1. MickeyE

    Accessories (Red Sensor Sold Pending P&P) Smith I/O Lens x 2

    Clear (suit Japan night skiing) unused $20 Red Sol X Mirror (Bright Sun) little use, no imperfections $60 Located Camberwell, Melbourne
  2. MickeyE

    Sold Smith Prophecy Turbo Red Sensor Mirrror RRP $300. OTG compatible

    Taken on trip to Japan last year. Used once as a back-up goggles. In excellent condition and present as new. They are for you if you wear glasses or have had issues with goggles fogging. · Two-speed micro-electronic turbo exhaust fan · Medium/Large Fit · QuickFit strap...
  3. Sage Oya

    Sold Smith Vice goggles 2017/18

    Hi all, have a pair of Smith Vice goggles that were purchased at Rhythm Hakuba that we no longer need (Euro fit not Asian fit) Asking $50 Located in Sydney but can post if needed. PM if interested Cheers. What Smith says about the goggles: Style and substance come together in this...
  4. Crawf

    Sold Oakley A Frame Goggle - 2 Lenses

    Oakley A Frame Goggles - $65 Black Frame - Good Condition Gold Iridium Lens (for Sunny conditions) - perfect condition - as new Persimmon Lens (great for overcast) - note a few marks not in line of site Comes with cleaning bag and goggle case. Pick up Heidelberg after hours, or Surrey Hills...
  5. Crawf

    Sold Oakley A Frame Goggle

    $60 Oakley A Frame Goggle + Case - Excellent Condition. White Frame and Blue Iridium Lens (great for sunny and slightly cloudy conditions). As per photos. Available for pick up in Heidelberg after hours, or Surrey Hills during business hours.
  6. D

    Advice needed Best goggles anti fog system

    Hi, I’m trying to decide which goggles are better between the Oakley Line Miner Inferno and the Smith IO/X turbo fan. More specific, I’d like some advice on how the Smith’s turbo fan compares to the Oakley’s inferno anti fog system. Cheers.
  7. azzski

    Question Spherical Goggles

    So as the owner of a large head, large framed spherical goggles have been a boon for me. Before I tried them, I always found goggles tinky and severely limiting of visibility, and I preferred sunglasses in any conditions I could get away with wearing them in. Now, I'm wearing goggles 100% of the...
  8. Beerman

    Giro Oakley and Smith Goggles

    Have been sniffing around at goggles lately, visiting a local retailer or two to check out Lens tech. Giro seem to have upped their game, jumping in to bed with Zeiss. One of the retailers I visited has both Giro and Oakley, and was keen to see them side by side. +1 has some Smith goggs with...
  9. Lady Penelope

    Advice needed Women's ski goggles

    i've decided it's time to move on from my el-cheapo goggles to something, well, better ... I'm after a pair that will ideally have interchangeable lenses, including one set for low or flat flight conditions, anti-fog, will fit over a helmet, and have the capacity to cope well in a cold climate...
  10. MickeyE

    Sold SMITH PROPHECY OTG GOGGLE, White, as new

    Clear out continues.... Purchased for Japan trip as backup 2 years ago but never used. These goggles are in excellent condition and present pretty much as new. Couldn't find any scratches or marks on lens. RRP is $190, selling for $100. Pick up or can post for $12 Smith marketing hype...
  11. Saintak

    Free Assorted Ski Stuff!

    Hey guys, Some of you may know me from a couple of years back, when so many of you helped to fund the trip of a lifetime for my father. He still often talks about it and probably every week he reposts a picture from the Lake Louise facebook onto my feed! We're eternally grateful to you guys. I...
  12. T

    Giveaway - customised SunGod Revolts goggles

    For anyone looking for a new set of goggles for the season ahead, we are currently running a giveaway. You can enter here: http://skiasia.com/giveaways/win-sungod-revolts-customised-ski-goggles/ SunGod is a great young company producing some quality products. The model we are giving away is...