent up while riding looking at staying for up to a week fully self sustainable with winter camping gear.
  6. ladycamper

    Death near Mt Buller 2016

    I'm told that after several days of searching by BSAR, CFA, Police, SES and other agencies and individuals that a male was found deceased in the region between Mirimbah and Mt Buller today or yesterday. Does anyone have any information on the case?

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