1. TJ

    Trip Report Last day

    Well, what an interesting year. We had our last day for the lifts in Hakuba on Sunday due to the big C. I hadn't been out of the valley for a month and that was a 5am Nagano run for an escaping Singapore resident. Although I have rode most days since the end of Feb with some exceptional sessions...
  2. Hermannator

    Trip Report The Hermannator has landed

    There’s a few ski.com.au crew in Japan it seems... I thought I’d try a TR - it’s probably not going to be up to the level of others but I’ll try to make it interesting.
  3. M

    Hiring gear in Hakuba

    Hey all, I'm heading to Hakuba for a couple of weeks in January and will need to hire gear. Doing a bit of research beforehand and it seems that Rhythm is generally the most recommended hire shop (correct me if i'm wrong). However, when looking through their website at prices etc for hiring, it...
  4. R

    Myoko Kogen and Hakuba Back country (Video)

    Hi All, Long time reader but first time poster. Melbourne based & frequenter to Hotham and Falls Creek. Here's a video from out ski trip which was mainly back country earlier this year. Let us know what you think. Cheers.
  5. TJ

    Travel Life Change your life.

    Another cracking season in Hakuba. Lifts closed up yesterday. 13 seasons under the belt now. Thought I may have had 10 in me but still fighting fit. As Warren said if you don't do it this year, you'll be one year older when you do. Take the plunge now. I can thoroughly recommend it.
  6. F

    Question 2019/2020 Seasonal Accommodation Hakuba

    We’re looking to spend the 2019/2020 season living in the Hakuba area but can’t find any long term furnished rentals (without spending large $$$). Can anyone suggest who to contact or does anyone have a (ideally) 2 bdrm property they’d be happy to rent from late Nov to around the 23rd Feb to a...
  7. fosphenytoin

    Suggestion Hakuba Valley solo trip 19th - 22nd December, 18

    Hello: I have been lurking this website for a while and signed up today because I am looking for some suggestions on skiing in Hakuba Valley (HV), Japan. I read several thread discussions about Hakuba on this website but I have trouble finding specific info. I am looking for. Hence I decided...
  8. Lucky Pete

    Ever wanted to own a bar in Hakuba?

    Here's your chance to live your dream as I have. Ride every morning you want in winter then go to work. After winter enjoy the epic summers in Hakuba just like the rest of us do. After nearly 4 years of owning Lucky Petes Cafe and Bar its now time to focus on my growing accommodation business...
  9. D

    News New Hakuba.com Website

    A new website has been launched for the Hakuba region. Has plenty of information for people looking at going to Hakuba. Is the place for video reports, details on events, snow forecasts, snow cams, day trips and more. Very useful. http://hakuba.com/
  10. Sage O

    Trip Report 2018 Hakuba Japan trip report (Spring Season)

    Well we've just come back from our latest trip to Hakuba and already the daily routine of office life is already becoming tiresome. At least its only about 50 days till the home season kicks off! My girlfriend and I visit Hakuba for during the 2016/17 season and liked it so much we thought we'd...
  11. R

    Advice needed Looking for ski instructors in Hakuba (Happo-one)

    Hi everyone! I am Andrew! I'm going to ski from Mar 15 to Mid-Apr for a month in Hakuba Happo-one Therefore, I'm looking for ski instructors who can give me lessons and improve my skills I can ski green run confidently but keep falling down in red runs As I am staying there for such long period...
  12. Lonepeak

    Question Hakuba - Bring Avi Gear?

    I’ve never been there. I love sidecountry, but won’t be doing backcountry. Is avalanche gear a good idea. It’s easy to bring since I live in Okinawa, but won’t bother if unnecessary. Any thoughts?
  13. F

    Question Using 365 Pass at Mountain Collective Resorts

    Ok, I asked this question in the Hakuba Thread, but no one knew the answer, so thought may ask here... Question on using your 365 Pass at the Mountain Collective Resorts, but especially Hakuba... Reading here...
  14. J

    Job Vacancy Hakuba 2017/18

    Vacancies to work at our hotel in Hakuba. www.powdertemplehakuba.com We are a 12 bed accommodation provider with a newly opened bar and restaurant. Applicants would need to be self motivated and passionate about exceeding client expectations, an accommodation providers reviews govern their...
  15. P

    Advice needed Nagano or Niseko (February 2017)

    Hi guys, Nine of us are heading to Japan next year (February 5 - 15) and would like some advice on picking a resort to base ourselves at. Eight are snowboarders and mostly comfortable on blue runs (Perisher's Roller Coaster being a favorite). We would not mind renting cars if that opens up our...
  16. J

    Job Vacancy Hakuba Japan 2016/17

    A vacancy exists for our start up hotel in Hakuba. www.powdertemplehakuba.com We are a 10 bed accommodation provider with a soon to be open bar and restaurant. Applicants would need to be self motivated and passionate about exceeding client expectations, as it is our first year this is very...
  17. StuW

    Hakuba with a toddler

    We are off to Hakuba for the last week of Feb with a 15 month old. Does anyone have advice on where to stay and childminding? We were planning Hakuba as it has a day care but just realised it only takes kids from 18 months. There are babysitting services but they look quite expensive.
  18. Nathaniel Santos

    JAPAN 2015. (Hakuba, Kyoto, Tokyo)

    Hey everyone, first time on this forum. Just wanna post up the video I made earlier in the year when I travelled to Japan with a group of friends in Jan/ Feb 2015. Planning on traveling back to Japan in Jan 2016! Tokyo, Myoko/ Madarao & Hakuba is the plan. Hope to get to know some of you's on...

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