1. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    News Track clearing. East Tyers track/AAWT .25-27/1/20

    Volunteers are needed for track clearing with Parks Vic. and Bushwalking Vic. working together to keep this area open to walkers. This is in the area listed as Walk No. 29 in the " Bushwalking in the Vic. Alps" Guide book by Glenn van Der Thingy. If you have any...
  2. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    Trip Report Bungalow Spur/High Knob/Champion Spur hike.10 & 11 Dec. 2019

    Hi . On 9/12/19 Your correspondent in the field went to recover an unused supply drop for a proposed Trap yard Gap XC ski tour. I hid the buckets of goodies so well near Faithful's hut that I had to look really hard to relocate them. I also stopped and looked at a...
  3. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    Trip Report AAWT Bushwalking. The Nobs to Mt.Clear. Nov. 18 & 19th 2019

    Salaam! Your correspondent in the field took a two day break and made the most of a favourable weather window to go and walk some more of the Australian Alps Walking Track (AAWT). Armed with my new GPS as well as a map and compass this was quite an adventure. I rose at 5...
  4. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    Trip Report The Grampians N.P. 19-23 Oct. 2019

    Hi. Your correspondent in the field went to stay in Hall's Gap and go for a some day walks in Western Victoria's Grampians / Gariwerd N.P.. There was no snow or skiing involved but some spring adventure was to be had walking the rocky and sometimes remote terrain. The...
  5. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    News Stanely Name spur track clearing. 23, 24/11/19

    Bushwalking Vic. are doing a track clearing working bee on Stanley Name Spur later in Nov.. (23, 24/11/19) I am not sure if they are clearing the whole track from the Circuit Rd. or just the bit that goes up to the Cross Cut Saw from the intersection with Queen's Spur logging track. Either way...
  6. Sydlouise

    Question Easter hike inspiration needed

    With the Easter long weekend coming up I've been trying to think of ideas for a longer pack walk, looking for something I wouldn't normally get the opportunity to do on a normal weekend. I also thought about taking the days off around Anzac to make it a 10 dayer but Overland track booked out...
  7. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    Trip Report Bogong High Plains.26-28/1/19

    A full trip report from your correspondent in the field is soon to be forthcoming. I took an old friend up along from Clover Arboretum out along the Bogong Creek Aqueduct and tramway and then went up the fire trails to Bogong Creek saddle (The old Helipad) for the...
  8. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    Trip Report Mt.Clear/Hell's Window/ The Bluff.Dec.27th-31st/2018

    Hi. "Happy new year first of all " as Jimi Hendrix said on the "Band of Gypsies" live album. :) Your correspondent in the field went out and walked this route just recently with two other bushwalkers from the VNPA. Upper Jamieson River/Clear Creek Track/ Mt. Clear...
  9. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    News Bogong Creek aquaduct and tramline access.

    Hi I have applied for permission for access , in writing by snail mail from AGL regarding access to the Bogong Creek aquaduct and tramline. This is their reply: "Dear Mr.Tee on XC skis Thank you for your letter regarding access to the Bogong Creek race line. The...
  10. Chaeron

    NSW Alpine Hannels Spur and Mt Kosi in autumn

    Inspired by the news on the Hannels Spur thread that a work party had recently cleared the top part of the spur I set out for the Main Range on Wednesday from Melbourne. I set out from the Geehi Flats at 4pm, and walked along the 4WD track along the Geehi river and then set up the ridge -...
  11. Chaeron

    Up the Bluff

    So here’s a new Victorian Alpine overnighter folks - start at the Upper Howqua camp site, head up the Bluff Link Track for about 5km, and once you’re at 1000m then head up the dry stream bed to the top of Square Head Jinny and up the Bluff, traverse to the Bluff Track below Mount Lovick and...

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