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  1. C

    Question Where do you buy your snow gear?

    Hi all! Wondering where the best snowsports places are to buy gear (new or used, doesn't matter) near Falls Creek? We have some old boards already but we're in need of snowboard boots, helmets, goggles etc. We're already on the mountain, but we'll be doing grocery trips to Albury regularly. Is...
  2. M


    Hi, I found an online webcam Falls Creek 360 degrees. https://online-australia.net/australia/victoria/melbourne/falls-creek/
  3. Sage O

    Advice needed Planning our trip to the Victorian resorts (Winter 2021)

    Hi all, Have started turning my mind to the 2021 winter season and planning a potential trip down to visit the Victorian ski resorts (covid permitting). As my wife and I both have a large surplus of leave entitlement, we are thinking of taking all of August 2021 off and towing our very small...
  4. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    Trip Report Falls Creek. June 2nd 2020.XC ski. Nordic Bowl to Langford Gap.

    A trip report with photographs can be found here https://www.ski.com.au/xf/threads/xc-ski-from-nordic-bowl-to-langford-gap-june-02-2020.87741/ :-)
  5. BMWRX

    Travel Life QT, Mt Hutt, Falls???

    Now that our trip to Hakuba is disappearing into the past, we are starting to get our next ski trip sorted for this coming southern winter. We have done QT/Wanaka three times now and I suspect that we're getting to the point where those fields are a bit old hat (well, Coronet anyway, and I've...
  6. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    Trip Report Falls Creek. XC ski trip.20/8/19

    Hi. Your correspondent in the field went up to Falls Creek to ski on Tuesday 20/8/19. The plan originally was to ski around Sun valley and skin up the Boomerang track and drop down to Pretty Valley Hut for lunch. Then after lunch one envisioned skiing up towards Mt...
  7. Chaeron

    VIC Alpine Nelse North Day Trip

    Did a day trip to Nelse North from Windy Corner. Left Melbourne 9pm Saturday, back 10pm Sunday. I went up Heathy Spur via Westons Lookout, didn’t cross the damwall. I skirted the edge of Heathy and headed down to Nelse Creek through the trees to get up Baker Spur as far east as possible -...
  8. T

    Falls Creek with a baby

    I’m heading to Falls Creek with bunch of family - 6 adults and 3 kids under 2!! Half the adults are staying at the apartment each day to look after the kids and the other half are skiing. Is there anywhere in Falls Creek that’s indoors where we can go with babies. They’re young (1 year old, 9...
  9. Chaeron

    Bogong High Plains Day Trip

    On Sunday I did a short & relaxed trip out of Falls - about 18km. I left a bit late - leaving Windy Corner around 10.00 and was back at the resort at 4.30. I cheated - Falls Express lift on the way out and Ruined Castle lift on the way in. I had a heavy day pack around 10kg, because I was...
  10. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    Trip Report Falls Creek XC ski trip.16/7/19.Windy Corner to The Park via The Paralyser.

    A full trip report with photos is coming soon. We had an amazing day of XC skiing in Good fresh conditions and skied over 15kms in a day. :).
  11. OREOS_31

    Question Which is better: working for the resort or working for a small business on-mountain?

    I'm keen to work at Falls Creek during the 2019 snow season but I'm not sure whether I should aim to work for the resort as a liftie or something, or if I should aim to work for one of the businesses on the mountain (I have hospitality experience and could work as a bartender/waitress/kitchen...
  12. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    Trip Report XC Skiing. Heathy Spur Loop.Falls Ck. /Alpine N.P. 11.9.18

    On Tuesday September 11th 2018 I skied the entire Heathy Spur loop .I started from Windy Corner and set out on my Skinny skis. My non skiing friend Ms. C. and I set out from Myrtleford in the Tee Mobile . It was a sunny morning. Ms. C. had a sore ankle and just did a...
  13. A

    Advice needed Thredbo, Falls or Perisher for early October?

    Pretty much all in the title, we're looking to head to the snow in the first week of October for a couple of days (I'm aware this is the last week of the ski resorts being open), and I'm wondering where you guys will think the best snow will be at the end of the season. I'm pretty much an...
  14. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    Trip Report 5.8.18.XC skiing .Windy Cnr. to Roper's aquaduct.

    I went up to XC Ski at Falls Ck. on 5/8/18. .It was foggy and very windy when we arrived at just after 10 am. The sun came out but the snow was very soft and sludgy and softened even further as the day progressed.The wind over the dam wall was fierce.My friends and I skied up...
  15. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    Trip Report Falls Creek . A day out on XC skis.25.6.18

    Conditions were sunny but icy. My skiing skills are not in the expert level at all. I am now , four weeks later XC skiing easy Blue run XC BC terrain but this green run XC ski day out to Watch bed Creek and back was a good start for skiing XC at Falls...
  16. Allforoneoneforall

    Shred BC Vic and falls /hotham after people to meet to shred with

    Firstly thanks to ones reading. This is my first post,joined today ( i wonder if this will even work )//// Im after people to meet up with in BC V.I.C or meet falls creek Mt hotham .to board with,trip with and biggest of all HEAD BC TO build n find those magic features..... Willing to have an...
  17. Total Whiteout

    Question Mt Nelse / Johnston Hut Winter Trip

    Hey guys, Hoping to do an overnight XC ski touring trip to Mt Nelse and Johnston Hut sometime in the near future. I've been out to Johnston Hut in the snow once with my Dad years ago, but I still have a few questions for people. Draft Itinerary: Rough plan would be to head out from Rocky...
  18. L

    Falls Creek Staff Accommodation

    Hey guys, I have been in Whistler the past 3 years for the winter season and am thinking of coming home to do a Falls season in 2017. Just wondering about the staff accom - I will be with my boyfriend so ideally would like couple accommodation. I enquired with the Lift Co and they said they...
  19. P

    Falls Creek Snow Riders

    HI all, There is a group for Falls Creek on Facebook. Check it out.... https://www.facebook.com/groups/falls.creek.snow.riders/

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