1. D

    Advice needed Sending snowboard to Canada

    Hello all, looking forward to my first trip to Canada. I was hoping for some advice on sending snowboards to Canada via courier (something like Black Cat to Japan). I hardly find a posts referencing it but was hoping for some direct advice from their experience. Any advice from people with...
  2. Holmlands

    "The Revelstoke Diaries" - a new film and web series

    "The Revelstoke Diaries" is a new film by Holmlands and Out There Media - going behind the scenes of the ski town of Revelstoke in British Columbia, Canada. Speaking with Canadians who are proud to call Revelstoke their home, we see how the community is united by their own passion for adventure...
  3. A

    Question Canada working holiday Banff

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone has used easkiandsnowboard to get their level 1 and/or 2 CSIA ski instructor qualifications, and how it was like. I was also wondering what others Did as a job during summer while in Canada on a working holiday visa. I have decided that I want to work at lake...
  4. C

    SnowPorn Canada Ski Edit - Aus Day 2019

    Check out my Aus Day ski edit from a few months back. Just a bit of fun ;) Australia Day 2019 | Sun Peaks
  5. C

    SnowPorn Canada Ski Edit

    Check out my latest ski edit from youtube:
  6. Livo

    Sun Peaks vs. Big White

    Hi Everyone, I have been reading everyone's discussions on both Big White and Sun Peaks and have noted the positives and negatives of the two. However, I'm still stuck where to head for the 19/20 season! We were originally thinking Banff, but are now leaning towards living on mountain and think...
  7. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    Question XC skiing in Canada on a budget?

    Hi. Since I love XC skiing ,and I want to improve and I want to XC ski for more time than the Oz season permits I am thinking about XC skiing abroad. What kind of money I am looking at spending on a say 10 days of XC skiing in Canada in early Feb.?Where might be...
  8. Emmalie

    Opinions/ advice regarding a season in Canada 18/19

    Hi all! I'm going to spend a few months (mid December - April ideally) in Canada over the 18/19 season but I'm a bit in over my head with so many options/ possibilities for how to go about it all. For a bit of background, I work remotely here in Aus and my boss has agreed to me doing this...
  9. Maladjusted_vagabond

    Question Prepaid Sim Cards in Canada?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a local sim card to use in an unlocked phone in BC? I've been having a look but it seems like most of what I'm seeing is pretty terrible price wise, am I missing something? The other option I came across was this...
  10. GlenH

    Question How to use EPIC pass in US or Canada

    Hello My ski buddy, who is not very familiar with using forums, has asked me to post this question on his behalf and we would appreciate any advice you can offer please. He has an EPIC Perisher season pass 2017 (without upgrades) and is keen to go to Canada (Whistler) skiing in January 2018...
  11. S

    Question Kicking Horse/Red Mountain 2018

    Hi, Just trying to get some advice on skiing one of these two mountains between mid Jan - mid March 2018. First time to North America skiing, I'm a reasonably advanced skier, enjoying steep/challenging terrain, and can ski all black diamond trails I've been on in NZ/Australia/Austria (not...
  12. R

    Question Hi! Where to Buy Used Skis in Whistler?

    Hey guys!! This is going to be my first post, so I thought, I’ll just introduce myself here. My name’s Rico, I’m 19 and going to Whistler as an instructor this season. As a wb-employee I luckily got staff housing and start training in mid November. Does anybody here now when the 'dead season'...
  13. Bal

    Question Whistler Housing Crisis - options to stay or look elsewhere

    In 98/99 (back when I was a regular forum poster) I did a season in Whistler working night audit. A year later my brother did the same thing. Now 18 years later my two cousins are on the same pilgrimage. The both have job interviews with the mountain this Saturday. The problem is they found...
  14. T

    Advice needed Fernie vs Big White vs Norquay - where to work?

    I've received multiple offers for working in ski school and I am the worst decision maker alive. Fernie? Big White? or Mount Norquay? Previously I have skied at Whis, Beaver Creek, Vail and Breckenridge. I'm pretty sure I want to work at Fernie. I like the appeal of the town and enjoy...
  15. trowa159

    Trying to turn winter rideshare into more like a RPG

    Snowboard/Ski friends, We are passionate skiers and snowboarders who love to shred at different resorts. The problem is, it can be challenging to find a ride… What if, there is a site that allows you to find rideshare to any resorts? My best friend and I want to put riders and drivers together...
  16. P

    Advice needed Advice for a first time international snowboarder :)

    Hi guys, First time posting on the forum, about my first time travelling overseas to snowboard! I am planning on heading over to Canada at the end of January, and wanted to get some advice on a few things. My vague plan at the moment was to fly over and spend a few days at Banff, then head to...
  17. Pro Ride

    CASI instructor Courses for December 2015

    There are a few spaces left on Pro Ride snowboard Instructor CASI certification courses starting Dec 5th in Whistler. The basic certification is 4 weeks for the Level 1 all the way through to 12 Weeks for the level 2. Send us a quick email if you’d like more info.

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